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Alice confirms that Chic killed the man in the room, but it was self-defense to protect Alice. Hal calls and says that he's coming over to get items. Betty helps Alice clean up the blood.

Agent Adams interrogates Archie about what Hiram knows about Papa Poutine. He asks if Hiram has a Capo (i.e. a person who kills for him).

Betty and Alice clean up the blood before Hal arrives. Betty hangs up on Jughead as he says "I love you." She goes to hide the body with Alice.

Hal is suspicious that something went on. He was with Penelope.

Veronica plans to schedule a meeting between Hiram and FP to broker peace between the group before a war begins.

Betty frantically cleans up the room for any trace of DNA. She drops her cereal bowl when Jughead comes to walk her to school.

Jughead is worried that Betty didn't like what happened between them. She reassures him that she liked it.

Kevin tells the group about a gang murder at the motel. Betty is overcome with emotion and throws up in the bathroom. Cheryl tries to comfort her, but Betty shrugs her off.

Veronica thinks her dad was involved with the motel murder. Archie comforts her.

Jughead accuses Mayor McCoy of closing down properties for Lodge Business developments.

Agent Adams asks Archie to confront Hiram. He gives a payment to push him. Archie talks with Hiram, but he doesn't give a hint. He tells Archie to give Veronica some piece of mind.

Betty is worried about the body and goes to visit it. She finds the phone inside and takes it with her. She begins writing down notes from it.

Hiram tells Veronica that he wasn't involved in Papa Poutine's death.

Betty accuses Chic of lying about the murdered victim. The dead guy was a drug dealer who provided Chic with drugs.

Archie tells Agent Adams that Papa Poutine owed Lenny Kowolski a lot of debt.

Hiram and Veronica go to chat with FP and Jughead. Hiram offers to pay off the Serpent's debt if Jughead keeps him name out of the expose. Jughead refuses.

Cheryl sees Hal leave her house. She begs her mother to stop sleeping with Hal. Penelope says Hal isn't a client, she cares for him.

Mayor McCoy doesn't want the news revealed yet of the Lodge business dealings. Hiram and Hermione plan to expose Mayor McCoy's affair with Sheriff Keller to get her booted from the mayor spot. 

Betty is calling all the numbers in the phone to learn the identity of the drug dealer. Betty confides in Jughead and he plans to help her hot-wire the drug dealer's care.

Agent Adams appears at Archie's home to talk with Fred. He plans to make life difficult for Fred since he knows that Archie fed him false information. He forces Archie to plant a bug in Hiram's home.

Cheryl confronts Hal about visiting Penelope. She won't tell Betty, but he tells her to get back home.

Veronica warns Mayor McCoy about her parents planning to reveal the affair.

Betty and Jughead throw the drug dealer's car into the lake.

Mayor McCoy resigns from her position. Hiram asks Veronica if she warned the mayor and she says no.

Cheryl tells Betty about their parents hooking up. Hal threatens to kick Chic out but Betty says she'll tell Alice about Hal and Penelope. Hal knows something bad is going on.

Archie tells Hiram about Agent Adams.

Betty, Alice and Jughead go to FP for help with the dead body. FP helps to dispose of the body with chemicals.

Chic cuts out a picture of Hal from the Cooper family photo.

It turns out Agent Adams isn't really with the FBI. He was a test sent out by the Lodges to see if they could trust Archie. The real leader, Hermione, believes Archie is trustworthy.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Betty: You lied to us! That shady guy wasn’t one of your customers, he was a drug dealer. It’s all in here, hundreds of messages from junkies looking for a fix, including one from Chic the night of.
[She shows the phone]
Alice: Betty, why in God’s name would you go back there?
Betty: To make sure in broad daylight that no one could see him from the trail.
Alice: Okay, give that back to me before someone tracks that back to the house.
Betty: No, Mom, I already turned off the GPS and you’re missing the whole point here. Chic lied to us about the shady guy. What else is he lying about, huh?
[Chic stars crying]
Betty: Excuse me? Are you kidding me?! NO ONE is buying the waterworks!
Alice: That’s enough, Elizabeth.

FP: It’s done.
Jughead: Jeez, Dad, you reek.
FP: It’s sodium-hydroxide. In a week there will be nothing left...nothing but his teeth.
[He grabs Alice’s hand]
Alice: Thank you, FP. I’m sorry for involving Betty, and that she pulled Jughead into this.
FP: We take care of our own. The circle ends here. No more loose ends.