Scandal Round Table: Is Quinn Really Dead?!

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Quinn's fate is very much up in the air. 

On Scandal Season 7 Episode 8, QPA tried to find out the truth, and it appeared as though they did. However, the closing moments of the episode sent the drama up a few gears. 

TV Fanatics, Christine Orlando, Lizzy Buczak and Paul Dailly, discuss Quinn's fate, Olivia returning to the side of good and so much more!

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Quinn's dead?

Christine: Goodness I hope not! I desperately want to see Charlie and Quinn and little Robin get their happily ever after. I think I care about them more than I care about Olivia at this point. And I certainly don’t want to have to sit through next week’s entire episode only to find out that Quinn really died. That would just feel like torture. 

Lizzy: I don't think so. I always go by the rule: "Don't believe it until you see the body." I haven't seen the body yet. Part of me is also hoping that Quinn runs in and breaks up the fight between Papa Pope and Charlie. Why would Shonda want to kill her off? She just took over OPA, and she's really the glue that holds everyone together, as displayed during her funeral scene. 

Paul: Nope. Katie Lowes gave birth around the time the most recent episodes were filmed, so I guess that she got some time off and that’s why Quinn is not currently on the screen.

QPA Has a Client! - Scandal

Are you tired of the show dragging out the reveals for dear life?

Christine: Yes! I really wanted Quinn back in this episode. I don’t want her to be dead, but I am tired of worrying about her and the baby. With so few episodes left, I wish they’d cut to the chase already and start giving fans what they want. I enjoy the thrills and the intrigue, but the constant darkness is tiresome. 

Lizzy: A little bit. I'm not excited for a flashback episode at all. I wish we would have found out what really happened this week, especially since we have a limited amount of episodes left. This is not the time to drag things out! 

Paul: I agree. We don’t have a lot of episodes left, so would it hurt them to keep it all in the present and stop spoon-feeding us the answers?

The Guilt - Scandal

Could Quinn's apparent death be the thing that brings Olivia back to the side of good?

Christine: I hope so, but she’s so far down that rabbit hole that I don’t know if there’s really a way back now. I view her having sex with Fitz like an alcoholic running for a drink. It doesn’t change anything. When Huck considers killing you because he thinks you’re that evil, that’s pretty bad. 

Lizzy: If Quinn really is dead, there's no hope for Olivia. She'll have to live with the guilt on her conscience, and it'll be easier just to turn it all off. We also have to consider that, in addition to Huck, Abby & David probably have evidence of what she did on that flash drive. For now, there's still a little glimmer of hope, and she's reaching out for help, but when they find out the truth they'll never forgive her, and that will break her. 

Paul: I think so. This episode showed a more human side to Olivia than we’ve witnessed for ages. It will be baby steps, but I think she will attempt redemption by the end.

Reminiscing - Scandal Season 7 Episode 8

What will Huck do now that Fitz has admitted Olivia is not herself?

Christine: By the end, I was wondering if Huck was going to use one of the bullet’s filled with “Quinn’s” ashes to kill Olivia. But I really felt horrible for Huck. He thinks he's lost his best friend and believes that Olivia has completely gone over to the dark side. Perhaps Huck confronting Olivia will finally shake some humanity back into her. 

Lizzy: Huck is broken. He lost his biggest supporter in Olivia and his best friend in Quinn. He's all alone in his theories about Liv, but not for long. When Abby presents him with evidence confirming his theories, he'll turn on Liv. Huck is good, but he gets revenge when one of his own is hurt. And there's something thrilling about seeing Liv on the receiving end of Huck's wrath for once. She thinks her "people" won't ever come for her, but at this point, she deserves it. 

Paul: He will definitely turn on Liv. Remember how quickly he turned on Quinn a few years ago? He tried to torture her for the truth. I doubt Huck would think twice about taking action.

Did you care for the subplot with Cyrus and Glackland?

Christine: Eh. Their breakup seemed convoluted. Glackland knew Cyrus was no choir boy from the start. I like them together, but I won’t be heartbroken if this is the end of them. I do wish Cyrus had a more compelling storyline for the final season. 

Lizzy: Not at all. When there is so much to be said and done in the world of "Is Quinn alive," "Will Liv be found out," and "Why did Rowan steal that baby," Cyrus and Glackland are of no importance. Plus, I was never invested enough in their relationship. Glackland turned to Cy because he knew he wasn't a "by the books" fella and could help him achieve greatness so why the surprise now? And Cy should really be doing more in his role of VP! 

Paul: Meh. I’ve never cared for this couple, and this episode only made me hate them even more. There’s no chemistry whatsoever. Move on, Cy!

Grade the midseason premiere. 

Christine: B-. I expected better. The Quinn flashbacks, the scene between Abby and David and “Quinn’s” ashes, and Charlie finding the baby saved it from feeling like a waste of an hour.

Lizzy: B+. It was an action-packed hour that surprised me at every turn, especially the ending with Rowan and the baby. While I would have loved more resolution on Quinn's death, the touching and non-traditional funeral scene made up for it. Also, Liv in that hideous White Hat was pure gold! 

Paul: D. The show is moving at a very slow pace, and the way Quinn’s “death” has been executed is horrible. It’s time for us to get back to the good stuff that makes the show great.

What do you think of all the action? Hit the comments with your take on the questions. 

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