iZombie Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Return of the Dead Guy

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Why would they leave us on a cliffhanger when things just got interesting?! OK, I know why, but I don't have to like it, dammit. 

Did you guys enjoy iZombie Season 3 Episode 10 as much as I did? It was such a solid hour that addressed many of the questions some of us have had since the premiere and moved the plot forward more. 

Brain Meal - iZombie

Let it never be said that Ravi Chakrabarti isn't a damn good friend and decent human being. He was (is) fully prepared to die for the cause right now. 

You wanna get fans in an uproar and keep them on the edge of their seats? Put the purest, sweetest character in peril and watch folks lose their minds.

I know I did. Watching Ravi go undercover with the Zombie Truthers, has been downright uncomfortable. He's so ridiculously out of place with this lot. Every time the camera pans to Ravi, you can visibly see the "Why the hell am I even here?" on his face. 

How Did He Get Here?

I once had to have dinner with a friend's hick family members. I  spent the entire night fielding politically incorrect questions and avoiding making eye contact with the dead deer mounted on the wall. Still not as awkward as Ravi dealing with the zombie truthers. 

I felt for Ravi. I felt for Don E, too, but Don E was finding ways to make the best of his potential torture and murder being broadcast across the interwebs.

Don E was hilarious. I don't know what was funnier, his having Ravi digging around in his pants for a cellphone that was not in his butt after all, or that comment about the hicks boning their cousins.

You boys get the night off from boning your cousins?

Don E

What was most interesting, was Rachel the photographer popping up at the scene. I don't know what to make of her. Do you guys? 

She didn't seem into the whole zombie torture thing, and the way she appeared to be giving Harley and Co time to back out of their decision, had me wondering if she's undercover too.

What if she's a zombie from Fillmore Graves who has gone undercover? She may just be on the right side of things. She certainly was not trying to watch Harley shoot Ravi in the head. 

Move over Barnum and Bailey. We're about to put on the greatest show on earth.


No worries, Ravi. The zombie twins are on the way. 

Blaine is at his best when he's doing his own thing but still orbits around the Z squad. He's not in the group per se, but he's group adjacent and reliable-ish if his interest and the Z club's interest align. 

Blaine may not come when you need him, but he'll come and come through in the clutch. I had no doubt that he would come once Ravi contacted him, but I wasn't surprised that he took his sweet time. 

Hey, is Peyton around? Kidding. Nice PJ's. You wanna go kick some ass?


It was worth it though, not only for that joke about Peyton and kicking ass but for that awesome scene of him and Liv in the car. It was such a Blaine thing to do when he burned Liv to get her in full zombie mode, and it was hilarious when she beat his head against the dashboard while head banging metal played in the background. 

Blaine was entertaining throughout the hour. His entire exchange with Mr. Boss was too funny for words. I especially appreciated his line about being tired of people shooting him. Honestly, how many times was Mr. Boss going to try to kill him before he just gave up? It got ridiculous. 


Kudos to the last time, however, because Zombiestein Blaine with the metal rod through his neck was amazing. Mr. Boss would have done so much better just leaving town. Now, he's forced to work with Blaine taking the brains to an international level. 

Thank the iZombie gods they gave us a deeper understanding of the pesky little brain problem Liv has been having all season. It was fairly obvious, but it still didn't make Liv losing herself in other personalities any easier to watch. 

The show needed to address not just the brain thing, but also Drake too. We all knew Liv was throwing herself into work and that was probably part of her grieving, but it felt good to actually hear it said out loud. She hasn't had the opportunity to mourn Drake or deal with her guilt over "killing" him either. 

Liv: I was so haunted by the way that you died that I tried to push you out of my mind completely. I've been diving into all these brains at least in part so I don't have to live inside my own head and face the grief of losing you.
Drake: Alright. I'm feeling a little better.
Liv: Which means so am I. This is goodbye. Let's make it good.

We haven't seen her so much as mention him since iZombie Season 3 Episode 1. Liv finally admitted that she threw herself into all these personalities to avoid her grief and guilt. Maybe, now that she's acknowledged that and made peace with Drake, via his ghost, she can go back to being Liv who partially channels people rather than Liv who becomes them.

Drake, even in ghost form, was a delight onscreen. He had nearly all the best one-liners too. The Ghost reference was priceless. Also, the comment about the sex fort was too much. 

Ghost Drake

Liv and Justin finally having sexytimes? Yay! Good for them. They deserve it. 

Major and his sexploitations with Shawna? No thank you. I don't know much about Shawna but I don't like her. Major being hold up in the house with a stranger who "knows what it's like to be accused of doing something awful and dealing with the ostracization as a result of it" is too much. Once again, Major is out there making majorly terrible choices. 

Major has this way of being both lovable and dumb, so I get why and how he ends up with these great friends, but he's a repeat offender who doesn't learn from any of his mistakes and with the exception of Liv he has the worst taste in women. 

Shawna: Oh boo. I thought you were food.
Liv: Nope, not food, I'm Liv. And you are?
Shawna: Shawna, Major's...let's just say, friend.
Liv [mutters under breath]: Maybe you're food.

It was especially frustrating to watch when we knew Ravi was in a dangerous situation and had to wait for Blaine who was busy with the Brain business and Liv who was busy investigating, to come to his aid when all that time Major was getting it on with his new squeeze.

Shawna is shady. Major, at some point we're going to need you to start thinking with the right head, buddy. 

One of the best things about the season is the way they've managed to keep this Weckler case a point of focus. Most of the fun of Liv on Weckler brain came with Liv's scenes with Peyton. 

Dom Peyton

One, I loved Peyton being in the fold again, even if I was slightly irritated that Peyton only cares about zombie stuff when she can use it to her advantage (I'm hard on Peyton, I know). Two, Peyton looked so adorable in her dominatrix get-up with the kitten ears. So cute.

Weckler did kill the dominatrix. No shocker there. It wasn't even a shock that a guard killed him instead of him killing himself. It was a shock that the same guard ended up dead not too long after that. Someone is trying to clean up this mess and making a bigger mess in the process. 

Zombie Twist

Then there's the reveal that Weckler's daughter is a Fillmore Graves zombie. WTF?! That was the best twist of the night. I'm perfectly okay with taking a break from "cases of the week" if it means further fleshing out of the Weckler case and the zombie murders.

If we toss in Peyton playing a more active role in the Z-club and their investigations, I'm game too. She rocked it in this episode. The way she easily got into the dominatrix thing was priceless. Her questioning AJ was hilarious. So was every moment she shared with Clive.

Peyton: I'm interested in hearing more about these mutant powers. Did she know martial arts?
Jin: Damn right she did, she was skilled.
Peyton: She's a mutant ninja. Uh did she have a round shell? Hankering for pizza?

In fact, their scenes were a perfect reminder as to why iZombie has so many 'ships. You can 'ship almost every single character with someone else because they all have such great chemistry. I didn't expect to love Cleyton as much as I did. 

The two of them bonding over their kooky, zombie bestie, and a steak dinner was the best. More Cleyton, please!


So what are your thoughts zombie fanatics? Did you love Cleyton? Was that Weckler twist surprising? Did you love seeing Drake again? Hit up the comments below!

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Return of the Dead Guy Review

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Peyton: What if I can make you a better offer?
Liv: I don't want you to be insulted and don't think I haven't considered it, but I'm going to stick with men.

Move over Barnum and Bailey. We're about to put on the greatest show on earth.