NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 12 Review: Under Pressure

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So an oceanographer who is down on technology and two radical environmentalists stole napalm from the Navy to make a loud public statement? 

Is that what happened on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 12?

Napalm - NCIS: Los Angeles

Oh, yeah, there was also a very special message about cyber-bullying.

Way to cram a bunch of disparate thoughts into one episode.

And since they are asking profound questions about the impact of technology, the first important step ship off Deeks under the guise of his having taken an LAPD training course that he had been blowing off. It's almost like he's slumming when he goes back to his roots.

After all, when it's time for serious topics, we can't have Deeks babbling on about exercises to sharpen the team's deductive reasoning skills.

Dubious Argument - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 12

That's especially true since they ultimately solved Deeks' brain teaser by using Google, running roughshod over the message.

Zach was killed by military-grade napalm after riding his bike. I missed if he was carrying it for some insane reason or if it was riding along on his clothing. 

I'm also fuzzy on how a discharged sailor and two solar-company workers were able to smuggle napalm off of a Navy facility. Details, details. I'll just accept the napalm was in play for some unspecified, nefarious purpose.

From Amanda, we learned that Zack was an idealist who was going to defend her honor by flooding her school with natural gas fumes. He would spare her a day of school, but I doubt anyone was gong to get the message by being gassed.

Whereas Gavin and Calvin, the erstwhile solar peddlers, were only going to blow up people to show the evils of fossil fuels. Talk about overkill.

I felt very bad for Amanda and her mother, Tracey, who was doing the best that she could under the circumstances. A woman who was putting her life on the line to help others deserved better than her daughter being psychologically brutalized.

Tracking a Suspect - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 12

Anonymity is the downside of the internet. People can say whatever they want about whoever they want, largely without consequences. Even worse, the victims and perpetrators are often the young.

It was effective having two accomplished women, Kensi and Hidoko, discuss what bruised their psyches during their formative years. It showed how words hurt, even years later.

I liked Kensi and Hidoko as a pairing in the field. They really seemed sympatico, and worked well together. As shown in the final scene when they disabled the bomb, they're both quick-thinking problem solvers.

Still, it almost seems like there is a move afoot to separate Deeks and Kensi as a team of field agents. Although that is probably a good idea, as I don't think such fraternization would be encouraged in real life.

Sam and Callen got to showcase their caring sides when it came to consoling Amanda and Tracey. The final scene when Sam called Cam showed that the bullying had hit him hard.

Call to Order - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 12

That left Eric and Nell to deal with Mosley. That's not a good thing, as it both of them felt ill at ease. Eric couldn't be his awkwardly inappropriate self with Mosley around. Usually, it's Nell's job to caringly but firmly set him straight.

It was good to see the Roach Coach back in the field. It was funny when Nell wouldn't give Eric a turn with the drone because he hasn't yet learned how not to crash it.

Overall, it took a good team effort to track and take down the eco-terrorists.

What were Zack, Gavin, and Calvin thinking? That people were going to turn on technology and progress if you blow up a neighborhood? I don't see how that would bring any converts to your cause.

Even though she's way too much of a micromanager, Mosley proved more useful since her contact found a map of the city's sewers. Still, she remains too humorless and standoffish for my taste. No wonder they decided against inviting her out for a drink.

And Hidoko is never going to fit in totally as long as she continues reporting everything back to Mosley. I understand she owes Mosley a lot, but still... Shouldn't Mosley get that info from their earwigs without the need for a mole?

SPOILER ALERT: The moment you've all been waiting for longer than half a season happens on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 12, when the team heads to Vietnam to rescue Hetty. I'm curious which of her old running mates will be joining.

That won't be the end of Mosley, I'm sure, but hopefully, it will cut her scenes to be more in line with the airtime Granger used to get. 

To follow the siege of Mosley, watch NCIS: Los Angeles online.

Should the themes of cyber-bullying and eco-terrorism have been addressed separately? How much did you miss Deeks? Do you still like Hidoko and hate (or very much dislike) Mosley? Comment below.

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