Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Chapter Seventy-Four

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A show with the word 'virgin' in the title obviously talks a lot about sex, but it's never fully embraced the intimate act until now. 

It seemed like everyone was having sex, talking about sex, buying sex toys, or thinking about sex on Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 10, except for Xiomara. It's okay for her to sit this one out though, she's had a lot of sex in her lifetime. 

It's so fitting that such a sex-positive and self-loving episode was also the directorial debut for bad gal Gina Rodriguez!

Just Friends - Jane the Virgin

The series is always a good time, but Alba at a sex shop and finally submitting to her vibrator was on a whole other level! 

Given how conservative Alba is and how she always downplayed sex to Jane, it's wonderful to see her actually identify with the idea that it's okay to have sex for pleasure.

Millennials, like Jane, are much more open to sexuality and experimentation whereas Baby Boomers are cultivated to believe it's a sin and embarrassing. 

How will this newfound freedom affect Alba? She admits to ruining her relationship with Jorge simply because of a thirty-year slump. 

Since that was her reason, I'm surprised she even put herself out there for a second date. Was she looking for a Catholic man because she believed it would be "safer" and more vanilla?

Alba needs to pop in some Fifty Shades! 

Acceptance is the First Step - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 10

Sex was also on Jane's mind and she got a taste of her own medicine when Rafael turned the tables and suggested they wait. 

Considering they were really going to give this secret relationship a shot, I'm glad that they didn't completely rush the sex part and waited for the quirks to work themselves out. 

One of those quirks? Jane is judgy. The other? Rafael shuts down when life gets hard.

Instead of trying to change themselves, they had to realize that acceptance was the key to survival.

Don't condescend Jane. Of course, it has pictures... with my new haircut.


Is it going to be easy? A relationship that's worth it never is. But, at least they're sexual chemistry is on point. 

Sexting? Not a problem. In fact, Rafael is a little too good at it. 

It's hard to believe that these two actually haven't slept together before. The fact that they have a four-year-old together and still haven't been intimate makes the moment all the more special.

It isn't all about sex, it's just an added bonus. 

With how fast things are moving between them, it's only a matter of time before their cover is blown. 

Jealousy is not a pretty color on anyone, but this time, I found it warranted. 

Blind Date - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 10

It must be really uncomfortable to watch your "secret" girlfriend go on a date with a guy who is everything your not. 

We've never really seen Rafael feel inadequate before. It's even new territory for him. Seeing as he's not at the top of his game anymore  — he lost the hotel, he lost his money, he lost everything that defined him — he thinks Jane will do better. 

He fails to realize that for Jane, it was never about any of those things. She never cared about his status or wealth; she was just drawn to him because of who he was on the inside. And he isn't horrible to look at. 

Then there's Petra's sexual awakening. I thought I was picking up on some flirtation between Jane and Petra, but I wasn't sure since we've never even entertained the idea of Petra being bi-sexual. 

But, Jane did mention an ex-girlfriend and Petra's sex-dream revealed she's feeling some type of way.

Working for the Man - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 10

Is a relationship between them even possible since Jane's found herself in quite the conundrum; set-up Petra or risk upsetting her boss and ending up in jail?

In the words of Rafael, "get it, girl."

J.R has to be working for Magda, right? Especially after those screws, which link back to Magda, were planted in Petra's drawers!

Petra is also the only woman who would be offended by someone calling her 'dedicated' and 'strong.'

We all need to learn how to accept ourselves the way Petra does; be proud of who you are! 

Jane! The first two letters in shadow are "sh."


I'm usually a fan of every Rogelio storyline, but male postpartum depression seemed like an over-diagnosis to what he's been experiencing for all of two episodes.

Don't get me wrong, I can understand how it's a condition that men experience.

Men aren't encouraged to talk about their feelings, concerns or fears. They go through this life-altering experience and are forced to continue being masculine, unaffected and strong. 

They aren't really allowed to break down as it's interpreted as a sign of weakness.

New Hair, Don't Care - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 10

Is that the same experience women with postpartum have? Probably not. 

Women experience it on a major scale since they are the ones giving birth; their bodies go through major transformations, there are chemical changes in their brains, they are exhausted, etc. 

I wouldn't ever want to take away from anyone's experience, but I agree, Rogelio was taking away from the women here. 

Because you are yet another male co-opting the female experience. You have everything, leave the postpartum depression alone.


In a world where women are constantly being silenced; their stories, experiences and voices stolen from them, it wasn't surprising that Rogelio's angle didn't garner much support. 

Sometimes, he really should listen to the women in his immediate family.  

On the plus side, his spat with America's sweetheart River Fields convinced the studio to greenlight the American version of Santos, which means he can quit pretending he's enjoying being a stay at home father and pursue the American dream. 

After he convinces River to be his co-star, of course. I don't imagine being easy now that she only has nine toes because of him.  

Rogelio's experience more-so aligns with the hardships of being a stay-at-home parent, which I'm also glad the series addressed.

Male Postpartum - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 10

It may sound like a dream come true for new parents, but for goal-oriented people who have always been focused on a career, it could definitely be alienating. 

It's important to understand that all of those feelings are normal. 

To summarize: sex-toys are normal. Sex for pleasure is normal. Not enjoying being a stay at home parent? Also normal. Dreaming of hooking up with your lawyer? Still normal. 

And lastly, there's nothing wrong with being an assertive woman. Just ask Petra. 

Will Petra and J.R hook-up? Will Jane and Rafael find their groove? Will Alba embrace her reawakening? And will Rafael find his birth parents?

Maybe they'll be decent people, without ulterior motives, for a change! 

As always, watch Jane the Virgin online and share your thoughts below! 

Chapter Seventy-Four Review

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