Riverdale Round Table: Death Becomes Them

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Hiram tried to win over Veronica, Josie and the Pussycats performed a cover of "Milkshake" by Kelis, and two students from Riverdale High were the next victims of the gunman on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 2.

Below, TV Fanatics Jack Ori, Paul Dailly and Justin Carreiro debate Betty and Veronica's success at saving the Chock'lit Shoppe, Archie's decision to get a handgun, and Hermione lying to protect Hiram.

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1. Betty and Veronica succeeded in saving the Chock'lit Shoppe, but Alice said it will become the hotbed for crime in North Riverdale. Could she be right or was she just being petty?

Jack: I think Alice is right. I'm not so sure that Betty and Veronica succeeded since the Lodges bought the Shoppe, but either way, we know it attracts unsavory people. Plus, there were drug deals going on right outside...

Paul: I agree. Alice pays attention to everything, so she knew exactly what was going on...even if others did not.

Justin: I think it's a little of both. You can't assume one location will be the epicenter for all crime in Riverdale. There is a serious issue going on in the town that shouldn't be ignored; however, Alice was throwing this news in her daughter's face at the wrong time.

Mother Moment - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 2

2. F.P. warned Jughead to not get in business with Penny Peabody. Share your first thoughts of the Serpents' lawyer.

Jack: I knew she was a Serpent, but she seemed decent enough to my naive eyes haha. I think F.P.'s advice was too late. If Penny is a problem, then ignoring her after promising her a favor probably is a bad idea.

Paul: She did seem like a nice enough person, but she will probably want Jughead to do a lot of crazy things for her to repay the debt.

Justin: Penny is a wolf in sheep's clothing. She was too nice and willing to do a favor for Jughead without asking for money in return. Penny is an adult with bills to pay; she definitely is going to call in a major favor one day.

Stuck In The Middle - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 2

3. Hermione took the blame for writing the threatening letter. Why do you think she lied to protect Hiram?

Jack: Hermione is probably, in some ways, an abused spouse who fears her husband. She also is desperate for a relationship with Veronica and likely thought this was the only way to salvage that.

Paul: She thought it would result in Veronica having a better relationship with her father. Hermione is proving to be quite manipulative, but deep down, all she wants is her family together. She has no qualms with taking people down.

Justin: Hermione is doing whatever it takes to protect her family's image. She would rather have Veronica hate her for this one thing than have her daughter add another item to the list against her husband. This is all for her family.

4. Dilton Doily has given Archie a handgun. React!

Jack: How many ways can I say HORRIBLE IDEA (on Archie's part, not the writers)! Archie mistook both Jughead and Reggie for bad guys. Granted, Reggie was an idiot to wear a face mask like the real gunman, but still...if Archie had a gun instead of a baseball bat, a tragedy would have happened already.

I'm expecting one to happen soon. I'm interested to see what the fallout from this will be.

Paul: This was random as hell, but it successfully showed the lengths Archie is willing to go to in order to keep his family safe.

Justin: Archie is going to hurt someone. He is already paranoid and jumpy as is. You don't give someone like that a gun! I'm calling it now...he's going to shoot someone accidentally.

Coming Together - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 2

5. Cheryl testified in court in exchange for the Jason murder video file. Does she have the only copy now or do you think Betty kept a copy?

Jack: Betty is a smart girl, and I'm sure she kept a copy. She has more of Alice in her than she admits, and that would be a classic Alice move.

Paul: That video will come back to haunt someone down the line, so there will be more than one still floating around the mean streets of Riverdale.

Justin: There's no way she didn't keep a copy. The video is the perfect smoking gun to have around. Betty is a resourceful person who plans ahead for the future.

Classic Archie Comics - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 2

6. Moose and Midge were murdered by the gunman. Why do you think they were targeted?

Jack: I have no idea. That saddened me. We haven't seen Moose in a long time, and now the gunman went "Son of Sam" on him. But thinking about it now, I wonder if the gunman has a puritanical streak in him?

Maybe he kills people who he sees as immoral? Ms. Grundy and two teenagers necking might fit that bill, but I'm not sure what the gunman thinks Fred did if that is the case.

Paul: It's a shame Moose reappeared just to be killed off. But, the great thing about adding another two victims to the list is that it's only a matter of time before one of the much-loved characters is shot. Could the killer be trying to clean the town of the people giving it a bad name?

Ms. Grundy was sleeping with students. Moose and Midge were having sex in a car and probably high on drugs. Fred could be seen as a bad person in town for his stint between the sheets with a Lodge.

Justin: My leading theory for their murder is about the drugs. It's no secret Reggie is a drug dealer; others could've seen him sell the drugs to Midge and Moose at the Chock'lit Shoppe. I'm aligned with the thinking with Jack and Paul. This killer is going after people to clean up the town and send a message.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Veronica: Wait, Cheryl, does that mean you're taking the Vixens back from me?
Cheryl: But really, Veronica...where they ever yours?
Betty: Cheryl, we were wondering if maybe the Vixens could help at an event to help save Pop's?
[Cheryl sighs and claps]
Cheryl: Oh, Betty. I did not emerge from the frozen depths of Sweetwater River, nor the flames of Thornhill, to allow my Vixens to sling milkshakes at some death curse diner. The answer is a double cherry on top "No."

Veronica: I was your fiercest protector, Dad. Ask Mom. Whenever somebody calls you "The devil incarnate," I defended you. I kept telling myself, "He's not that bad. You can forgive him." And then you sent me this.
[Veronica hands Hermione a letter]
Veronica: A letter threatening you, Mom. That's the kind of man you're letting back into our lives.
Hermione: Veronica, your father didn't write this letter...I did.
Veronica: I don't understand.
Hermione: I needed you to testify on your father's behalf, so I wrote this letter. Threatening myself, not your father.
Hiram: Miha, she did it for us to survive, so we can be a family again.
Veronica: You two deserve each other.
[She leaves]