The Resident Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The Elopement

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I'm really starting to hate hospitals. 

There are plenty of decent people on The Resident Season 1 Episode 7, but with awful patients like Bobby Singer and hospital administrators like Claire and the board, along with Bell and Lane, who would ever want to step foot in a hospital?

Chastain Park is right on the list with Grey Sloan Memorial as far as hospitals I would never want to visit a day in my life. Not unless I'm ogling the eye candy, of course. 

The Real Doctors of Chastain - The Resident Season 1 Episode 7

Can we kick things off by discussing Bobby Singer? His name alone should have been a sign that he's an asshole. He sounds arrogant, entitled, and like that guy who would cut you off in line for your coffee every morning or slip out of bed and fail to call you back after a fun night out. 

When he asked for Nic's number, it wasn't for anything good. Sure enough, he sent her a dick pic. Nic's right, guys are the ones caught up in all the visuals, no girl wants a dick pic. Ever. 

I liked this bit in the hour because it has to be a pain in the ass dealing with handsy or sexist patients as well as fellow staff members. When the patient is a VIP, how do you stand up for yourself without costing the hospital? Because it's all about the VIP, and screw you and your agency, especially at Chastain.

Your baseball player just sent me a picture of a swollen appendage that is definitely not his leg.


Conrad was obviously going to be protective of Nic, so his behavior wasn't surprising. It wasn't offensive either despite Nic's reaction to it. He knows she can fight her own battles, but he goes to bat for everyone. The first opportunity he had to lay into the guy, he was going to do it. 

Nic threatening to send leak his pic was perfect, but honestly, he was more bummed out about missing his season. Oh well. Sucks to be him.

Also, Wilmot continues to be the worst. What kind of person leaves early for their weekend getaway on a Tuesday?! It must be nice. 

Meeting of the Minds - The Resident Season 1 Episode 7

This series continues to get better with each installment, and this time, a few of my observations were acknowledged. It was very much appreciated. 

For one, there was more of Devon. There was also more of Priya. They teased us with that investigation of hers a while back, and it almost felt like they weren't going to pick it back up again.

It is another cog in the machine Nic is building to take down Lane, and I love it. Devon's tactic of approaching Lane about research wasn't going to cut it, but this way, Priya has access to Lane's patients. 

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It pays to have a fiancee who is an investigative reporter, doesn't it? Devon pretty much sicced Priya after Lane, and I'm all here for this. It means we'll get more of Priya, but it also means the look into Lane's methods can expand beyond the hospital. 

Devon Helps Priya Investigate  - The Resident Season 1 Episode 7

What started as one person willing to call her out and take her on, has now expanded to the core three (Devon, Nic, and Conrad) and whoever else they can enlist. The pressure will be on now. 

If those final words between Conrad and Nic didn't make you pump your fist, then I don't know what to say. This whole mission wasn't going to be a success until Conrad was finally pulled into the fold. 

After everything Conrad saw going on with Daryl, Conrad has finally opened his eyes to what Lane is up to, and he's willing to listen to Nic. It was beginning to get frustrating how often he was blowing her off before. So, count that as another minor irritation that got remedied. 

Conrad: Dr. Lane Hunter.
Nic: What about her?
Conrad: Tell me everything.

Am I the only one who thought the title of the episode would come into play because of Priya and Devon? Instead, it was about Daryl ditching the hospital and taking off so he wouldn't be subjected to Lane's poisonous study. 

Lane is despicable. There is no other way to describe it. She's damn good at being bad, and for that, Melina Kanakeredes' performance deserves praise. 

Then there are Claire and Bell. It's a wonder Claire hasn't caught on to Bell yet. This woman is supposed to be all about the details, so how hasn't she put all the pieces together? 

Let's get rid of repeat offenders like Mina Okafor.

Staff Member

Bell is her liability. He doesn't want to perform surgeries despite being the CHIEF OF SURGERY. He backed off of wooing Carver because the proposal to ax doctors with the highest rate of error didn't work in his favor. 

She's starting to have her suspicions, but it's odd that she hasn't picked up anything before this.

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Bell, at any given moment you can go between hating to love this guy and loving to hate him. He stood up to the board when they wanted to get rid of Mina, but he did it for selfish reasons. 

He needs Mina to be his protege. He needs her in on those VIP surgeries that he's expected to perform now, and she's the best of the residents, and she knows a great deal about his issues, but she won't do anything about them. 

Will Hodad Strike Again?  - The Resident Season 1 Episode 6

But once again, there he is threatening her and doing whatever he can to get her to submit to his will. He cant' seem to help himself. 

Mina was rightfully pissed off about being used the way that she was. Bell wouldn't have needed to save her job if he didn't jeopardize it and throw her under the bus.

Mina acknowledged what he was doing and expressed her frustration with being treated like "the help" while he took all the credit. That was a long time coming, and the acknowledgment I had been waiting to see as you all may recall. 

Mina and Nic's conversation in the elevator was the absolute best. MiNic is climbing up the ranks right up there with Hawkfor and (what are we calling Devon and Conrad?). 

Clever Mina

Mina's revenge on Bell was fantastic. What's he supposed to do now that he can't threaten a resident to work for with him? He damn sure won't come clean about his tremor. 

What's the deal with Jude? He lost a patient before, and this time he was hit with another error from which Daryl had to recover. He's having a tough time in that OR, and I want to know why that is and what his deal is.

We don't know very much about Jude other than his role in the messy romantic situation with Nic and Conrad. He's exasperated by both of them, but the job is taking a toll on him.

I think he still loves you, Nic. You need to decide if you still love him.


Speaking of the messy romantic situation, it's good to know that Nic and Conrad can be as close as they are despite the complicated nature of their relationship. Conrad didn't like that Nic may have slept with Jude, but he didn't let it interfere with the job or how protective he was of her. 

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Once they cleared the air, it was as if nothing negative had happened between them. Also, I like that Noni was using Conrad every bit as much as he was using her. Two healthy, consenting adults having casual sex without anyone getting hurt. That's a win!

 How will Bell cover for himself without Mina? Will Conrad be the one to expose Lane? Did anyone else miss Irving's face because I missed Irving's face? Hit the comments you lovely Resident fanatics!

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The Elopement Review

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The Resident Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Mina [looking at Conrad]: Someone didn't go home last night.
Nic: Apparently not.

Noni: That was nice.
Conrad: Yeah, very much.
Noni: You don't have to stay.
Conrad: You trying to get rid of me?
Noni: Let's just call this what it is, a rebound thing.