Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 15 Review: Sisterhood

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What happens when strong women set out to claim back their power? 

You get a really badass episode of Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 15.

Burgess and Upton took control of the narrative, while subtly supporting the #MeToo movement in a way that resonated with every woman, and hopefully, every decent man.

They Did What? - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 15

Intelligence got wind of an Initiation Day led by Pena, a local street gangster who became "crazier" in prison. 

The initiation portion? Raping and killing a 17-year-old girl, and leaving behind her body in an abandoned house.  

I've seen some pretty gruesome images, but the sight of this poor girl will forever haunt my dreams. How many women, of various ages, have to become victims? Time's up! 

Halstead: That's one hell of an initiation.
Upton: What kind of animal does something like this?
Antonio: What kind of animal makes someone do something like this?

Burgess is especially triggered by this case because of her sister, who was drugged and raped on Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 19.

The series hasn't really mentioned the case until now, but considering her sister is still dealing with therapy while the rapist received a light one-year sentence, it needed to be revisited. 

Can you feel the rage burning within you too? 

Did They Pay? - Chicago PD

Burgess was so proud of herself for taking charge of the case, as she should be. Women haven't really had their moment in Intelligence. Until this season, it was strictly the Lindsay show, but now, Burgess and Upton are leading the movement.

As I was watched the episode, I found myself rooting for Q. I asked my fiancee if it was bad that I wanted to cheer her on, but then Burgess reassured me that many women probably feel a ting of satisfaction knowing that for once, a rapist got dealt with properly.

Halstead: Hmm.. okay, that's one way to take care of rapists.
Ruzek: You gotta be kidding me. They cut 'em off.

I obviously don't condone murder, but Burgess was right — Q wasn't killing choir boys, he was getting rid of monsters. 

And one less monster on the street, who thinks he has the right to a woman's body, isn't something to lose sleep over. 

Was it brutal? Beyond. But no more brutal than rape. 

Halstead and Ruzek's had the best expressions when they waltzed into the house only to find the suspects with their genitalia chopped off. You reap what you sow. 

I'll Handle It - Chicago PD

Q was a cold-blooded killer. She was castrating men and protecting future victims until she could finally get her power back for being raped at the age of 14.

When she mentioned she was a victim herself, I kind of figured her rapist was Pena, the man enabling all these guys in the first place.

If you want to own a neighborhood or a territory, you have to break its soul first.


However, I didn't expect Dark Burgess! 

It seemed like she was just as shocked by her own response to the situation. When she told Hank she wanted Pena to die, he realized that she had finally earned her place in Intelligence. 

Ain't nothing feel better than taking back the power.


Burgess went from being the kindhearted cop to someone who will get just as dirty as Voight, for the right reasons. The series always wanted to make Lindsay Voight's protege, but Burgess is a solid runner-up. 

While it wasn't specified that Voight was the one who secured Q the gun to kill Pena, I'm willing to bet my money on it. 

He knew that if they caught him, he would serve some half-assed sentence and then be released to cause havoc on the streets again, just like Burgess' sister's rapist. 

By The Books - Chicago PD

We don't know much about Upton — even Halstead acknowledged that — but you have to give her credit for consistency. 

Even when she wanted Q to pull the trigger, she still forced Burgess to make the right call and inform Voight about the weapon. 

She plays it by the books and I can respect that. 

Voight obviously wasn't too concerned which further proves my theory that he planted the gun. 

If the writers expect me to get emotionally invested in the possibility of Halstead and Upton, they're going to have to give me more than a few, brief exchanges in a cop car. 

And please, stop making the Halstead brothers so clueless! 

Recently on Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 10, Will Halstead received a lesson about tough women from his girlfriend, Natalie.

Women Are Tough - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 15

She actually had to break it down to him that women are tougher than they look. And now, brother Jay is getting the same lesson from Upton. Where were these guys raised?

You're tougher. More fearless. 'Cause you stand up for your friends. For women, for young girls. And then when someone commits a rape, you kill 'em, you castrate them. You ask me, you deserve a trophy. But that's not the way the world works.


How are we in 2018, still explaining to men, that women aren't fragile little flowers? We can run with the boys, run the streets and get what's ours just as well, or even better, than any male. 

And we never, ever snitch on friends — that's the first rule of sisterhood. Yes, Tina snitched on Q, but she wasn't running in the crew. I admired how Q protected her "chic-clique" at all costs, knowing that even if she got caught, they would still continue the work. 

Yes, this post has been very "girl power" because damn, after all that's happened in Hollywood recently, and most definitely in every other profession, women deserve to be heard through leading ladies in a series.  

Next week Chicago PD hits the big 1-0-0. To celebrate the 100th episode, PD is teaming up for a hot two-night crossover with Chicago Fire. 

So, make sure you watch Chicago PD online and get all caught up. And don't forget to leave me your thoughts in the comments below!

Sisterhood Review

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Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Halstead: Hmm.. okay, that's one way to take care of rapists.
Ruzek: You gotta be kidding me. They cut 'em off.

Halstead: That's one hell of an initiation.
Upton: What kind of animal does something like this?
Antonio: What kind of animal makes someone do something like this?