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Did Lindsay manage to find out the truth about whether her mother was responsible for the murder of her boyfriend?

That was a key question on Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 23 when Bunny called Lindsay in the dead of night to let her know something was going on.

The case went into overdrive when it became apparent there was someone providing high school kids with lethal drugs. 

Finally, Lindsay went before the review board to back up her actions. 

Use the video above to watch Chicago PD online to get up to speed with how Season 4 came to a close. 

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Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 23 Quotes

Platt: Your mother's world record streak of bad luck and crap timing is still going strong, but you don't want to go up there.
Lindsay: I just want to help, ok, I'm not looking to cover for Bunny.
Platt: Ok, not only shouldn't you go up there, you can't. Per Chief Lugo, you can't palm in. If you want to disobey, it's me chaperoning, and frankly I don't need the cardio.

Halstead: You came home to find Johnny Martelli dying in your bed and you don't call 911? You call your daughter?
Bunny: She's the police!
Halstead: She's not an ambulance!