Watch Riverdale Online: Season 2 Episode 13

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Who revealed the truth about the big murder?

That was revealed on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 13 when the town was shocked in the aftermath of a shocking murder. 

Meanwhile, Betty turned to Jughead for help after learning another family secret that threatened to tear the town apart. 

Also, Veronica continued to try and learn the true extent of her father's villainous connection to Archie. 

But nothing could prepare her for the truth to come out about something that happened recently. 

Use the video above to watch Riverdale online right here via TV Fanatic. 

Get up to speed on all the latest action. 

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Archie: Mrs. Lodge, I...would never ever do anything to betray your family. I swear.
Hermione: So you’ve proven to me these last few weeks. Hiram and I, unbeknownst to our daughter, enlisted one of our closest associates to approach you, say he was an FBI agent investigating Hiram. Agent Adams isn’t real. He works for me. One of my capos. I asked him to apply a lot of pressure to you, threaten your father even. See if you would crack.
Archie: Wait, this whole thing, it was all some kind of test?
Hermione: Yes, it was...and you passed. Welcome to the family, Archie.

Betty: You lied to us! That shady guy wasn’t one of your customers, he was a drug dealer. It’s all in here, hundreds of messages from junkies looking for a fix, including one from Chic the night of.
[She shows the phone]
Alice: Betty, why in God’s name would you go back there?
Betty: To make sure in broad daylight that no one could see him from the trail.
Alice: Okay, give that back to me before someone tracks that back to the house.
Betty: No, Mom, I already turned off the GPS and you’re missing the whole point here. Chic lied to us about the shady guy. What else is he lying about, huh?
[Chic stars crying]
Betty: Excuse me? Are you kidding me?! NO ONE is buying the waterworks!
Alice: That’s enough, Elizabeth.