Gotham Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Fear the Reaper

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It's time for some serious girl power on Gotham.

Barbara is back and with her comes a new attitude and a new plan to take over Gotham's underbelly.

Tabitha and Selina were shocked to find Barbara alive on Gotham Season 4 Episode 2, but they quickly came to realize that as a team they could be more powerful than ever.

Yes, It's Me! - Gotham Season 4 Episode 2

Barbara has gone through a lot of changes over the course of three seasons. She was a rich bitch, a psycho bitch, and then a rich psycho bitch.

Her new demeanor on Gotham Season 4 is very different. She's more refined and calculated. She's not losing control and beating men with the heel of her shoe. She's not laughing like a maniac in the face of her enemies. 

She hasn't lost her goal of ruling Gotham; she's just become smarter about it. I like this new Barbara.

And I love the idea that Gotham is about to have a group of women giving Penguin and the rest of the male criminals in the city a run for their money.

Don't think I've forgotten about Fish Mooney and her contribution. She opened the door showing that women could be just as powerful as men in Gotham's criminal underbelly. But Fish never got to the top. Gotham was never hers, and she was never treated as an equal.

There is a lot of potential with Barbara, Selina, and Tabitha. And if Ivy joins in, they're going to be one hell of a powerhouse. Penguin won't be able to ignore them.

Ivy Has Had Enough - Gotham Season 4 Episode 2

And it's about time Ivy has something to do instead of just being Penguin's lackey. She's served no purpose since her transformation on Gotham Season 3, so it's good that she's about to enter the big leagues. 

Let's just hope Tabitha gets over her suspicions soon so Ivy can become part of the team. I don't want Ivy and the others to battle it out for stupid reasons. If Tabitha can move past Barbara's betrayal, she can move past the fact that Ivy once worked for Penguin.

Besides, she should have some inside secrets that will work to the group's advantage. 

Jim had to face Scarecrow all by his lonesome, but it didn't present too many problems for him. And he wasn't afraid to enter the lion's den alone.

He was shocked that Bullock didn't come along, but Bullock had a good reason which he later explained to Jim.

Bullock didn't want to lose the war with Penguin over a battle with one bad guy. He also knew Jim would be able to handle it by himself. Bullock wouldn't let his friend fight a battle alone that he knew Jim couldn't win.

Jim's Got a Bead on Him - Gotham Season 4 Episode 2

Penguin challenged Jim to bring in Scarecrow to prove the GCPD was still a viable source of protection for the city. It wasn't a fair proposition because Oswald knew no one would help Jim out. Penguin has made a mockery of the GCPD, but that will soon change. Jim isn't going to let Penguin win. 

Jim went after Scarecrow at Arkham, and it didn't take long for him to turn the tables on Crane. Jim has a way of doing that. But despite his valiant effort, he wasn't able to apprehend Scarecrow which means it will probably be Penguin's men who end up taking down Crane.

I wasn't surprised Jim's greatest fear had something to do with Lee, but I wasn't too keen on the idea Lee would commit suicide because of her love for a man who broke her heart too many times to count.

Does Jim really believe Lee would go that far because of their failed relationship? Why would that thought even be in his mind? And why is Lee always the one who looks so desperate?

The way Lee is painted is frustrating, and I hope her return allows her to maintain at least some of the badassness she had while under the influence of the Tetch virus.

A New Toy - Gotham Season 4 Episode 2

Lucius Fox is a dream come true. I loved his interaction with Alfred and Bruce at the police station. It was straight out of Batman Begins, but it was a great way to get Lucius involved with Bruce's new identity.

Even though we saw the proto suit in previews, it was still an awesome moment, especially when Alfred gave him the new mask. Who didn't get chills watching that?

Now that Bruce is all teched up, with Alfred's help he should be able to fight bigger and better crimes. Maybe Penguin's goons won't be the ones to capture Crane; maybe Bruce will be the hero on this one.

The interesting part of this story will be when Jim catches a whiff that there's a vigilante on the loose, and capturing Crane might be the thing that puts Bruce on the map.

I can't wait to see how it plays out!

Over to you. What did you think of "Fear the Reaper"? Will the women of Gotham give Penguin a run for his money? Are you excited about Ivy?

Who funded Barbara's new venture (I think I know)? Will Bruce be the one to bring down Scarecrow?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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Fear the Reaper Review

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Gotham Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Here's something you don't see every day. Bruce Wayne behind bars.


Bullock: This place smells like death. Reminds me there's a Thai joint not far away if you want to grab something to eat after.
Jim: Alright. Fine.