Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Rocky Road

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There was something very classic about this hour.

Perhaps, it's because the majority of Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 6 consisted of Reese trying to get Kevin and Amy to make up. She even resorted to the classic kid move of "disappearing" and having the two come together to find her.

Finding a Job - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

Kevin's case of the week mostly took a backseat but based on all of Yvette's advice throughout the installment, that was essentially the point.

With the exception of Yvette, the ladies of Kevin Probably need some work. 

Amy was difficult to enjoy for the majority if not all of the installment. In fact, the most joy there was watching her in action was during Kevin's rad daydream that had Kevin and his angels, if you will, tracking down the righteous and completing his lifelong mission.

Of course, Amy had to snap him, and the rest of us, out of that fantastic moment with her being reactionary to the news that Reese had been hauled into the police station.

If Kevin's daydream proved anything, it's that in addition to Yvette's no-nonsense bobbed wig being awesome, it would be extremely awesome if Amy were allowed to be in the loop with Kevin's true purpose as the last of the righteous. 

Kevin Probably Saves the World 1x6

Amy is supposed to be this professor and a scientist contracted by the government, but much of the time it's like she has nothing better to do than to concern herself with all things Kevin. She goes back and forth between being so concerned about his mental health and well-being that it's stifling, or she lashes out at him for who he used to be (and in a frustrating way, for exhibiting the signs of someone who struggles with their mental health). 

Amy was a tiny ball of concentrated rage, and no one was safe from her wrath. It wasn't pretty. 

She kicked Kevin out without so much as attempting to get the skinny on the situation she was so frustrated with. She never gave Kevin the opportunity to explain himself, let alone the benefit of the doubt. She completely disregarded Reese but used Reese as driving cause for why she was so pissed at Kevin.

Kevin: I'm a different person now.
Amy: I wanted to believe that, Kevin. I really did, but I'm never going to let you hurt her like that.

It's odd because if she were as concerned about Reese as she claimed she was when she kept justifying to everyone why she kicked Kevin out, well, she never would have kicked Kevin out.

Amy may still hold a grudge against Kevin for his actions five years ago when Reese was 12, but Reese has moved on. I don't understand the rational behind Amy wanting to interfere with Reese's relationship with Kevin now.

What good would have come from taking one person out of Reese's life? She already lost her father, and it took a heck of a toll on her. Anyone with eyes has noticed that Kevin has a way of bringing Reese out of her shell.

She's finally starting to behave like a normal teenager. They have bonded, and his presence has positively impacted Reese's life. How did Amy not see that kicking Kevin out hurt Reese more than it helped her?

Amy has her own issues with Kevin that she has flat out not resolved yet. She's still holding on to the past. She's still holding on to all the ways that he has hurt her, and she can't allow herself to see the changes in him that are happening right in front of her eyes. 

Amy is holding more than her fair share of grudges, and he's allowed to do that, but she's not allowed to use Reese to hide behind. So much has gone into addressing Reese's grief over her father dying and how it has impacted her, but not enough time is spent on how Amy's husband's death has affected her

Has Amy sought the help of a therapist herself? If not, she probably should consider seeing one herself. She throws everything into worrying about everyone else around her, and she needs to find her peace and look after herself, too.

Nate: Look, I'm sorry. I should have told you about Kevin and Reese, but I think you're maybe being a little harsh on your brother. It's just that I've seen him actually give a stranger the clothes off his back. And from what I hear, he does that kind of thing all the time.
Amy: Great. Amazing. A mental unstable Mother Theresa.
Nate: I'm just saying he's not a bad guy. in his own way, he's doing something good.

That is why her friendship with Nate is nice. He has a way of getting through to her and making her reevaluate matters. If even Nate, who can't stand Kevin, can admit that the guy is bettering himself, then that has to say something, right?

Ideally, Kevin and Amy can continue to work on their relationship. It's not often you get to see an interesting albeit struggling sibling bond. Hopefully, the next time they have a blow out they can work it out over a gallon of Rocky Road and random Emojis.

Also, maybe next time getting them to make amends won't come down to a contrived storyline where Reese takes off, and everyone has to find her. She's about eight years too late on such a tactic. That was something I expected from a middle-schooler.

Amy's "Amyness" aside, it was exciting to see her facial expression when Yvette helped Kevin save Reese! She's a scientist; it's her job to question things. I doubt she's going to let it go. It would be amazing if she pieced things together and figured some of what's going on with Kevin on her own.

Kevin being temporarily kicked out meant he had to bounce around from place to place. Tyler's place was good for a laugh, but Kristin's was mostly just good for awkwardness. She looked amazing in that dress she wore to her date, but that was the extent of her screentime.

Again, it needs to be pointed out that nothing is being done with Kristin. Why? Why is she so underused? She's just there occasionally. There has to be a better way to implement her into storylines and develop her as a character.

Kevin Probably Saves the World 1x6b

Officer Nate fares better. He tends to serve as a confidant for Amy. He's the one that catches Kevin in unusual positions (the half-naked scene int he parking lot was a hoot!), and seeing him at home in his own environment was insightful. 

Not only is he divorced, but he hasn't even bothered to unpack or make his place fully a home. Can he be Kevin's assignment in the future? He's sadder than I thought based on his apartment. 

Kevin's actual assignment was an unemployed man named Sam, who lied to his wife for over a year about being laid off. The poor guy was down on his luck, but his unemployment wasn't the issue so much as his lack of communication with his wife.

Nate: Kevin...
Kevin: I hate to do this, but can I crash on your couch?
Nate: Come in.
Kevin: Can Sam crash too?

The second his wife, Tracy, said she used to be a graphic designer, it was clear where their story was headed. It was time for them to switch things up. 

They may have agreed that she would stay at home, and he would work, but sometimes things change for a reason. She was more than happy to back to work, and he was happy to make her happy. It was a nice ending for them. 

As for Kevin, he has his family back, and his room at his sister's house too. He also has more information via pictures about where to find the righteous. For a bit it appeared like somewhere in Asia, then briefly it looked like the Amazon, but he has concluded that he'll find someone in Asia.

As Yvette pointed out, though, Asia is a big place!

Was Amy right to be so angry or did she overreact? Does Nate need a little Kevin kindness in his life? Where in Asia do you think Kevin has to go? Hit the comments below and let us know!

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Rocky Road Review

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Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Yvette: Very dapper!
Kevin: Did the Universe dress me?
Yvette: Like a Ken doll.

Yvette: It's time. Tell her.
Kevin: Amy, I'm the last of the 36 righteous on Earth.
Amy: What the hell are you talking about?