Suits Season 7 Finale Review: Mike and Rachel (Finally!) Get Married

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Well, that was more than a little all over the place. 

USA Network aired Suits Season 7 Episode 15 and Suits Season 7 Episode 16 together, and more happened in the two installments than any the other fourteen episodes of Suits Season 7 combined. 

The result? A lot to unpack. 

Mike and Rachel Get Married! - Suits

Going into the final episodes, I thought saying goodbye to Mike and Rachel was going to be tough, but it was fine. 

The reason? The exits came so late in the game that the wedding and the lame plot with them being offered the keys to the kingdom at a firm in Seattle felt like an afterthought. 

It all felt rushed together and thrown in to allow Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams to exit the series swiftly without having to return even as a guest for Suits Season 8. 

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There was no emotion in their exits because there was no sense of finality to their plots. Yes, they have a challenge ahead of them, but it's difficult to imagine them working together at this new firm. 

It would have been way more satisfying to follow them to their new locale, settle in and start their new jobs. Wouldn't that have been a perfect little series of scenes for them? 

A Darvey Reunion? - Suits Season 7 Episode 16

That said, I did like them working together on the case with the clinic. Mike has always been someone who wanted to bring the good out in others and make sure that bad things do not happen. 

The case with the lead poisoning was interesting, and all, but Nathan continually whine at Mike for his actions rubbed me the wrong way. 

If I'm not mistaken, Nathan was the one who turned to Mike in his time of need. Mike has proven time and time again that he'll hold out on making a deal because he can effortlessly tell whether it's too easy. 

With Mike and Rachel out of the picture, I hope that means we don't have to see Nathan, Oliver or the clinic again. 

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The clinic was only exciting when Mike was helping out to take on the cases he could not at Pearson Specter Litt (or whatever the heck it's supposed to be called these days). 

Am I the only one tired of the former partners causing problems for the firm? I mean, I feel like this is something we're tackling every handful of episodes. 

We should have known when Stanley appeared earlier on Suits Season 7 that he was going to be causing trouble. 

Having Jessica's name dragged through the mud was only the tip of the iceberg for these vultures to come out of the woodwork to try and get a payday. 

I liked that Harvey turned to Louis because he was the one who went full steam ahead on the plan to trash Jessica publicly. 

What was great about the scene was that it showed Louis had developed as a character. He's at a peaceful stage of his life, and that's because he and Sheila are finally making a go of things again. 

Louis tried his best to get the result he needed, and that's not something to forget. Obviously, there's been so much inconsistent with Louis of late that it would not be surprising if he reverted to his old ways on Suits Season 8. 

Mike and Oliver Take On a New Case - Suits Season 7 Episode 16

Having the firm merge will surely change the game as we head into Suits Season 8. There was no way Robert Zane was going to turn on the firm his daughter was working at. 

I felt bad for him when he learned that the other partners were orchestrating everything. It made sense, but I wonder whether Harvey will relent about Zane's name being first on the company name. 

The trip to Chicago was needed, and it was great to catch up with Jessica in her new setting. The contrast to the way her life was in New York to Chicago was illuminated really well. 

Jessica had a lot of power in New York, but in Chicago, she struggled to get anyone to take her seriously. The flashback at the beginning of the second hour felt unnecessary at first, but having the big case linked to her family helped. 

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It was bizarre that Jessica managed to pull the wool over Harvey's eyes by not telling him the truth about her aunt being part of the case. 

I liked that when it seemed like she was losing everything, she managed to turn the tables on Pat. It was different, but it showed that Jessica had no qualms about getting her hands dirty if people were going to do it to her. 

I'm struggling to conclude whether Jessica accepting the job is going to take her more to the dark side or if she will genuinely be able to make some changes. 

I Got This - Suits Season 6 Episode 1

One thing I do want on the spinoff is more Carrie. All of the scenes with her and Jessica going head-to-head were great. 

Jessica may have left New York to be with Jeff in Chicago, but it looks like he thinks Jessica is making a big mistake with her new career choice. 

Could the end be near for them? In any case, I'm way more excited about this spinoff than Suits Season 8. Just getting that out there. 

I almost forgot to talk about one of the highlights. Abigail Spencer's return as Scottie was so worth the wait, but her scene asking about Donna having anything to do with Harvey's most recent relationship hitting a snag was telling. 

Please Help Us

It seemed like Scottie was not opposed to picking up where she left off with Harvey if he was genuinely better, but she knew not to get involved with him again if Donna was in the picture. 

When are Harvey and Donna going to get together and see where it takes them? It's getting ridiculous now. 

OK, Suits Fanatics. That's all I got. What did you think of Mike and Rachel's goodbye? Are you excited about where the show is going? 

Hit the comments. 

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