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Oh, c'mon.

It appeared that Lucy and Wyatt had gotten by their pasts and were looking forward to the future on Timeless Season 2 Episode 3.

But no.

Wyatt and Lucy Grow Closer - Timeless

Things just couldn't go easy for the Lifeboat team.

Well, at least their mission went fairly smoothly, anyway. Granted, it was the lesser part of the episode, but still ...

I'm loving the team's new, scrappy operating style.

For example, let's look at wardrobe.

Before, Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus could just dip into Mason Industries' comprehensive costume stores.

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Now that they are the rebels rather than the Empire, they have to improvise more. This means robbing clotheslines, shoplifting or breaking into a movie studio's costume department. That's certainly one effective way to acquire period-appropriate clothing.

Need transportation? Have Wyatt hot-wire a car. Or Rufus, for that matter.

The trio has always had to think on their feet, but now they have to be even more nimble.

Most of the time, their clever pop-culture references work for them. Not, however, when they're interacting with a genius.

After Rufus tried to pass off "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme as Langston Hughes poetry, Hedy Lamarr called him on his bluff. It turned some people do look at the author photos.

One of the beauties of Timeless, in addition to its endless stream of clever dialogue, is its ability to use lesser-known figures of history almost as guest stars when the desire suits them.

Golden Age Star - Timeless Season 2 Episode 3

I knew of Hedy Lamarr as a talented actress appearing in MGM films during the Golden Age of film in the 1930s and 1940s.

I also recalled Mel Brooks' play on her name in creating Harvey Korman's character Hedley Lamarr in Blazing Saddles, the best comedic Western of all time (and perhaps Brooks' best film as well).

I had no idea that she was also a scientist, and co-invented an early technique for spread spectrum communications, a key to many modern-day wireless communications.

See, TV can be educational and entertaining. Anything that drives viewers to Google to do research is a good thing.

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Having a Rittenhouse sleeper agent steal Citizen Kane, Orson Welles' thinly veiled portrait of William Randolph Hearst, and trade it to Hearst in exchange for a weekly column in his chain of newspapers was an inspired storyline. 

Hearst's slanted "yellow journalism" was fake news a century before President Trump popularized that term to denigrate popular media, so Hearst's papers were the perfect way to promote Rittenhouse's worldview.

Hedy was the ideal guide to help the team recover her friend Orson's brilliant movie. She took them under her wing even though, being a genius, she eventually figured out they weren't Welles' representatives.

They were able to bullshit Paramount studio chief Barney Balaban, even though he didn't see any value in Alexander Hamilton's life as a musical. I guess timing is everything.

Sleeper Agent - Timeless Season 2 Episode 3

Yeah, stealing back the film was a bit too neat. A security guard messing up the exchange, Hearst running off at the first sign of danger, and then Wyatt shooting Lucas after Rufus distracted him put a bow far too tidy onto the package.

But this episode wasn't about the film theft. It was about Lucy and Wyatt finally getting together.

It was inevitable after the way they'd been getting tossed together for much of the series. And at last conditions were right.

First was Lucy showing off her unexpectedly strong singing voice as she sang "You Made Me Love You" to Wyatt.

Then came their heartfelt talk, expressing their feelings to each other, before their much-anticipated kiss and falling into bed. And wasn't Rufus hilarious in his reactions?

Happy Couple - Timeless Season 2 Episode 3

Rufus and especially Jiya had their own problems, as Christopher learned about Jiya's conditions and insisted that she see a doctor. Mason didn't bother to tell anyone that he'd seen the same symptoms previously, as two previous victims were similarly afflicted, with one dead and one institutionalized.

But other than the seizures, Jiya tested in perfect health, even somehow losing a heart murmur she'd had all her life. Since Lucy's mother went from comatose to healthy thanks to historical changes, I guess that Jiya's condition has to be feasible. Maybe she'll just be the staff oracle.

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Speaking of someone who has seen the future, Flynn finally joined the team, to everyone's displeasure. But they really do need him, as he's seemingly the only one who can make sense of Rittenhouse's trips to obscure pockets of time.

Getting shivved to death in prison really would have been a lost resource for the Lifeboat crew. And how about that breakout set-up 75 years in the past? That was a pretty ingenious plan.

Of course, now that the team has taken on a new alignment, things have to fall apart again.

How is Jessica alive? Did Rittenhouse resurrect her just to distract Wyatt? And I think he's in for more heartache, as Jessica really didn't seem to recognize him. She seemed to be wearing a wedding ring, so if not Wyatt, then with who?

To piece things together, watch Timeless online.

Are Wyatt and Lucy in trouble already? Is there any good way to integrate Flynn into the team? Is Jiya indeed OK?

Comment below.

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Timeless Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Christopher: You need a doctor.
Jiya: I mean, what's the point? Unless you have someone who specializes in time travel-related illnesses.
Mason: She's got you there.

Roman charioteer: Giddy-up!
Director: Cut! Roman charioteers do not say 'Giddy-up' to their horses!
Charioteer: Right. Sorry. I just finished filming a Western.