Preacher Season 2 Episode 1 Review: On the Road

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The search for God has begun!

On Preacher Season 2 Episode 1, Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy hit the road to find God, but run into all sorts of trouble. The Saint of Killers is on their trail, and he isn't giving up, but that doesn't keep our favorite trio from carrying on.

Goodbye Tongue - Preacher Season 2 Episode 1

The Saint of Killers showed up, cops were brutally killed (and one who Maced his balls!!), Tulip siphoned gas via an intestine, and there was a conversation about circumcision and facial creme all within the first 10 minutes!

I still can't get over Tulip siphoning gas with the cop's intestine, but when you love your car as much as she does, you do what you gotta do.

I know we didn't actually see her doing it... but the idea of it is so gross. I'd need to get the taste out of my mouth, too.

Tulip had to be glad Cassidy was there giving her advice on how to get rid of the taste. He should know, right? 

Did he drink hot sauce and chocolate milk after killing the cat? Probably.

The trio has no idea who the Saint of Killers is and why he is chasing after them; right now, they're not even sure the guy is chasing after them.

For all they know, he's just a crazy person on the loose. A fluke. Like Tulip said, maybe they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We're in Texas. They pretty much grow dumb-ass crazy here.


But Jesse knows. Deep down he knows there's something up. He's not saying anything right now. He just wants to get to his friend's house for some answers. 

He's trying to stay one step ahead, but the Saint of Killers is fast for a guy who is just walking everywhere.

That poor gas station attendant had no chance when the Saint of Killers arrived, and we got to see exactly what lengths he was willing to go to find his quarry. It's not surprising.

Not that the guy really has any conscience about who he kills, but it gives us a very clear idea of what Jesse and the gang are up against as we get this season started. 

We spent some time with the Saint of Killers (I'm just going to call him SoK from now on) on Preacher Season 1 and know he's got an agenda. Who wouldn't want to get out the kind of hell in which he's been trapped?  At least he's out of that nightmare for a little while.

But the nightmare has just begun for our trio of trouble. And for Jesse in particular.

The Saint of Killers is Coming - Preacher Season 2 Episode 1

How is Jesse going to get away from that gun pointing in his face? Using Genesis doesn't work. I can't imagine SoK is going to spend a lot of time listening to Jesse's pleas.

Will Tulip save him, or will Jesse get lucky and get away? Maybe Fiore will show up and save the day.

I loved Mike and wish we could've spent some more time with him. He was a quirky character, wasn't he? Even though he didn't live very long, he was still able to give Jesse a lead before the SoK made a visit.

Mike knew something was out there, and he was ready. It was almost hilarious to see him holding that tiny little knife. It looked like he was going to use it on SoK, but he had other plans.

That whole scene was great, especially Mike's snarky answers. You gotta love the writing on this show.

Tammy also died too soon. I wish we would have found out why God visited her and what he wanted, but that would be too easy. Her expressions when Tulip and Jesse were talking about what to do to her were gold. 

Locked in a Garage - Preacher Season 2 Episode 1

Leave it to Cassidy to ruin the interrogation. Maybe they should have left him at the strip club. Maybe they should have left him and let the SoK deal with him.

He's going to end up causing more trouble than he's worth anyway. Who wants to bet he spills the beans to Jesse about his and Tulip's little rendezvous that happened on Preacher Season 1?

He's so smitten with Tulip he's not going to be able to help himself. I'm surprised he didn't go banging on Tulip and Jesse's door when they were banging each other in the next room. At least to tell them to keep it down.

Inside, he has to be so conflicted. Jesse is his best friend, but Tulip my just be the love of his life.

Speaking about that, wasn't it the most romantic thing ever for Jesse to break down the door to get at Tulip?  She loved every minute of it, but why does she need Jesse to keep proving how much he wants her. 

She already knows it to be true, but a girl wants what a girl wants, and Tulip got exactly what she wanted.

Only, will Jesse be there when she wakes up?

What did you think of "On the Road"? Who will save Jesse from being shot by SoK? Will the trio be able to escape?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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On the Road Review

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