Ten Days In the Valley Round Table: WTF Jane?!

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PJ was found, but Lake is still missing.

On Ten Days In The Valley Season 1 Episode 2, Jane continued to make questionable choices, and Pete became more suspicious than ever. Also, another mystery was introduced.

Join TV Fanatics Jack Ori, Lisa Babick, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the latest installment.

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Will Casey turn on Pete now that she knows about his whereabouts, the BMW, and the Key?

Jack: I'm not sure what Casey is going to do. She definitely has reason to worry about being used as his alibi, but I get the sense she likes his attention a little too much to give it up even under the circumstances... guess we'll see.

Lisa: She's sleeping with her boss' ex. If she turns on Pete, her relationship with him will come to light, and she could possibly lose her job. Jane trusts her and finding out Casey's secret would be like a punch to the face. Casey painted herself into a hole, and she really has no way of getting out of it now. She has no choice but to stick with Pete's story.

Jasmine: I think she might. It's closing in on her. At some point, she can't keep ignoring all of these concerning signs.

What is your impression of Detective Bird? Is he in Jane's corner?

Jack: I think Detective Bird just wants to find Lake and catch whoever is responsible for her disappearance. He's not in anyone's corner except Lake's, in my opinion, though he would like to be able to provide Jane and Lake with the reunion that Jane wants.

Lisa: I agree with Jack, though I think Bird seems a little shady. I get that he's doing whatever he needs to find answers to Lake's disappearance, but he's becoming a little too cozy with Jane's sister. I think it was inappropriate that he helped her with her hormone injections. And how is it that he just walks into Jane's house the way he did? I'm not getting that at all.

Jasmine: I think, for Bird, Jane is fascinating. He knows she's not the ideal person, but she isn't as terrible as Pete makes her seem. I think there is something about her that he connects to. I do think he's all about Lake though. That's interesting, Lisa. I thought helping her with her hormone injection was part of putting her at ease or distracting her while he subtly interrogated her.

Should Jane just be honest with Bird and let him do the investigation work?

Jack: Yes! How is he supposed to find Lake if Jane keeps leaving things out that bear on the investigation??? I'm surprised she isn't on the top of the suspect list with her behavior.

Lisa: She should, but she won't. She's too afraid of the drug issue and its implications, to be completely honest. If she tells him who PJ is then the door swings wide open. They'll be aware of her entire drug history.

Jasmine: I agree, Jack. She needs to be forthcoming. It's so frustrating. The lying does more harm than good. That being said, the drugs are a huge part, I'm sure, but Jane just comes across as a compulsive liar. I'm starting to wonder if she can help it.

Is Amira sleeping with Jane's colleague in order to get scripts to Commander Gomez surprising?

Jack: Yeah, I didn't quite know what to make out of that. I certainly wasn't expecting it.

Lisa: I might have missed something, but why not just get a subpoena for scripts? There seems to be a lot of shady stuff happening everywhere.

Jasmine: Gomez is probably looking into the leak (Gus) in the police force, but he may not have enough to subpoena Jane or the show. There is a lot going on, and that Amira reveal caught me off guard.

What was the most shocking moment of the episode?

Jack: I don't know if it was shocking, per se, but I thought Jane's reaction to being given Special K was really well done, especially with the visual distortions that accompanied the scene.

Lisa: I think the ending when Jane got a video email of Lake was surprising. It's going to be interesting to see where it goes, and what the person or person's behind Lake's kidnapping want. I also agree with Jack that the Special K scene was great.

Jasmine: The Special K scene was a doozy. It came as a shock that she would just snort something without knowing what it was. I agree it was a well-crafted scene.

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Detective Bird: You know, it's funny. Even in this job, it's hard not to take it personal when people lie to you.
Jane: I'm sorry I lied about the timeline. It won't happen again.