Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Nowhere Man

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While it appears Joe is going to lose his love once again, the possibility of a breakthrough for Cam might lie in Donna's hands.

The complex history between all of these deeply drawn characters was very apparent on Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Episode 5. Even while new relationships are forming and making a significant impact, it's the long-term bonds that will cure what ails those who are still suffering.

Cameron is leading the pack with her emotional issues, and it was like the blind leading the blind as she tried help Boz out of his financial pickle, only further mitigating his stress levels to the point of a heart attack.

Struggling With Suspicion - Halt and Catch Fire

Donna was worrying about her place in the business whose ranks she had been climbing very easily until direct competition was brought on board, forcing her hand into somewhat distasteful tactics to get her job done.

Competing directly against Gordon was one thing but against her daughter was another matter altogether. Donna realized how much it meant to Hayley to work on Comet and how much her youngest changed for the better as a result of the work. 

Hayley's climbing out of her comfort zone, learning a lot, and feeling stronger than ever. It's one thing for Rover to steamroll Comet because they're a naturally more talented bunch, but what Donna saw from Cecil didn't give her that indication at all.

Donna: I mean, he solved every problem he's been wrestling with for months in one elegant update.
Boz: I guess the muse finally had something to say.
Donna: Don't you wonder what took him so long?

The Fear is Real - Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Episode 5

When Donna ultimately confronted Boz, she admitted she thought whoever he might have used to write the code could have been aiming at her specifically hoping to take her down or her place in the company. 

Donna had no idea Boz was in financial distress, so she didn't even consider Cameron. What would Cameron, who hates Donna, have to gain by coding Rover? It wouldn't make sense without understanding the whole picture.

At least not until he had his heart attack and Cameron showed up at the hospital thinking her argument with Boz caused his attack. Boz has to take accountability for this one. He alone got him into his mess, and instead of talking to Diane, he's spent an inordinate amount of time trying to cover his ass.

I can't think of anything more stressful than covering your ass. It's a full-time job as you have to keep track of what lie you told when and where. 

Cameron is Still Lost - Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Episode 5

Cameron was on the same path. She did it in her marriage with Tom, and she was doing it to Joe now. Unfortunately, nobody is stupid here. Tom wasn't, and Joe isn't. 

The confrontation with Cameron about helping out Comet was tough. Joe has been the perfect partner this time around. He's been patient, caring, and supportive. He listens to Cameron's desires and concerns and acts accordingly, never dismissing her in any way. The same can't be said for Cameron.

Her childish reaction to Joe's request she sits in on a couple of meetings at Comet surprised Joe, but we know she couldn't do it because the job was already completed at Rover. 

Yet when Cameron told him, it came right after she admitted she told Tom about her and Joe because she wanted Tom to leave. Her "I love you" when Joe asked why she told him about coding for Rover meant nothing. All of her actions say otherwise.

But at the same time, I expect their relationship to be imploding, there is hope yet for Cameron.

People are still playing her game. Which looks terrible. Why did she make such an ugly main character? Anyway, unless I'm wrong, I got the feeling we were to believe Donna knows Cameron more than anyone and that will be key to "winning" the game or moving forward.

That, along with the algorithm that is now a part of Rover, will once again place them in the same frame of mind and back into orbit, repairing their once blistering relationship. They've never lost respect for each other, so finding a way to communicate effectively is their key.

Perhaps Halt and Catch Fire was always about the relations between the foursome, but only regarding business and friendship. 

Brilliant Business Partners - Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Episode 5

Joe and Gordon are in a beautiful place both in business and with their friendship. They understand each other in such a way that even when they're at their worst, they know they handle it for a short time, enough so the worst will pass.

Joe: Yeah? Cause from where I stand, it seems like you don't care where thinks stand here as long as you get to keep screwing the Chief Ontologist!
Gordon: Why don't you get some air?

Joe knows everyone has their thoughts on his thing with Cameron. He's not looking for sympathy. More importantly, he's trying harder to figure out why, when he's having a moment with Cameron, he can't see straight through to his needs at business.

Joe is having a hard time reconciling the fact he's human. Successfully maneuvering both a personal life and a business life without blowing up one or the other is new to him. 

That it hasn't escaped him is a good sign, and it was nice of Gordon to acknowledge it.

Gordon: Is this what you saw ten years ago because it's not what I saw for myself when you showed up in my garage.
Joe: That's the point. It was never about where it ended up. It was about how it felt. When I saw it, I knew how it would feel to build something with you. But this? Friday afternoon, all the cues are clear. I don't know what comes next.
Gordon: Most of us in the human race, we don't get to know what comes next. We just feel shit as it's thrown at us. This, right now, is all there is. Welcome to the future, Joe McMillan. I mean, I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm sure glad to have you here.

Gordon has made his own discovery about life. What's happening with Katie is very good for him and the girls.

Gordon has a Girlfriend - Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Episode 5

She is a lot of fun. She does crazy things like roller derby, but she's still up for watching Gordon's favorite movie in bed with him or a day hanging out with the girls. 

Katie is also very in tune to Gordon when it comes to his illness. When he's not feeling well, she doesn't leave him alone but wants to know more about it. She's interested in how he feels and whether he ever discovered any patterns to his symptoms after years of keeping journals.

Katie didn't receive a direct answer to that question, but Gordon burned his entire collection of journals in the fireplace. I took that to mean he's been spending more time worrying about where the symptoms might take him than living his life, something he's been enjoying for a long time and even more since Katie became a part of it.

If there were significant patterns, we can assume he'd have acted upon them by now.

I'm not rooting for Cameron in any specific way. She's a very broken person. She's her worst enemy and won't get out of her own way. If there's a cliche out there, it suits Cameron. Mending their relationship would be better for Donna, though, who deserves to redeem herself for what she thinks she did when she was at Mutiny.

Donna is always pushing too hard and trying to prove what doesn't need proving because she isn't sure she's worthy of success or if she always rides someone else's coattails.

Just like Joe and Gordon know that working together is the best part of any business venture they enter, Donna has to figure out what being in Cameron's orbit means to her.

If you have already watched, share your thoughts below. If you are going to watch Halt and Catch Fire online, come back later and let me know what you're thinking.

This is the show that keeps on giving. What are you hoping to see next with everyone? Success for Joe and Gordon? Donna build her confidence? Hit me!!

Nowhere Man Review

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Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Joe: Yeah? Cause from where I stand, it seems like you don't care where thinks stand here as long as you get to keep screwing the Chief Ontologist!
Gordon: Why don't you get some air?

Donna: I mean, he solved every problem he's been wrestling with for months in one elegant update.
Boz: I guess the muse finally had something to say.
Donna: Don't you wonder what took him so long?