Supergirl Season 3 Episode 4 Review: The Faithful

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Sam's origin story is slowly but surely coming to fruition. 

We still don't have many details, but that bomb that Alex pushed into the ocean on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 4 definitely has something to do with it. 

While this may not have been a Halloween episode, that cloaked lady at the end sure was creepy. 

School Play? - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 4

So far, Sam seems like a nice, normal person. She works hard and loves her kid. She even finds time for wine nights with the girls. So what is going to push her into becoming a villain? 

Sam and Kara are friends, but we can rest assured that Supergirl and Reign won't be. That's going to be interesting, especially if neither is aware of the other's secret identity. 

I don't know how long we will have to wait until Sam is full blown Reign, but I'm really enjoying the build up. I'm excited for the finished product, but showing us step by step how this good person becomes a villain is great storytelling. 

If that bomb didn't have Kryptonite in it, Kara could have flown it somewhere far away to explode, and then maybe Reign would never exist. I don't have a theory yet on how these things correlate, but it's pretty clear that they do. 

The more they make us grow to like Sam, the harder it's going to be to root against her. 

If she ends up dead at the end of the season rather than redeemed, it's going to be tragic. 

Sisterly Hug - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 4

Here's a theory. What if that happens and Alex ends up with custody of Ruby?

Alex: Well actually, we aren't going to have kids.
Maggie: Yeah, we'll just be the cool aunts.
Sam: Great! Ruby would love that. Also, I'm sorry for assuming.
Lena: Put me down for another cool aunt.
Alex: I'm the slightly nerdier aunt.

She's dying for kids, so much so that she had a complete breakdown watching Ruby sing "Pure Imagination" at her school assembly. She's already thrown her hat in the ring to be the "nerdier aunt." It could happen.

It could also leave the door open for Maggie's potential return if Floriana Lima decided to come back. If Alex already had Ruby, maybe Maggie would be willing to make an exception for a kid she already knows and isn't a baby.

For now, though, Sanvers is headed for a breakup. 

Alex's breakdown to Kara in the hallway was devastating to watch. My heart broke for her knowing that she faces an impossible decision. How does someone choose between the love of her life and a future with children? It's hard to imagine, but I know it happens every day. 

Based on Alex's tearful confession, ending the relationship is the right choice for her. Otherwise, she'll just wind up resenting Maggie down the line, and both of them will be unhappy. 

As viewers, we need to emotionally prepare ourselves for what's coming next. It's going to be brutal. 

Doing Recon - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 4

Yay for James, who actually had something to do for a change! So far, Guardian has (thankfully) not made an appearance, but they still need to find ways to work him into the story. 

He has to be more than just the guy who runs CatCo. He needs to be involved with Supergirl situations, too. 

It was like a fun flashback to Supergirl Season 1 seeing Kara, James, and Winn investigate the weird Supergirl cult. We need more of the three of them sleuthing together, or at least working together in some capacity. 

We especially need more heart-to-hearts between Kara and James. 

In this life prayer normally doesn't work. Nobody shows up. But Clark did. And you do. Kara, you're something that we can see, something that we can touch. How are you not a miracle?


The whole cult thing was a little cliche, and it's been done on TV so many times before, but it was an interesting twist that the leader was a survivor of the plane Supergirl saved way back on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 1

It took me a minute to realize that opening scene was a flashback. For a second I thought "is Supergirl about to save another plane?" 

What is odd though is that this cult never came up before considering that was two years ago. Considering how many times the people close to her have been saved (James, Winn, Cat, etc.), how is it none of them received this brochure before?

Group Leader - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 4

Supergirl has saved practically everybody in the city. Those brochures should be littering the streets. 

Also, it's one thing to recruit people who have already been saved by Supergirl, but it's obviously crazy pants to convince people to put their lives at risk just so they can join this not-so-exclusive club. 

Like I said, practically everyone's been saved already, do they really need to recruit the few who haven't? 

Regardless, it's over now, and Coville is behind bars promising to keep Kara's secret. Maybe we'll see him again at some point. He seems to think he can help Kara through her current funk. 

It's going to take time for her to get over Mon-El, and realistically, that's how it should be. She's slowly getting back to her normal self though. She's taking part in girls night and not shutting herself off from her friends and family anymore. She's making progress. 

We only got one brief glimpse of J'onn's father, but hopefully, it's a tease of more to come. 

Your turn! What did you guys think of the Supergirl cult? Are you invested in Sam's story? Let us know and be sure to watch Supergirl online

The Faithful Review

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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

James: This is starting to feel a little...
Winn: Cult-y?
James: Yeah.

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Alex: Well actually, we aren't going to have kids.
Maggie: Yeah, we'll just be the cool aunts.
Sam: Great! Ruby would love that. Also, I'm sorry for assuming.
Lena: Put me down for another cool aunt.
Alex: I'm the slightly nerdier aunt.