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Peyton convinces Liv to eat Weckler brain on her day off. Peyton dresses up like a dom and spanks Liv to trigger a vision. Liv sees Drake. 

Liv finds out that Weckler was hanged and he didn't commit suicide. Peyton, Liv, and Clive work together to figure out who was responsible for killing Weckler. An old suspect whom Liv has a history with after she went zombie on him and kicked his butt. He tells them that he saw a guard do it.

They track down the guard, but it was his wake. the guard mysteriously died while on a cruise after the money he received for killing Weckler. They also tracked down Weckler's daughter, who is staying with people but was interested to hear that her father was killed. It turns out Weckler's daughter is a zombie because she and a friend were eating the brain mash squeezies.

Major spends the day hiding away with Shawna having sex all over the house including a blanket fort. When Liv stops by to get Ravi's key, she sees the two of them.

Ravi is stuck with the zombie truthers. Harley wants to wait until their viewership on their live stream reaches 100,000 before they go in and torture Don E and possibly kill him. Ravi tries to use that time to get help but Harley has taken his phone. He works with Don E, using Don E's phone to call Blaine.

Blaine is attacked by Mr. Boss who shoots him again. When he doesn't die, he puts Mr. Boss in a coffin and proposes a business arrangement. He wants to expand the zombie business overseas. Mr. Boss still doesn't believe that Blaine is a zombie and stabs him in the neck. When Blaine doesn't die, a fearful Mr. Boss agrees to work with him. 

Liv tries to hook up with Justin because they still didn't have sex. Ghost Drake kept interfering. Liv realizes that she still feels guilty about his death and she needed to acknowledge that and say goodbye before she could move on. She finally sleeps with Justin.

Blaine comes to Liv's house and tells her about Ravi and Don E. the two of them head to the place and prepare to go inside. Blaine burns Liv to get her into zombie mode and Liv bangs Blaine's head on the dashboard repeatedly.

Inside, Ravi tries to stop Harley from going in and torturing and killing Don E. He tries to appeal to Harley's humanity but Harley pulls a gun out and aims it at Ravi's head.

Rachel the photographer (who showed up but still doesn't seem as into everything as the others) tries to stop Harley from killing Ravi.


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iZombie Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Peyton: What if I can make you a better offer?
Liv: I don't want you to be insulted and don't think I haven't considered it, but I'm going to stick with men.

Move over Barnum and Bailey. We're about to put on the greatest show on earth.