iZombie Round Table: Welcome To the Geek Side, We Have Die

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Team Z may have found a new hobby. 

On iZombie Season 3 Episode 9, Liv consumed the brain of a dungeon master (and friend to IZombie faves Jimmy the Sketch Artist and Vampire Steve), and Clive's inner geek flag flew.

Major, once again, missed the memo on "Stranger Danger," Ravi may be in over his head with the Zombie Truthers, and Don E got kidnapped.

Also, someone took a shot at Baracus, Liv finally met Chase, and there were surprising returns of beloved Dale and the nefarious Mr. Boss.

Izombie Round Table

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Allison Nichols, Yana Grebenyuk, and Amanda Steinmetz as they discuss "Twenty-Sided Die" below.

How much did you like this D&D inspired episode?

Jim: As a 20-year vet of D&D, I LOVED it! Watching Clive getting into his character was awesome as that is generally what happens after someone plays the first time.

I will say that the shtick of Liv rolling to make decisions and narrating her life was a bit over the top (and has been done on other shows), but the rest was pretty good, and I would totally play a D&D game with her as DM.

Allison: I loved it. It was a great way to lighten the mood. Watching Team Z play a game of D&D (and get SUPER into it, looking at you Clive) was something the show has been missing – the team relaxing and having fun. Sure, the "point" was to trigger a vision, but there wasn't any other agenda.

Usually, the team gets together to discuss how to handle some latest tragedy or potential zombie problem, so it was great to see them let loose.

Yana: I don't play the game, but I enjoyed the dynamic of the group enough to feel like I knew what was going on. And as Allison mentioned, the team just hanging out isn't a bad thing. They seem to all have their own things going on this season so having them return back sometimes is fun.

Amanda: I loved every minute of it. I've never played D&D before, but it looked like a lot of fun. Watching the guys get slowly sucked into the game was hilarious. This game is right up Clive's alley. I also agree that it was great watching everyone in the same room having a good time.

Looking back over the season, do you think Liv is losing herself too much in the brains (particularly the obnoxious ones)? Have the personality changes felt like caricatures to you?

Jim: OH GAWD YES....it's like she's not even trying to control the personality traits anymore. I realize with Clive knowing the truth she doesn't have to try as hard to act normal, but for the love of all things zombie, at least try to hold it together. At least she recognized that she was acting strangely.

Lately, we haven't been getting that lucky.

Yana: I guess I wasn't as bothered as others are about this. I kind of know going in each episode that I'm getting something outrageous, but also did we ever really know Liv?

We do in a general sense, but the brains always made her revert to different kinds of people that we truly don't know exactly what she was like even though it seems to be obvious most of the time. Maybe that is the reasoning, that for me, doesn't make me that disappointed in a change of pace each week?

Allison: We are definitely seeing less and less of the real Liv. She's losing herself in the brains, and aside from the blue brain, there really isn't a reason why. It feels like now that Clive knows about zombies, this somehow gives Liv a pass to go a bit crazy. It needs to be toned down a notch because I miss Liv.

Amanda: Yeah... I've had a big problem with all these obnoxious brains recently. The brains use to mildly change her personality, but now Liv seems to be completely taken over by them. I'd rather see the writers take her mood changes down a few notches. Thankfully, this D&D brain wasn't nearly as annoying to watch.

Dale's Back

Dale's back and Mr. Boss has returned as well. React.

Jim: Is Dale really back? I felt like the case getting shuffled off to the FBI and then Clive getting shut down by her was a little awkward. But, at the same time, I really liked that they didn't solve "the case of the week." Rather, (like life) this one moved to another team and thus, out of our realm of view.

As for Mr. Boss, I have no idea what's going to happen there.

Allison: I AM SO EXCITED! I freaked out when Dale appeared. I did not realize how much I've missed her. I'm hoping she sticks around for a bit, and I'd love to see like Liv or Major interact with her. As for Mr. Boss' return, I'm not sure what exactly is coming, but something is about to go down. I can't wait.

Yana: As everyone knows, I adore Dale and Jessica Harmon with all my heart. I was praying to the iZombie gods all season for this and they heard me early on. Bring on Dale and Clive like every week. I also like that with Dale we got to see more of Clive and his story being pushed forward last season.

I wouldn't exactly say no to that. Mr. Boss is also a welcome return, and I kind of love that he came back during the D&D themed episode since we know he loves that.

Amanda: I want more Dale. There needs to be more closure if that's it for her and Clive. Their entire relationship just vanished. As for Mr. Boss, I'm curious to see how Blaine is going to handle himself. I think he'll need to bring dear old dad up from the well to assist him.

New Squad

Will Don E be able to escape Ravi and the Zombie Truthers?

Jim: I suspect Ravi will have to break cover to save Don E, so I'm 50/50 on him surviving or not.

Allison: I'm afraid that Don E might blow Ravi's cover, but hopefully Ravi can figure something out before that happens. I will actually miss Don E if he dies, so I'm trying to stay positive. Maybe Ravi and/or Don E will try to take out the Truthers, or Don E could scratch them? There are a lot of possibilities here.

Yana: Ravi is a smart cookie. Maybe this will work to his advantage because I think he is only getting started infiltrating this group. This could be a test for Ravi as much as it is for this zombie they found.

Amanda: I really don't want Don E to die, but I also don't want him blowing Ravi's cover. Ravi will need to think quickly how to get himself out of this situation.

What are your thoughts on Major and Ravi's new lady friends?

Jim: One or both are a trap... it's too much of a coincidence that an attractive woman has taken an interest in them at the same time.

Allison: Why did Major reach out to letter girl?!?! This cannot end well. I know things look bad, Major, but really? Dumb move. I'm suspicious of both of the newbies, but I have a little bit of hope that the photographer Ravi met will be cool.

Yana: Eh on both sides. Major and his love story or whatever flopped more for me because writing to potential killers screams "be careful." Ravi meeting this new girl is just weird timing, and I'm keeping my eye on her.

Amanda: I agree that one or both women are bad news. I'm not nearly as suspicious of the photography girl that Ravi met as I am about the letter girl that Major invited over to his house. Who does that?!?! Didn't Major's parents explain stranger danger to him?

Team Z D & D

What's your favorite scene and/or quote?

Jim: I loved the antics around the D&D group, while some of it was over the top (getting a back tattoo of a girl you're crushing on), some of it was spot on (arguing over rules when a character dies). In the end, it made me laugh and didn't make role-playing gamers look totally stupid.

Allison: I really loved the team playing D&D, especially the moment when Clive made Peyton stay in her chair so they could finish the game. It was probably my favorite scene of the season.

Yana: Clive getting into the game, Clive looking for Dale, Clive talking to Dale and breaking my entire heart. I think there is a pattern to my favorite moments of iZombie.

Amanda: Of course, my favorite scene was the group playing D&D. The entire sequence was so much fun, and I loved Clive's childlike joy over it.

Do you agree with our Round Table Zombie fanatics? Sound off below! Don't forget you can watch iZombie online here at TV Fanatic.

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Clive: So our Harley Jahns followers want to kidnap a zombie?
Ravi: Yeah, but happily not until I finish my utterly fictional anti-zombie vaccine.

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