iZombie Round Table: Cleyton and Bliv FTW!

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On iZombie Season 3 Episode 10, Ravi found himself in the crosshairs of Harley and the zombie truthers when he put his life on the line to save Don E.

Blaine and Liv teamed up to save their friends. Liv finally got closure after seeing the ghost of Drake while on Weckler brain. Peyton and Clive worked the Weckler case together, and Major's new girlfriend raised suspicion.

Join Allison Nichols, Amanda Steinmetz, Yana Grebenyuk, and Jim Garner as they discuss the shocking cliffhanger.

Izombie Round Table

Did you like that they addressed Liv losing herself in brains to deal with her Drake grief? 

Allison: I was really happy that Liv recognized that she was jumping brain to brain, barely spending time in her own skull. I'm glad she got closure, and I loved seeing Drake again. I didn't realize how much I missed him. Hopefully, we'll get back to seeing more of Liv-Liv now.

Amanda: I liked that the writers finally addressed Liv losing herself in the brains, but I thought connecting it back to Drake seemed like an afterthought. I just wish there had been any mention of Drake during all these episodes so the connection could be made.

Jim: I thought it was a nice way to help show Liv letting go of Drake, so she can move on.

Yana: I wasn't expecting it, so it was a nice surprise. Seeing Drake again and having those moments between them were also wonderful for someone like me, who was actually rooting for them before iZombie Season 2 Episode 19.

How great were those Peyton and Clive scenes?

Allison: AMAZING! I need more of them together. I wish we could have seen a part of that dinner, but I'll settle for them hanging out more often. I'm glad Clive is slowly becoming friends with all of Liv's friends

Amanda: I'd definitely like to see them team up more often. They had a great back and forth, and they share a certain dry humor.

Yana: Both of them had to take this zombie revelation thing in stride. Unlike Major, they didn't actually have the zombie experience later on, so this is a cool friendship that was a long time coming. I would love to see more moments of those two hanging out.

Jim: The scene where they both crossed their arms as they waited for Liv to finish her vision had me in stitches. It was clear they both have gotten used to the zombie thing.


On a scale of 1-10, how annoying were Major and Shawna and their separate Fort Lust story line?

Allison: 10. She was taking a lot of photos and videos too. I'm suspicious of her and her intentions. She didn't sing along to the camp song that she apparently knew. I don't trust her.

Amanda: 1000. Shawna is super shady. Major is smarter than this, and that really makes me annoyed. I agree with Allison. The second she didn't sing the camp song along with Major, I knew she was officially trouble.

Yana: 1000000. No one cares. Really. Like, if we were meant to get invested in Major and Shawna, we would actually see some progression. Now, I'm just shocked at how easily Major is trusting her. 

What if she is, like, a serial killer groupie? She thought the way to a new serial killer would be to pretend to believe their innocence, and he fell for it.

Jim: I will go with 8, because it was nice seeing Major happy and not moping about the house. That said, I agree with everyone above, I don't trust her, and I'm afraid this is going to blow up in his face hardcore.

What was your reaction to Weckler's daughter being a zombie?

Allison: I did not see this coming. How many zombies are in Seattle? The Weckler case just got a whole lot more interesting.

Amanda: I didn't have too much of a reaction to her being a zombie. It just makes me a little more curious about getting to the bottom of this case.

Yana: That whole thing was a bit shady, but if this is part of something bigger, I need more to go on.

Jim: I didn't have much of a reaction either. Judging by the brain-paste, they are part of the "inner circle" of zombies, so I have no idea what the endgame is here.

Zombie Twist

Are you excited about this Blaine/Liv team up/rescue mission?

Allison: I'm soooo excited. Blaine and Liv team ups are always fun because they are enemies, sort of. It's fun seeing the two of them on the same side, working together. I've been missing my Blaine and Liv fix.

Amanda: I can't wait. Watching them get each other in the zombie-zone while the heavy metal music was playing was awesome. Blaine is always his most interesting when he's a bad guy doing something that helps give the good guys a win, too.

Yana: Sure. That last scene was a really interesting full-circle moment from Liv being turned into a zombie and trying to find this guy who went full zombie in her vision, to those two both getting there together so they could save their friends. Who would have thought?

Jim: I loved them getting each other into "full zombie mode" as Live puts it. It's going to be fun to see how this rescue mission turns out.

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Allison: I have to give it to Ravi. He's willing to die by redneck just to keep the world from knowing the zombie secret and from Don E being hurt and potentially killed. That's some badass behavior right there.

Amanda: I completely agree. Ravi was the MVP by standing in front of that gun willing to die to keep Don E and the zombies of Seattle safe from Harley and his crew.

Yana: I always say Clive, but Ravi completely and totally this time around. He started out having a really annoying arc, and then there was such a turnaround with him doing exactly what we love him for: helping and protecting the zombie secret. 

Although, I would really love it if the next episode started out with Ravi being saved because I can't stress out about his fate more. No.

Jim: I'm going with Ravi, as well. He did a lot to try and help Don E and zombies in general. I hope he gets the girl in the end as a karma reward :)

How Did He Get Here?

What was your favorite scene and/or quote?

Allison: I loved Mr. Boss not believing that Blaine's a zombie, even though Blaine was munching on a human brain in front of him. It was so amusing. I'm excited to see how Mr. Boss being back and working with/for Blaine changes up things.

Amanda: Liv banging Blaine's head against the dashboard as the heavy metal music was playing.

Yana: Don E telling Ravi that his phone was in between his butt cheeks. And Ravi not remembering anyone's number by heart because that is literally all of us these days.

Jim: While I almost picked the same scene as Amanda, I really have to go with Blaine going full zombie on Mr. Boss, so I have to agree with Allison on my favorite scene this week.

Do you agree with our round table? Disagree? Sound off below! The season is winding down. If you need to catch up, you can watch iZombie online here via TV Fanatic!

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