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Ghost continues to get harassed by Agent Marshall and asks Proctor to look into him. 

The prosecution team is angry at Angela for not pursuing the traffic stop. Mak commands her to talk to Tasha and hopefully get her to testify. 

After meeting with Angela, Tasha goes to Ghost and reminds him that they are a team and he is not to make anymore decisions about certain deals without consulting her. 

Julio continues to struggle as the new distro. 

Proctor and Bailey meet to listen to the recording of Tommy killing Ruiz. Unbeknownst to Bailey, Tommy is also listening and he kills Bailey in cold blood. 

The prosecution gets Proctor thrown off the case for having a conflict of interest. The judge also orders that the gun be thrown out.

Angela looks at the video surveillance from Ghost's office and realizes that he didn't plant the gun. 


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Power Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Proctor: James knew about the recording. That's why he broke into Know's apartment. To find it. To save you.
Tommy: Fuck.
Proctor: Yeah, fuck!

I'm not flipping on Tommy, man.