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I'm not sure which is more of a miracle on Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-23-17.

Bonnie was finally unmasked and Adrienne freed from jail. And Hope actually called Rafe out on his controlling and hypocritical behavior.

Of course, that lasted five seconds and then Sami repeated the same nonsense Rafe did about how Hope would have gone crazy if Zach was possibly alive. But still, it gave me hope that at some point this awful pairing has to end

Rafe Second Guesses Hope - Days of Our Lives

Ever since Rafe and Hope got together, Rafe has micromanaged Hope's life and treated her like she's brainless. Now she's his boss, so that's not going to go over well.

Rafe came barging into her office for the second time in less than a week to accuse her of making a stupid decision.

Rafe: You arrested Sami last night. Why the hell did you do that?
Hope: Sami interfered in a police investigation. I was trying to save --
Rafe: That doesn't warrant throwing her in jail. She's desperate for answers about her son.
Hope: She grabbed my gun from my holster, Rafe, and she threatened to shoot Rolf. That's absolute --
Rafe: She pulled out your gun?
Hope: Let me finish!
Rafe: How did she get ahold of your gun? And how do you let that happen?

He was aggressive and belittling, all while wanting to give Sami a pass for the same behavior he thought JJ should be crucified for.

I was surprised and thrilled that Hope stood up to him. For the first time in forever, I saw a glimpse of the old Hope, the feisty, strong woman who didn't let anyone push her around and never would have emptied her gun into Stefano.

The Stefano problem interfered with me fully enjoying Hope standing up for herself, because the fact remains that she punished both JJ and Sami for doing far less bad with a gun than she did. But nevertheless, she was right to call Rafe out.

Rafe and Hope have been dating for over a year and in all that time, Rafe has never once acted like Hope knows what she is doing.

His very worst qualities have been amplified during this relationship so that all viewers ever see is an obnoxious, entitled man who flies off the handle with little provocation and thinks he is always right.

There was a time when Rafe had some sensitivity and empathy but those qualities are in short supply and now he's just insufferable.

If I were Hope I wouldn't have stayed with him this long. I'm hoping that the fact that she is no longer a Stepford Wife who looks at Rafe with stars in her eyes when he tells her she's stupid means that this whole relationship is going to implode in some spectacular manner soon.

Bonnie Blackmails Victor - Days of Our Lives

Meanwhile, the Bonnie silliness seems to have come to an end – for now anyway. Seeing Victor, Maggie and Justin confront Bonnie and force her to admit to her misdeeds was pure fun.

Bonnie sounded more and more like a lunatic as she ranted that Maggie turned out to be alive and took Mickey back from her. 

Unfortunately, instead of this story ending with her going back to prison, she escaped to parts unknown, which means that she could be back later to take over Adrienne's life again or wreak havoc in some other ridiculous way.

With Bonnie on the lam, Steve, Kayla and Justin had a hard time convincing a stubborn warden to let Adrienne go. This just dragged things out another day for no good reason.

This whole story has been unrealistic and so has any jail scene on Days ever, but these Adrienne rescue scenes struck me as particularly bizarre.

Justin came running into the prison to rescue Adrienne, who a guard was trying to drag into solitary because apparently, the warden gave him permission to tell the guard to leave Adrienne alone.

Then that same warden wouldn't release Adrienne because he didn't want to be short a prisoner and made a lot of excuses before Kayla came up with the idea of DNA testing her on the spot.

The upshot of all of this was that Adrienne kissed Justin before having a very long conversation with Sonny while she was still technically a prisoner. Eventually, Adrienne was allowed to go home, where she discovered Lucas' stash of bottles of alcohol.

I think the story will get more interesting now.

All those scenes of Adrienne being abused by guards who couldn't tell their prisoner had been switched with someone else overnight was getting on my nerves, but I'm eager to see her try to do damage control and put her life back together.

Lucas is drunk all the time and isn't going to be nearly as accepting of this even though he's starting to come around to the idea that his son was brought back to life.

Lucas and Sami - Days of Our Lives

If Lucas chooses alcohol over Adrienne's re-emergence, maybe that will make room for Sami to help him sober up so that the two can reunite.

I know Sami isn't staying long-term, but maybe they could have a long-distance relationship or something. I love Lucas and Sami as a couple so I'd take whatever I could get.

Rafe: I'm sorry. With the Zach thing I went too far.
Hope: Yeah. And Sami went too far. And I arrested her before she screwed up anything else in this investigation. And whether you agree with that or not, it's my call. I wish you would respect that.

But let's talk about Hurricane Sami's behavior in other respects.

Most of the week – and that ridiculous argument between Rafe and Hope – was dedicated to Sami grabbing Hope's gun to try to force some information out of Rolf.

This was typical Sami and it was bound to backfire one way or another. Personally, I thought it was silly for her to threaten to shoot Rolf if he didn't give her answers because if she killed him, she certainly wasn't getting any!

Hope stood nearby saying all sorts of variations of Sami's name but didn't do much to try to get the gun away from her. Then she and Sami got into a debate for just long enough for Rolf to pop a suicide pill.

First of all, I don't believe for one second that Rolf is really dead. This is a master of faking deaths and bringing truly dead people back to life!

I think he just got bored with Hope and Sami arguing and decided to check out for a bit so they'd leave him alone.

Sami Brady Returns - Days of Our Lives

After Rolf's alleged death, Hope arrested Sami for interfering with a police investigation and I guess for stealing a gun. I enjoyed Sami calling Hope out on the hypocrisy of that move. But what I'd really have loved to have seen is a scene between Sami and JJ.

JJ understood how Sami felt because he'd lost his temper similarly when Ben was taunting him about Paige being dead, but there's sort of a negative history between the two because of the rivalry between Sami and Abigail over EJ turning ugly.

So it would have been fascinating to see them interact while Sami was in jail. I would have loved to have seen JJ struggle with whose side of this incident he was on.

Instead, both Sami and Rafe felt a need to ask Hope how she would feel if she found out Zach was alive.That was a little odd.

In Rafe's case, it was also more insensitivity and attempting to push Hope's buttons in order to get his way. Sami wasn't nearly as obnoxious about it, but there was no real reason to bring this up.

Zach died tragically after being run over at the age of three and was briefly resurrected as an adult in a dream sequence Hope had a few years back.

Days likes to start mentioning people over and over when they're on their way back to Salem, but I see no need for a storyline about Zach being alive all these years, so I hope that is a red herring.

Anyway, back to Sami. After Marlena bailed her out, she immediately threw a tantrum about how she wasn't listening to Hope and staying away from the investigation, proving she learned nothing.

Sami is one of those characters people either love or hate because she's extremely impulsive and lacks any degree of common sense.

There are times I really like her, but this is not one of them.

Anxious about her son's fate or not, she had already made a big mess of the investigation once and was boldly proclaiming she'd do it again.

However, this trip to Memphis that a bunch of people are accompanying her on should be interesting. I don't know what's up with the haunted house or what its connection either to Will or to Rolf is, but I'm eager to find out.

Victor: You know, he's in this grave because Nicole killed him. She tried to kill me. Maybe now that she's gone, you'll live longer.
Brady: Maybe.
Victor: Or not. All the animosity between me and my brother was because of a woman. You could've killed Eric today, followed in my footsteps. You always said you didn't want to end up like me. I'm starting to think you've changed your mind.

Across town, Brady continued to be unlikeable. He goaded Eric, got into a fistfight with him, and then almost smashed his head in with a glass vase but Victor stopped him.

I was glad Victor called Brady out on turning into him, but I'm wondering if Brady will take that warning to heart at all.

I had this feeling Victor might have been as proud as he was concerned since he encouraged Brady's blackmail of Nicole and encouraged him to take it a step further by turning her in for Deimos' murder now that she skipped town.

For some reason, Victor declaring that no one would miss Deimos and spitting on his grave made me laugh – and I'm not someone who ordinarily condones desecrating graves in the slightest.

I have no idea why Eve showed up dressed for a funeral, but I'm thrilled she's back! Kassie de Paiva has always done a great job humanizing what could be a very irritating character and I'm curious to see what she gets up to this time.

What did you think of Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-23-17? Are you glad to see Eve? Do you like the dark turn Brady has taken or have you had enough? Has Rafe given you enough of a headache yet?

Weigh in below and don't forget to check back on Sunday for our Days of Our Lives Round Table Discussion.


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