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Lindsay is stripped of her badge pending the board's investigation.

Bunny calls Erin, who calls Voight. Intelligence arrives at Bunny's place to find her boyfriend, Johnny, shot, but alive. 

Bunny is brought in for questioning. She says she didn't shoot him.

Johnny dies, making it a homicide. 

Jay tells Will that he wants to propose to Erin. Will thinks it's a bad idea.

Voight is told that either Lindsay goes, or Intelligence will be shut down. 

Voight questions members of Johnny's crew about a robbery he was involving pills that Johnny was a part of. They think Bunny has the drugs he stole. Voight goes to Lindsay to help track her down. 

Will brings Jay their mom's ring. 

Upton tells Platt the review board interview didn't go well. She said it felt like they'd already decided Lindsay was guilty. 

The FBI finds Bunny and arrests her. They find the drugs in her car. 

Agent Spencer offers Lindsay a job with the FBI in New York. She tells her if she takes the job, she can save her mom. 

Bunny tells Lindsay that Johnny beat her and forced her to hide the drugs. She also says there were three men who robbed the truck and agrees to testify against them.

Intelligence follows Bunny's lead and finds the driver dead. 

Lindsay says she'll take the job if her mom doesn't do time. 

Voight figures out that Bunny did shoot Johnny. He tells her no one knows, but the second he puts Lindsay in jeopardy, he'll come after her. 



Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 23 Quotes

Platt: Your mother's world record streak of bad luck and crap timing is still going strong, but you don't want to go up there.
Lindsay: I just want to help, ok, I'm not looking to cover for Bunny.
Platt: Ok, not only shouldn't you go up there, you can't. Per Chief Lugo, you can't palm in. If you want to disobey, it's me chaperoning, and frankly I don't need the cardio.

Halstead: You came home to find Johnny Martelli dying in your bed and you don't call 911? You call your daughter?
Bunny: She's the police!
Halstead: She's not an ambulance!