Krypton Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Rankless Initiative

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Seg demonstrates quite the Superman spirit in the latest chapter of Krypton against Brainiac.

Krypton Season 1 Episode 3 also deals with Lyta trying to find a peaceful way of finding Black Zero members in the rankless district.

A Military Crackdown - Krypton

Something that has been consistent with Krypton Season 1 so far is how much is packed into each episode. But Krypton does it in an impressive way where it doesn't feel exhausting.

I always expected Seg to demonstrate some qualities of his future grandson which we got here. But unlike the Man of Steel, Seg doesn't have super-powers to rely on nor a super suit.

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It was enjoyable seeing a Kryptonian with the heart of Superman in action. Although I have to say that Krypton is so far taking its sweet time to give us a lot of Brainiac in the flesh.

But the slow build-up may be in their favor because it allows the story to focus on these new characters. It wouldn't even shock me if Brainiac is somehow factored into Krypton Season 2.

It was impressive seeing Seg, without many resources, take Brainiac on. I think that is what makes Seg such an interesting character.

Given his position on Krypton, his biggest asset is his fighting spirit which I love about his character. But the writers manage to do a solid job in making sure that Seg isn't too much like Kal-El.

Kryptonian Showdown Season 1 Episode 3

Speaking of strong characters, Adam continues to grow on me. I haven't read a lot of Adam in the DC books I have gathered, but Krypton is making me a bigger fan of him.

I will admit that the geek in me had quite the moment when we saw Adam's Zeta technology. However, I have simply one question for Mr. Strange.

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How did he travel into the past without thinking about his way back home?! I get that he knows the advanced technology of Krypton, but come on now!

It felt slightly dangerous to see someone make this type of trip and hope that someone in the past could power it up again. But it is a minor nitpick.

Lyta had quite the arc in "The Rankless Initiative", didn't she? I loved to see her take charge and punish that rogue Sagitari.

I could watch Lyta calling Kol-Da out on her lies for an eternity. Also, Kol-Da made it way too obvious in the beginning that she was going to disobey Lyta.

Brainiac Is Already Here - Krypton Season 1 Episode 3

Subtleness isn't one of Kol-Da's strongest sides. The more we keep hearing about Black Zero, the more I want to see that organization.

It was always a concept in the Superman lore that I didn't get too familiar with. But like with Brainiac, I don't mind the slow build-up to seeing more of them.

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One thing that I felt bad for when it came to Rhom was Kem barely being part of this story. It was his sister after all and now that her faith is unknown, I was expecting to see him around more.

Maybe the next episode will deal with Kem discovering what happened, but only time will tell. I doubt Rhom will survive though given the nature of Brainiac when he infects someone.

We can't forget to mention that Adam has now revealed himself to Lyta. At this point, Seg better tell Lyta everything about why Adam is here. 

Comic book shows doing the whole secret keeping is overdone anyway these days. Although I bet things will get more complicated once/if Adam tells Seg what happens to Krypton in 200 years.

Kryptonian In Leather Season 1 Episode 3

Speaking of mysteries and secrets, we need to discuss the Voice of Rao! That weird mask only gets creepier and creepier as Krypton Season 1 progresses.

That thing looks heavy and unpractical for a person to wear! The way Krypton is slowly demonstrating its religion fascinates me.

I'm not sure who is supposed to be underneath that mask though. We saw the back of his head, but it gives us no clues to who he may be.

It would not shock me if it's someone big from the DC lore who we have yet to meet. But at the same time, maybe it doesn't need to be some big character under that mask. 

Overall, "The Rankless Initiative" was another solid installment of what has been a strong first season thus far for Krypton. Given the short episode order, they are wasting no time on progressing the important stories.

Now it is your turn to let us know what you thought of Krypton Season 1 Episode 3! What did you think of Seg's journey?

Are you enjoying Lyta as the new commander? When will we see Brainiac in the flesh? Who do you think is the Voice of Rao?

Remember you can watch Krypton online right here via TV Fanatic! Catch up with the Man of Steel's grandfather before the next episode!

The Rankless Initiative Review

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Krypton Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Kryptonian, your world is doomed.


Nyssa: Nice to see you walking amongst the Guilded. Didn't even have to sen a Sagitari to retrieve you. Some would call that progress. One of these days, we'll work up to a family dinner.
Seg: I'd like that.
Nyssa: Hm, I really need to teach you how to lie, Seg.
Seg: I'm better with the truth. It means a lot what you did for me, Nyssa. Allowing me the chance to give my parents an honorable burial.