Suits Season 7 Episode 9 Review: Shame

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Louis Litt is a bit all over the place right now. 

On Suits Season 7 Episode 9, he tried to move on from that big night of passion with Sheila, but he learned the hard way it wasn't something he was going to be able to brush under the rug. 

Fighting For What's Right - Suits Season 7 Episode 9

Hank was a complete ass to Brian and Louis, so it made perfect sense when he revealed to Louis that he was Sheila's husband-to-be. It was such a shocking moment, and I'm surprised I didn't see it coming. 

It was odd because it seemed like a friendship was brewing between Brian and Louis, but then Louis had to ruin it by telling Brian to act like he was being spoken down to while writing up the document. 

That's why Louis was on my last nerve. Once again, he self-destructed and went on a mission to destroy everything and everyone in his path. This is the Louis we've watched for seven seasons. 

Assistant: Homewrecker?
Louis: What?
Assistant: I said shame.

So, it was disheartening that after all his growth during Suits Season 7 that he would act so irrationally and start shouting at an associate again.

I understand that Brian's choice of words was part of the reason Hank could use the document to his advantage. But then, Louis should have had a look at it before it was sent out.

I feel bad for Brian because every single time something goes wrong with Louis nowadays, Brian is the one who gets shouted at. 

Gretchen stepping in to make him own his mistake, while laying down a side dose of the law was excellent. She wanted to let Brian know that he was still an associate, and while he has been treated like crap, he needed to find a way to fix his error. 

Louis: Hank, I understand you got our T-R-O?
Hank: I sure as hell did.
Louis: Then, I'm assuming your calling to beg me to let you keep a piece of your product? Well, sorry to tell you, buddy, that's not going to happen. Why don't I hear crying?
Hank: You didn't read that thing before your associate send it, did you?
Louis: Of course, I read it. What kind of idiot doesn't read a document before sending it over?
Hank: The kind that just opened up the door for us to countersue the shit out of him because he was too busy thinking about the woman he's never going to marry.
Louis: What did you just say?
Hank: I said I'm Sheila's fiance and I know you slept with her, and even now you're thinking about sneaking around.
Louis: You don't understand, it was a one-time thing.

That, of course, helped him get back in good graces with Louis. Louis understands that Brian is a doting father and first associate, but there must be an element of jealousy in there. 

Sheila, of course, did not want kids, and that's why Louis left her. Seeing Brian with the best of both worlds must be painful to watch, but Louis needs to quit acting so irrationally. 

Harvey Is Not Impressed - Suits Season 7 Episode 9

While I understand that Brian was probably exhausted after spending the whole night in the office before heading home to do the night shift with his son, I could not get on board with him allowing Louis to be left alone with the kid. 

Can you imagine Brian's other half getting up in the middle of the night and seeing Louis cradling her baby? She does not know who the man is and has probably heard a story or ten about him from Brian. 


Is Suits Season 7 the season of the flashback, or something? The addition of Andy only seemed like a convoluted way to kick the drama up a few gears as we approach the midseason finale. 

For me, the reveal that Andy was someone from the past for Harvey and Donna was exciting enough, but surely Harvey and Donna could have shown some sort of proof that he hated them 12 years ago in order to get him thrown off the case. 

When Andy ragged on Donna for still being in the same position as 12 years ago, I wanted her to make an empowering statement about being the COO of Pearson Specter Litt. It would have put him in his place. 

But then again, it may have made him more intent on causing chaos for his enemies. With Harvey crossing the line on so many occasions, it will be interesting to see what Andy has up his sleeve for court. 

A Surprise Offer - Suits

Please don't say that Harvey ends up in prison now because I am so over the prison storyline. Surely, Jessica will return with some knowledge that will scare Andy away once and for all. 

Let's talk about Louis doing the mock trial with Donna. The last time that rattled Donna because of the severity of the questions. When Louis has a point, he likes to illustrate that to no end. 

That's why I liked that Louis thought it was necessary to prepare Donna for the crazy line of questioning coming her way. 

"Shame" was not my favorite installment of Suits. There was too much going on between all of the cases that it was difficult to let all of the revelations soak in. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • The opening scene with Louis imagining the "Shame" scene from Game of Thrones was a little too random to take seriously. 
  • Gretchen's zingers were on fire. She got a lot of screen time, and it was needed. 
  • Robert and Rachel working together was fun and all, but I'm more intrigued to find out what becomes of the CEO of that darn company. What he did was deplorable. I liked that Robert found a redeeming quality in Mike, though. 
  • Katrina has just disappeared again. You would think she would have been widely involved with some of the big plots. 

Over to you, Suits Fanatics. What did you think of all the developments? 

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Suits Season 7 Episode 10 airs September 13 on USA Network.

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Suits Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Assistant: Homewrecker?
Louis: What?
Assistant: I said shame.

Now let's go tell these assholes if they think they are going to rip our nipples off without a fight, they got another thing coming.