Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 6 Review: El Camino De La Muerte

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El Santo finally made his long-awaited appearance on Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 6. 

After meeting him, I think I would have preferred spending an entire hour with the Dentista from Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 5. 

Yes, I found El Santo that unappealing. 

The man was clearly insane, but whereas King George is crazy in an over the top, entertaining way, El Santo was just gruesome and confusing. 

A Spiritual Journey - Queen of the South

After having to endure Teresa’s hallucinations and El Santo’s ramblings, I felt as though I was suffering the effects of the psycho cult leader's incredibly pure drugs. 

El Santo: You have travelled all over the world. You've sold to carpenters and kings. Where does the serpent slip its fangs with the venom?
Guero: When grown men sell to children.
El Santo: No, no. No, no, no, no, no. When cocaine is treated with the reverence it deserves, it can make even children smile.

I found the character both weird and, oddly enough, boring. 

The worst part is that I’ll probably have nightmares about those children in the strange masks. I couldn’t help but pity them for having to grow up in the middle of such madness. 

Thanks to El Santo’s poison, Teresa kept experiencing a “good death,” but I didn’t see much good in it. 

The first time Guero died, I suspected it wasn’t real. Not that I’d miss him, but it feels as though there’s more story to play out for his character. 

When James was killed, it was obvious we were going through the same scenario once again, and by the end, I’d lost count of how many times we’d driven down “El Camino de la Muerte.”

Despite the repetition, there were a couple of highlights.

First being the arguments between James and Guero.

El Guero: You're a coward.
James: I'm a coward?
El Guero: Did Camila take your balls or what, asshole?
James: And you're a rat, trading other people's lives for your own. You're the Judas.
El Guero: And who's the one trying to steal another man's woman?
James: You fucking child. This is business, but I guess if you were a real man she wouldn't have to beg to keep you alive.

Little by little, Guero’s begun to realize how different Teresa is from the kept woman he left behind. 

Guero Held Captive - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 6

The one thing El Santo did get correct was that Teresa created herself. Even King George realizes that she isn’t a woman to be trifled with, and his Queen of the South quote was my favorite of the night.

Every time I turn my back you're doused in gasoline and juggling fire. You know that shit's a death sentence if you don't get back to Dallas tout suite.

King George

Teresa knows there’s no turning back, the only way to survive is to plow ahead, and it was hard not to feel respect for her when she bludgeoned La Capitana.

That woman was determined to kill Teresa and there was really no choice, but I don’t know that the Teresa we met in Mexico could have fought to the death the way she did here. 

One of the biggest surprises was Guero saving James’ life because it wouldn’t have shocked me at all if he had let James take the soldier's bullet and then walked away.

James: You saved me. Why?
El Guero: You kept her alive when I couldn't.
James: She kept herself alive.
El Guero: Hey, I'm not saying I'm not going to kill you, I'm just not going to kill you right now.

Captured By a Cult Leader - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 6

But once again, it’s clear that James knows Teresa better than Guero.

As for Guero's future, he may have survived their adventures in Bolivia, but is there any chance Camila will let him live?

Speaking of Camila, she was thrilled when Isabela ended up on her door step, but her happiness was short-lived. 

Isabela has been so sheltered that she’s incapable of handling the realities of her parents’ business and personal lives. Her parent’s divorce shouldn’t have come as a shock, and yet it wrecked her. 

Now she’s headed down a dangerous road with her rich, partying friends and all the drugs they can handle. It won’t surprise me at all if things end tragically for Isabela. I just don’t think she’s smart or strong enough to save herself. 

Will Guero live or die?

Check back for my review of Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 7 on July 20.

And if you’re as addicted to this dark, dangerous saga as I am, you can watch Queen of the South online

El Camino De La Muerte Review

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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Teresa: What is this place? Who are these people?
El Santo: They are the believers.
Teresa: El Santo?
El Santo: Yes, some people call me that but it is a name that can never be taken. It must always, always be given.

This shit is like 3000 a bottle. What do you think, Bella, are we worth it?