Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 12 Review: You Will Be Gutted

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The showdown has begun.

J and Baz find themselves on opposite sides when Smurf lands in jail on Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 12, but neither of them are happy about their position.

Baz Contemplates - Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 12

Baz thought he was the king of the hill and threw a party to celebrate only to find out from Smurf's lawyer that he wasn't the king at all.

It was an intense moment between J and Baz on the pool deck. J knows Baz knows about the power of attorney change, and J also knows Baz is dangerous. If he's willing to set up Smurf, who knows what he'll do to J.

I want to believe that Baz's motives are good, but it's hard to trust anything he does. Smurf does deserve what's happening to her because she's done some nasty things in her life, and killing Javi was the worst, but is Baz any better?

Maybe he hasn't killed anyone that we know of, but the only person he thinks about is himself. Sort of like Smurf. Nix that. He's exactly like Smurf. 

Poor J is caught in the middle. He doesn't trust anyone, nor should he. He's got two crazy people on both sides of him that wouldn't hesitate to kill him if necessary.

It might be hard for Smurf to do so now that she's in jail, but she's knows people. And Baz wants the power that he no longer has. Even if he'll never get it back, it's not beneath him to do something about it. 

Frantic - Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 12

Baz has never liked J and now we know why. If the bombshell Lucy dropped on J is true, that's huge. And if Baz wasn't concerned about his daughter, why would he give two thoughts to a son he doesn't even like?

No matter what Lucy may say, there's no way Baz has ever felt bad about not doing anything for J. That's the biggest load of crap I ever heard. Lucy has something up her sleeve, and she's going to play her hand very soon. It wouldn't surprise me if she wants to take some of that money for herself.

J doesn't want to be in this position, but he's shown numerous times that he's more than resourceful. The only thing J needs to watch out for is Nicky. I know he's in love with her, but she may very well be his downfall.

She's too much of a drug addict to know what she's doing. She's going to open her mouth to the wrong person at the wrong time and it's going to cause J some real trouble. 

Right now J needs to stay focused because Baz might not be the only one he has to worry about.

Other Plans - Animal Kingdom

Pope has no idea about J yet, and you know darn well that Baz is going to let him know as soon as he can. Pope will not be happy. He's completely unstable and is capable of anything. For all we know, he could be the one that might try to kill J.

He's already angry at Smurf and has turned his back on her completely, so why not get rid of the one thing she seems to care about besides Lena. 

As much as Pope cares about Lena and wants to do right by her for what he did to her mother, it was cruel of him to take Lena to jail. The poor girl is already going to be a mental mess and this certainly didn't help her situation. 

Grandma Smurf was the only stable thing in her life. I love Pope, but he made a bad choice doing that to her.

Lucy - Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 12

And then there's Deran and Craig who were shocked to find out about the power of attorney situation. I love them both to death, but they're both too stupid to realize that Smurf was playing them when she told them why she made the change.

I hope that Deran and Craig can get out of the family business and go on their own, but like Nicky is to J, Craig is going to be Deran's downfall.

Something's going to come back to bite Craig, and my bet is it'll have something to do with Marco. Maybe that's the trick up Lucy's sleeve.

"You Will Be Gutted" was a quiet but intense hour that set things up nicely for what's sure to be an explosive season finale. For what it's worth, I'm Team J and will be rooting for him to take down Baz. 

What about you? Are you Team J or Team Baz? Is J really Baz's son? 

What's up Lucy's sleeve? Whose side will Pope take? Will Nicky be J's downfall? Will Craig be Deran's?

Will Smurf get out of jail?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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You Will Be Gutted Review

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Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Pope: Where's Smurf, man?
Baz: Smurf's in jail.
Pope: What?
Baz: Yeah. Jail.

Do you ever wonder what it would have been like if we were born into a different family?