Suits Round Table: Will Anyone Trust Mike?

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Mike learned the hard way that lying was not a good look. 

On Suits Season 7 Episode 6, Alex appeared out of nowhere, and Oscar's case against the prison was thrown out of court. 

TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Christine Hinton and Stacy Glanzman, discuss Donna's lie, Alex's secret and more. 

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What did you think of Donna lying to Harvey?

Jasmine: I'm glad she didn't actually know because I'm tired of the "Donna knows all" bit, but I like that they acknowledged that they still have these feelings, but they moved on a bit. I do realize this can be frustrating for Donna and Harvey shippers though. 

Christine: I was glad she came clean in the end because I’d like to think that they are friends about all else, but I’m so tired of watching this two dance around their feelings for one another.

Harvey’s newest relationship just feels like another stalling tactic, and I do find it frustrating. I’d rather see Donna and Harvey trying to work on an actual relationship because that would be something new. 

Stacy: I was impressed. Donna's always been quick on her feet, but she came up with that on the spot and was very convincing. I'm glad she came clean with him though. I like where their relationship is right now. I don't need them together, but I like seeing them support each other. 

Hi, Secretary! - Suits Season 7 Episode 5

What will Mike do now to get back in Oscar's good books?

Jasmine: Well, now he has to find a new lawyer willing to take on the class action. I imagine he'll get on that because he obviously isn't letting this go. 

Christine: Hopefully find another firm to pick up the case. I wish Mike would finally learn that there are consequences to his actions and that they affect people other than him. 

Stacy: Yeah, this thing isn't over yet. He'll find someone to take the case and find a way to keep himself involved. It's what he does. 

Mike In Trouble? - Suits Season 7 Episode 6

What is Alex hiding?

Jasmine: I have no idea! While I would have preferred he didn't publicly tank Mike and the case the way that he did, I love the fact that he's someone who isn't too close to this family to not call people out.

Mike needed a reality check because everyone else lets him off too easily. I kind of hate the fact that Alex had an ulterior motive, whatever the heck it is.

Christine: I have no clue what it is, and I’m still not all that interested in this story. I should have hated Alex for outing Mike, but I was oddly happy to see Mike have to deal with the consequences of all of his lies; I just wish that Oscar, the prisoners, and even the legal clinic hadn’t ended up on the losing end. 

Stacy: I have no clue either, but whatever it is, I hope it doesn't end up being detrimental to the firm. I was really annoyed with how he handled that situation, bursting into court like that.

He may disagree with what Mike did, but they work together, and the two of them that publicly at odds is not making the firm look good. 

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Was Stephanie's lawsuit taking things too far?

Jasmine: Honestly, yeah. Technically there were grounds for it, but that's such a serious accusation to put on someone's record, especially when your reasoning for making the accusation had very little to do with the incident. 

My problem with this Louis and Stephanie thing is that Louis' behavior was abhorrent, but Stephanie was clearly ineffective and insubordinate.

It's difficult being a woman in such a competitive field, so I understood her fear of others thinking she couldn’t hack it, but I felt like she didn't want to own up to any of her wrongdoings either. 

Christine: As much as I’m not a fan of Stephanie, it was about time that someone held Louis accountable for his horribly unprofessional behavior. A lawsuit like this was only a matter of time. 

Stacy: Stephanie deserved to be fired, but Louis was out of line. It's not surprising at all that this wasn't the first time he'd been sued for sexual harassment.

It's one thing to be hard on the associates, but he was completely unprofessional and unreasonable. 

In an ideal world, would you like to see more of Katrina?

Jasmine: Katrina, the Louis whisperer.  I would LOVE to see her more. She has a way of getting along and getting through to all the characters. I would love to see her utilized more if it was possible. 

Christine: I like her, but it’s not like I miss her when she’s not there, so I can’t say it matters all that much to me.  

Stacy: Honestly not really. I don't pay too much attention to her when she's on-screen. I just don't find her all that compelling. 

Over to you, Suits Fanatics. Hit the comments with your take on the questions. 

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Note: Suits Season 7 Episode 6 airs August 23 on USA Network. 

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Suits Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Rachel: You're just going to live a life of keeping secrets again?
Mike: No, this is not the same as me being a fraud.

I had to lie to Harvey's god damn face. I wanna hear that you're dropping this thing.