The Brave Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Enhanced Interrogation

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The Brave does it again. It's an ongoing and well-deserved mantra for a show that I don't think gets the attention it deserves.

And my gushing about The Brave as a whole isn't going to end anytime soon. The show rocks. You should be watching if you're not. End of story.

What I loved most about The Brave Season 1 Episode 5 was the beginning and the end and, yes, everything in between.

Jaz and the Girl in Red

The Brave hasn't delved too deep into the backstories of any of the characters, which is one of the things I like so much about this show.

We don't have to wade through extraneous baggage that has no relevance to the story at hand, but we have been treated to the important bits and pieces that round out the characters.

We've known that Preach has a family, but we learned more about what makes him tick when it was revealed he had three little girls that are obviously his life. Whether he caves in on their every whim is from guilt or pure love, there is no doubt that Preach is as devoted to his family as he is to his job.

And before anyone jumps on me about the "guilt" comment, all parents (unless they live on some perfection planet that only exists in their minds) have guilt regarding their kids for a variety of reasons, much of the time in relation to work.

Preach: You know what it feels like to have three daughters?
Dalton: I have no idea.
Preach: It feels like being a cash register.

And one of the things parents who feel guilty (even if there is no reason for it) tend to do is give in to the whims of their children.

 It would only seem reasonable that Preach would have guilt too. He's away from his home and his kids for weeks or months at a time. His only contact is via phone calls. And let's face it, folks, kids can be manipulative.

They prey on those feelings they know their parents have. And Preach's girls are probably the best little girls ever, but they have their daddy wrapped around their little fingers. They know it and he knows it. And it's not going to change.

So, you have to respect the man for doing what he feels is right for his kids. If it eases his mind, then so be it? Because this guy needs to have a clear mind to do what it is that he's doing. 

And he put it all on the line when he stepped into the fire to help the mission along. 

Preach on the Job - The Brave Season 1 Episode 5

No one asked him to take the risk, but he did it on his own because he could. And like Patricia said, he knew what he was doing. 

The team needed to get inside the hostage situation and Preach was the only one who could safely do it. And since he's one of the badasses on our team of badasses, he didn't even hesitate. Hell, he didn't even break a sweat, not even when he got knocked around by one of the hostiles.

And what was even better was that all Dalton had to hear was Preach taking off his vest to know he was going to go in. Dalton didn't stop him, nor would he. I've said it before, but there's a history there that I hope the show delves into at some point.

They know how each other thinks and there's a level of trust between them that runs deep. They've been around. That much is clear. 

And while Dalton didn't have any feelings for the hostile whose brains they blew out from behind the wall, Preach had wanted to reach out to that kid and under different circumstances, he might have been able to.

Preach saw the kid's death as a waste. So much potential ruined by getting involved with the wrong crowd. But it was more than that. The kid was so young, he couldn't help but think of his own children. He wanted to save that kid, but there was nothing he could do.

And not that Dalton was completely cold about it, but the guy is all business. It was surprising to learn that he has no kids of his own, but it also makes a lot of sense. Whether he's single as in has never been married or single as in divorced, his outlook on life is different. 

I'm very curious about his backstory. He's such a controlled guy who always makes the right decisions, but what's the inside story? I really want to know what makes him tick.

Team on the Job - The Brave Season 1 Episode 5

He keeps his cards very close to his chest, but there's something more. There's always something deep that people carry with them. It can be a positive or a negative thing, but it's part of their character. It's part of what drives them. 

Dalton does his job and he's efficient, but like I said, it's all business. There's no room for anything else in his mind which was quite apparent when the Ambassador was talking to his wife and when Preach sat with the dead hostile for a moment.

It's not that Dalton isn't compassionate, it's just that it's a different kind of compassion, a cold compassion. It's almost like he doesn't let himself feel anything. He doesn't want anything to get too close to him.

Am I off base on this assessment?

Little girl: You're tough, but you're a girl.
Jaz: Maybe I'm tough because I'm a girl.

Jaz is awesome and she should be an inspiration to girls everywhere. Jaz is tough and so was the little girl. And I loved the awe the girl showed to Jaz before and after the hostage situation. Jaz might not think she'd been any good at being a parent, but I bet when the time comes she's going to do just fine.

Patricia is another inspiration. I don't know what I would do if I lost my son. I know people who have lost children, and it's devastating to see the grief that never goes away. They may move beyond it, but it will always haunt them. Losing a child is like losing a piece of you.

Patricia may be back at work sooner than anyone expected and may go out in the field to help save lives, but she's doing what she needs to do. Everyone deals with grief differently.

When Patricia finally read the letter from her son after the mission was accomplished, I cried, and I'm not ashamed of it either. And, yes, I rewound that scene to watch it a few more times just because it was so touching.

It was a beautiful letter not meant to make Patricia feel guilt about the things she might have thought she did wrong but to thank her for doing it right within her capabilities.

She made him who he was and she should be proud. He loved her, and he appreciated her and everything she did for him. 

From experience, hearing your kid tell you that it is all a-okay is one of the greatest gifts you'll ever receive.  Being a single parent is not easy and you question everything you do on a daily basis and the guilt can sometimes be overwhelming.

Patricia will never get over her son's death, but I'm happy she got some sort of closure. And I'm glad her son appreciated her for what she always was: a fabulous mom.

What did you think of "Enhanced Interrogation"? What did you think about the letter? What was your favorite part of the hour? What do you think Dalton's backstory is?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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Enhanced Interrogation Review

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The Brave Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Preach: You know what it feels like to have three daughters?
Dalton: I have no idea.
Preach: It feels like being a cash register.

Little girl: You're tough, but you're a girl.
Jaz: Maybe I'm tough because I'm a girl.