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What more can be said without sounding redundant? The show is a total feels fest, and as proven yet again with Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 11, it gets better with every installment.

This was such a fun hour because everyone played a significant role, and they all gelled so well together. 

Plus, Jason Ritter's performance in this particular hour had me grinning from ear to ear.

Substitute Teaching - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

In addition to the heaps of praise bestowed upon Jason Ritter for his performance overall on this darling series, it was once again striking how much he's like his father. It's the mannerisms and the delivery of certain lines that usually stand out, but this time, it was the physical comedy.

The scene in the library where he knocked over the books while extending his hand to Adam was the epitome of John Ritter. And John Ritter often tried to emulate the Queen of Physical Comedy, Lucille Ball. It's incredible that Jason Ritter has that same natural ability that can make the most innocuous scene absolutely hilarious.

Kevin Probably Does Something Awkward

Kevin's current gig as a substitute teacher totally works. He's great with the kids because in his own way he still is one. It also gives him more access to Reese and Kristin, and, I was about to say those are his strongest bonds on the show, but that wouldn't even be true.

Nearly every regular character he interacts with is a strong bond. The show is continuing its streak with expounding on those bonds in the best possible ways.

Everywhere I turned there were Kevin and *insert whoever* scenes that made me smile.

Can we talk about the amazing friendship between Kevin and Yvette? The opening scene of him driving her 70 miles away just to have dinner with her was one of the cutest scenes of the series, and as you guys know, there are plenty of cute scenes. 

Kevin: You want to hang out?
Yvette: Don't worry about me, spend time with your friends.
Kevin: That's what I'm doing.

They get along so well together, and their friendship has blossomed significantly since Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 1. It's more than just a partnership that they were forced into by the Universe. They're totally besties.

That's why my heart ached over how torn up Yvette was, although it provides necessary angst and conflict for a character who doesn't have much to grapple with most of the time. 

This Yvette conflict and self-reflection couldn't be better. Yvette needed her own individual storyline, and the show has been giving it to us. She's asking important questions; what happens to her when this is all over?

Reese: Are you doing your whole helping thing here at school now?
Kevin: Maybe.

Kevin is committed to his mission, and he doesn't need Yvette micromanaging over him like she needed to in the beginning. That leaves Yvette feeling helpless, useless, and lonely when Kevin doesn't need her as much as he used to.

While her insecurity and hurt feelings led to many funny moments, like the fake phone call after she patrolled that room of teens like Ms. Trunchbull from Matilda, or her and Reese playfully blowing up on Kevin at the same time, it also led to some vulnerable moments that tugged at the heartstrings. 

Yvette basically asking Kevin what would happen to her when it's done and disappearing before he could respond back made me tear up, and let's not even mention the love fest between them at the end when they admitted how much they care for one another.

I'm just being me. If that's considered cool, who am I to argue?


Their friendship is so incredibly sweet. Kevin and Yvette forever! In my mind, Yvette can decide to live her life as a human or something when this is all done, and she can join Kevin's rad group of friends.

Speaking of Kevin's friends, that Freshman Prank was hilarious from the beginning to the end. Am I the only one who was surprised that Nate was part of the original prank group with Kevin in high school? 

How about the fact that he gleefully jumped into again? Nate is such an underrated character. He comes across serious on the surface, but he's such a fun, cool, and nice guy. 

High School Hijinks

Watching Kevin assemble his team of people too old to be pulling a freshman prank to help Adam was absolutely hilarious. I'm a sucker for a good heist, fun shenanigans, and oddball groups of misfits, and this had all of the above. I was in heaven.

Naturally, Tyler was game for all this fun, but when Amy breezed in with her uber-geekiness and orchestrated the physics and math while still being a total dork about it, the chuckles came full force. 

Fun, dorky Amy is the best Amy, and we've been getting the best of Amy.

Oh my God, we forgot Nate!!


How adorable were are she and Nate? In the words of another lovable, awkward, dork "could they be any more awkward?" They kept overthinking it. 

They spent decades as close friends, it shouldn't have been that hard. Thankfully, they found their rhythm, and their date consisted of Nate taking one for the team and getting maced in the face while seducing the security guard as a distraction, and Amy helping the others pull off the slimiest prank ever.

Adam was such a nice kid. He wanted to avoid being bullied, and when he wasn't being bullied he was flat out invisible. Hell, even Kevin didn't see him at first. 

But as much as he enjoyed his night breaking the law and plotting with people old enough to be his parents, he didn't want to cause anyone any grief like he had endured, even as a joke.

A Little Mace to the Face

That meant Kevin had to take that slime to the face, and that's where Ritter and the physical comedy came in. If that didn't elicit a belly laugh from you, what did?

It worked like a charm though. Adam got the credit for the prank, he was the only one who recorded it and could share it with the others, and he became popular. It was a win.

The episode had the best of all the best relationships: Kevin/Reese, Kevin/Amy, Kevin/Yvette, Amy/Nate and it was funny to boot. What's not to love?


Plus Kevin saw another vision. He was on a fishing ship with Cayuga written on it, somewhere cold and perilous.

Did you love this episode? On a scale of 1-10, how amazing is the Kevin and Yvette friendship? How much did you love that prank? How awesome is Amy these days? Hit the comments below with your thoughts!

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