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At the zombie truther meeting, Harley shows the video of Justin and pictures his brother gave him of the zombies in the basement of Max Rager. He hands out files on all of the suspected zombies based on the Chaos Killer kidnap victim list. He reveals that Baracus is a zombie. 

Ravi admits that he worked with the CDC and works with the police. The others are hesitant, but he reveals that he has been working on a vaccination, and that the group should refrain from acting on the suspected zombies until he's done with the vaccination in a few weeks. Billy the Bouncer is hesitant to kidnap anyone, and Ravi encounters Rachel, a photographer who wants to take pictures of zombies.

Later on, they contact Ravi and reveal that they have captured Don E. Blaine showed off the brain he had soaked in the blue juice for twice as long as Ravi did it. Tanner tested it out first, but Don E took it later. It led to longer visions (two hours) and visions so intense Don E went mad. That's how he was so easily captured by Harley.

Clive and Liv investigate the death of a dungeon master. Part of the group was Jimmy the sketch artist and Vampire Steve. Initially, they thought someone poisoned the man because the one girl in the group (whom the others all loved)  only liked the victim. Then they figured out that none of them was the killer.

Liv brings everyone together to play a game in hopes of triggering a vision. Everyone gels really into it after a while, especially Clive who wants to have a weekly game. 

The case is turned over to the FBI and Clive discovers that Dale has returned. He's happy to see her, but she's still angry with him and doesn't want to work together.

Major meets the one person who sent him nice mail amongst all the hate mail. He goes out on a date with her.

Someone takes a shot at Baracas. Liv meets Chase for the first time. 

Mr. Boss returns.


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iZombie Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Clive: So our Harley Jahns followers want to kidnap a zombie?
Ravi: Yeah, but happily not until I finish my utterly fictional anti-zombie vaccine.

So yeah, Scratching Post is under new management.