Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Chapter Sixty-Six

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We all have alter egos, and Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 2 explored them for some of our main characters.

Some were more literal, like Petra and Anezka, while others simply created conflict. I'm looking at you, Fun Jane and Mom Jane. 

Jane has always looked inward to solve her issues, and frequently, that involves seeing different versions of herself to decide the best decision. 

Having Fun - Jane the Virgin

That was the case when Adam, with whom Jane just rekindled a romance, announced that he was offered a job in LA. 

Much like when they first started dating at 18, these two were being torn apart once again by a job opportunity.

Obviously, Jane can't pick up her whole life to move with a man she just started seeing. And when he asks her opinion, it understandably causes a lot of stress for her, as it would for anyone in a new relationship. 

No one ever wants to tell someone to pass up an incredible offer, but if fate brought them together and gave them a second chance, it would be stupid to throw it all away. 

Fun Jane, the one playing beer pong and roofball, was all for Adam staying. Mom Jane knew that it would never work out.  But Jane finally had to realize that the "real Jane" needed to be a combination of both Jane's. 

She tried being just the fun person, which she thought Adam needed and ended up fracturing her leg and missing a school appointment. 

She tried to push Adam away thinking it was best for Mateo but realized she was only doing it because she was scared and thought it would never work out long term.

And in reality, Adam was willing to accept her lifestyle, and both of her alter egos.  

Is that enough? I'm not sure, but it's certainly worth a try to see where he fits into her life. 

I'm smitten with Adam. He hasn't established himself just yet, and his introduction has been light, but he certainly has the potential of being a viable suitor. 

Adam on Jane  - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 2

Maybe it's the dimples, or maybe it's the simplicity of his life. He's a lot like Michael in that regard; fun, free-spirited and most importantly, he makes Jane feel young and alive again. 

I also cannot stress enough how good it was to be back to one narrator. 

Rafael, on the other hand, isn't letting his living situation - rooming with the Villanueva's -- hinder any progress of getting his hotel and money back. 

He's dressing up in suits, trying to make business deals and calling up investors, which is really getting on Jane's nerves, mainly because she's mad at him.

At first, I agreed with Jane that Rafael's stance on not wanting his son to live a poor life was a little out of line was insulting to her and the Villanueva girls, who obviously weren't rolling around in dough. 

But it became evident that to both Jane and me that we took Rafael's money for granted. 

When the check for Mateo's school bounced, and he was no longer enrolled, it dawned on Jane just how terrible public school was. All of a sudden, because Mateo wasn't rich, he didn't have the same opportunities as all the other kids. 

And even then, she realized that she still had the nerve to call Raf entitled and spoiled for recommending that they use Xo and Ro's address to enroll Mateo in school. 

Here's the thing that I don't understand -- Jane has no problem asking Rogelio for help or using his money. He's rich and vain, and she accepts it at face value, but she can't with Rafael. Money matters to Raf, but only because it provides for his families. 

Jane also didn't have a problem with faking addresses when she realized Alba recommended it or that it's what Alba and Xo did for Jane when she was growing up. 

Jane and Rafael - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 2

In fact, it was a reality check for her. Sometimes, breaking the rules for something that matters and when it's in your child's best interest is your only option. She may not have had money, but she had two women who were willing to step up and give her the world, just like Rafael is trying to do for Mateo. 

So with that, Rafael and Jane are on the path to friendship again, although the financial issues show that there is still a significant gap between them, and they aren't ready for a relationship. 

Co-parenting? Yes. Being roommates? For the most part. Plus, Alba is really enjoying her "friends with benefits" relationship. Can I just say that Alba really wins at life? 

But being lovers? Not just yet. 

Unfortunately, Petra isn't the woman for Rafael either. The two decided to give their relationship another try, this time approaching it with caution and open communication. The result was DULL. 

There was no spark, no chemistry and overall, it was brutal to watch them walking on eggshells trying to avoid another criticizing and insulting each other. It's what they do best and what I enjoy most. 

Alba: I like having him here, we've become "friends with benefits."
Jane: Abuela, that doesn't mean what you think it does.

As Petra pointed out, there is just too much baggage between them, and they will always see each other in a certain light. Like Raf thinking that Petra's best asset is sleeping her way to the top. He doesn't necessarily say it, but he's thinking it. 

So it's a damn shame that it's exactly what he does when they call it quits. He goes down a path of old habit, sleeping with Katherine to get her to accept the deal. What a hypocrite!

How will Jane react when she finds out Raf is sleeping with an older woman just to get the money back? Will she be appreciative of his dedication and efforts for their family? Or will she once again throw a tantrum to prove just how unaware she is?

Petra might be grateful for Rafael's decision considering Anezka rolled out all the stops to get her to sell her shares. How did she break Magda out of jail? Why is Magda allowed to be in such close proximity to the kids? Will Rafael care about his twins at all?

Despite the unwelcome surprise from "granny," at least we know that Petra's kids are still alive. There's been so much focus on Mateo; it seems like Raf barely spends any time with his twins. Neither does Petra for that matter. 

We all agree that she's still very much into Chuck and will end up with him, right?

Unless she's dead, of course, because this is a telenovela, and that means we should expect the television trope used by producers of Rogelio's telenovela.

Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 2

Rogelio and Fabian kind of shot themselves in the foot by being divas and giving producers an ultimatum: one of them needs to go. 

What did they think was going to happen? If one must go, it means they are killing someone off. 

Hilariously, the deciding focus group was made up of Fabian's grandmother and Rogelio's alter-ego, a very persuasive woman. Rogelio was the winner, which is a blessing because honestly, Fabian was kind of unbearable. How did Jane ever have feelings for him?

Fabian's exit teaches Ro a huge lesson -- always appreciate what you have because it could be worse. In this case, worse was Fabian being replaced with Rogelio's mortal enemy (and a dude who slept with Xo) Esteban. 

Not only were these two going to be forced to share screen time, but Esteban also had googly eyes for a very pregnant with Rogelio's baby Darcy.

That would mean Esteban has pursued not one but two of Rogelio's women.

I commend Xo for being so chill about her "honeymoon" phase being turned into "take care of Darcy who is on bed rest" phase.

Xo knew what she was getting into marrying Rogelio when he was about to have a child with another woman but still, it takes a special person not to be bitter about it. 

Jane - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 2

Especially because Darcy is taking advantage of the situation and Rogelio, who was really trying to prove that he cared about this baby. 

And regardless of what transpired with their reality show, they were all going to be a family. 

Not only did Rogelio prove he was going to be a great father, he also proved to be a great father when he gifted Ro with her lady cave. 

Making my full circle back to death, our telenovela, much like Rogelio's, has posed the question: who will die?

Will it be Magda? Petra? Anezka? Alba? Raf? Or Luisa?

Alba hasn't done anything to die at the hands of this Marbella mess, so hopefully, she's spared.

Jane already lost one man she loved so killing Rafael would just be cold-hearted and leave her as a complete widow.

Petra always brings the sass and melodrama so it would be a shame to see her go, plus, she has twinsies that I don't want to see left without a mother. 

But Luisa, Anezka, and Magda -- they deserve it. 

Petra said to her twin that she wishes she would have drowned in the Atlantic, and I wouldn't blink if any of these three somehow ended up floating there. Yes, that did take a dark turn. 

You can watch Jane the Virgin online to catch up and sound off in the comments below. 

Chapter Sixty-Six Review

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