Power Season 4 Episode 8 Review: It's Done

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We've been waiting for this y'all! And Power Season 4 Episode 8 finally delivered Mike Sandoval running out of excuses and losing that calm demeanor he's shown from the beginning. 

It's been no secret that I've been waiting for his downfall, and it came swiftly, if not a bit on the predictable side. But nonetheless, Sandoval was busted, and he ran out of cards to play. 

Clean Up - Power

Once Saxe, Donovan, and Angela got to talking and going over everything, it became pretty apparent to them that Sandoval was the mole.

But how were they going to prove that? Well, the only sensible way of course; have Angela wear a wire and almost get herself killed!

Watching Sandoval finally get caught was very satisfying, and I actually wanted to yell out "It's about damn time!"

It seems like ages since we found out Sandoval was working with Lobos. And maybe Angela didn't get all the details right, but she got to the essence of the matter, and that's all I needed. 

I don't think anyone thought their showdown was going to result in Angela's death, but I was utterly confused when she told him not to confess to anything right before he was arrested.

I for sure thought this was another instance of Angela being the absolute worst at her job, but instead, she surprised me. 

By going to Silver and telling him the details of Sandoval's arrest, she knew that information would get to Ghost and that Ghost would want Sandoval disposed of. And that's exactly what happened thanks to Daddy Teresi. 

Tommy asked his newly christened father for a favor and Teresi came through. So Sandoval is dead and gone, and that's the end of that. 

Nothing governs like fear.


Speaking of Tommy, when he wasn't dealing with the shock of learning his father was alive, he and Ghost were discussing their best options to avoid a war with the Jimenez.

Was it just me or did their proposal seem a little one sided? I know the Jimenez operate on fear but is giving up their territory in exchange for being able to say they killed Lobos an even trade?

I'm pretty sure the Jimenez was unconvinced, but we'll never know because they did end up agreeing to the deal, thanks to Dre. 

Because I want to be the biggest goddamn drug dealer in New York City.


There is just no way to adequately express how much I dislike Dre. He is an ungrateful, selfish snake that does nothing but undermines and double crosses the people who try to help him. He is blinded by dollar signs and I can not wait for all of this to come back and bite him. 

But for now, he's planning Tommy's downfall, and no one has any idea. 

Elsewhere, Tariq is still a disaster and now he's probably got a bounty on his head. Because he's an extremely damaged and neglected child, he's still wrapped up in the life Kanan introduced him to and helping his buddies rob fancy brownstones. 

Things don't go according to plan, of course, and the wife at the house ends up dead. Tariq flees the scene, and now he's on the run. 

This storyline is headed somewhere, and I'm not exactly sure where but I don't think it will be good. If Tariq would just confide in Ghost or Tommy about what happened, they could fix things in a minute. 

But we all know Tariq doesn't think logically. Or think at all for that matter. 

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Proctor, Proctor, Proctor. I was rooting for you! Not only did he not get rid of the incriminating laptop, but he's also blatantly lying to Ghost and Tommy. Unless he has some grand plan, he isn't disclosing, this won't end well for him. 
  • Tasha and Silver are still a thing. I'm just counting down the minutes until Ghost finds out and explodes, even though he's put Tasha through hell and she deserves happiness as much as anyone else. 
  • Ghost and Larenz Congressman Tate are going through with their plans to revamp Ghost's hometown. There is going to be more to this story, right?
  • Are Tommy and Keisha still together? Did I miss that breakup?

So, now that Sandoval is gone, what's next for Angela? And will we finally get an Angela and Ghost scene this season that's just the two of them?

I've got a lot of burning questions headed into the home stretch, but I want to hear from you guys. Make sure you comment and leave me your thoughts!

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It's Done Review

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A goddamn war right now? No good for anybody.


If we're right, Sandoval is one of the biggest criminals in DOJ history.