Power Season 4 Episode 4 Review: We're in This Together

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We are finally getting somewhere people!

On a 1-10 scale, Angela's revelation at the end of Power Season 4 Episode 4 is a solid 10 as far as potential game changers go. But we must remind ourselves that this is Angela, the queen of being terrible at her job.

So, while she may finally take the blinders off when it comes to Ghost, I'm not getting my hopes up just yet that she will be fully Team Ghost anytime soon. But that ending made up for the gut punch that was Proctor being dismissed as Ghost's lawyer. 

Angela Returns - Power

Proctor has been the quiet MVP of the season so far for me, and it's disappointing to think that the number one person who has Ghost's back will no longer be able to represent him. Instead, Ghost is saddled with Terry Silver, who sees right through the James St. Patrick facade. 

Ghost: Look man, I get these kids out of the hood. I give em life skills for the real world.
Terry: So you're Mother Teresa? In Armani?

While Proctor may be off the case, I highly doubt his presence will be dismissed. Especially since he just witnessed another one of Tommy's irrational decisions. 

With Bailey still on his mission to clear Knox's name as the mole, Proctor reached out to him to see if they could come together to work to prove that Knox was being set up. Their meeting led to Bailey playing the tape recording of Tommy killing Ruiz and little did Bailey know Tommy was creeping in the corner listening as well. 

At this stage of the series, nothing Tommy does really surprises me. I mean he choked his own girlfriend in cold blood, so is it shocking he would stab a federal agent in front of his lawyer?

I'm a little surprised Bailey was brought back to just to be killed off so quickly, especially since his looking into the Knox mole situation definitely could have a played a role in helping prove Ghost's innocence. But I think his laptop will hold some information that Proctor will be able to use behind the scenes. 

Proctor: James knew about the recording. That's why he broke into Know's apartment. To find it. To save you.
Tommy: Fuck.
Proctor: Yeah, fuck!

While Tommy was off killing men, Angela was tasked with once again trying to pull Tasha in. I like the dynamic between Tasha and Angela, the two actresses play off each other really well.

Are you trying to get me to slap the fuck out of you?

Tasha [to Angela]

Tasha wasn't letting going to admit that Angela was getting to her, but it was written all over her face. As much as she believes Ghost is innocent of this crime, she knows the odds are stacked against him and learning that he's keeping certain things from her was definitely a slap in the face. 

Love her or hate her, Tasha is a true ride or die, and I'm glad she let Ghost know that they are in it together. One of Ghost's biggest problems has always been the inability to communicate with his loved ones. They are always left in the dark and then clueless when things inevitably go downhill. 

Now that Angela knows Ghost didn't hide the gun at Truth, will my fleeting dream actually become a reality? Will Tasha and Angela team up to be the greatest duo this show has ever seen? 

I almost gave up on the dream after Power Season 4 Episode 3, but I'm back to believing again. Make it happen Power Gods. 

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Tariq, Kanan, and Dre can all go. How long is Dre going to stay silent? Maybe he will speak up the day Tariq gets arrested. Or worse when he gets killed. 
  • Speaking of Dre, is his goal to dethrone Julio and become the distro? I don't understand their beef. But I will always be Team Julio, and I need for him to wake up to everything that is going on around him. 
  • So what exactly is this Keisha and Tommy thing? Keisha has never been a fully fleshed out character, so I'm not sure how invested I'm supposed to be in this coupling. The fact that they are actively keeping this a secret from Tasha is surely going to be an issue at some point. 
  • Speaking of Keisha, her shop has been closed by the FEDS, along with Truth. That's not good news for anyone. 
  • Proctor showing up drunk to Angela's apartment and blasting her for ruining Ghost's life may be one of my favorite moments of the series. Like I said earlier, Proctor is unabashedly a Ghost fan and the early MVP of this season.  
  • Teresi and his henchman have verified that Tommy is "him," whatever that means. Now that Ghost has returned the favor and blackmailed Teresi, I'm not sure what the next move is for Teresi. But I'm thinking we will find out the Tommy/Teresi connection sooner than later. 

With 4 episodes down, it may be too early to proclaim this the best season yet, but so far it has been a great improvement over last season. Even with Ghost confined in prison, the storylines seem more succinct, and every single character is somehow connected to the overarching plot of the season. 

As we approach the halfway point of the season, how are you feeling about Ghost's chances? What's next for Proctor? Will there ever be any movement in the Kanan/Tariq storyline?

Drop me a line in the comments so we can discuss and remember you can watch Power online at any time if you need to catch up!

We're in This Together Review

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Power Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Proctor: James knew about the recording. That's why he broke into Know's apartment. To find it. To save you.
Tommy: Fuck.
Proctor: Yeah, fuck!

I'm not flipping on Tommy, man.