Timeless Season 2 Episode 5 Review: The Kennedy Curse

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Let's talk about fate, baby.

You have to give teenage John F. Kennedy a lot of credit.

He found out what his future held, yet he still went back to his time on Timeless Season 2 Episode 5.

Saving a President - Timeless

The Lifeboat crew also got touched by the fickle finger of fate as well.

In this episode, we finally got the answer to what happens when Lucy doesn't go on a mission. In short, chaos ensued. 

Lucy was truly in no shape to time travel after being stabbed on Timeless Season 2 Episode 4. She was running a 105 fever and was in and out of consciousness. She was having trouble standing and shuffling around.

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But she is the brains of this operation. Her not being there led to bad choices, bringing John, a horny hellion, forward to the present while leaving Flynn to shoot up a 1934 prep school.

After all, in the opening scene, he had pulled a fire alarm to sneak off with a girl. Why would an ancient bunker possibly hold him?

Lucy had spun a plausible explanation for John's English teacher pulling a gun on him. But he still went walkabout so he could call home.

Future President - Timeless Season 2 Episode 5

It was unrealistic how John was able to roll with all the technological advances over the intervening 84 years from his time to the present. Freaking out would have been more appropriate.

Kayla and her friends also went amazingly along with the well-dressed teen claiming to be the man who would become our 35th president. I liked Kayla's idea of taking him home so that her mother, the shrink, could talk with this confused but harmless young man.

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The series' two historians both came in really handy when it came down to tracking the young JFK.

I'd never realized how sickly he had been during his youth. Both Lucy and Carol knew about this and sent their respective teams to check hospitals.

Fortunately, Kayla had already spirited away John. Still, Emma and Wyatt got to rumble, with all that hospital equipment as weapons. Lightweight Lucy chose a lunch tray as her weapon, which is why she ended up as Emma's temporary hostage. 

Rittenhouse Assassin - Timeless Season 2 Episode 5

We got to see hardened Lucy again at that moment when she urged Wyatt to shoot Emma since she is Rittenhouse's only pilot. No wonder Emma ran.

I still don't get how Emma ended up at Kayla's party unless she tracked social media as well. Emma is making Flynn look absolutely restrained by comparison, as she'll open fire under any circumstances.

John showed a hint of the well-respected President he would become when he went back despite knowing all the tragedy which his future held.

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I hate to admit this, but I'm liking Jessica. She's serving as the voice of common sense, offering suggestions such as checking Instagram for party photos featuring John.

Still, for someone whose experience with time travel is limited to Back to the Future, Jessica has handled the whole concept a bit too smoothly. I expected a little more disbelief.

Lucy was the bigger woman when she advocated for Wyatt with Jessica, keeping her from walking away. She got Jessica to give the new Wyatt one more chance because she wants him to be happy, even if it's with someone else.

A Hard Day - Timeless Season 2 Episode 5

I figure Jessica will have to give up her bartender job, as Rittenhouse can get to anyone, anytime. Just ask Christopher.

Ultimately, I fear Jessica is going to catch a bullet from Emma, probably accidentally, so that Wyatt and Lucy can resume their close relationship. It's just hard to tell how long that will take.

It's good to see that Carol came around, somewhat, trying to protect Lucy. That was a pleasant change of pace from trying to have Lucy hung as a witch on Timeless Season 2 Episode 4.

She was even willing to run her own side operation to abduct Christopher, to appeal to her to keep Lucy off the missions.

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A side note: How did Rittenhouse know how to find Christopher, yet didn't realize Christopher had an implanted tracker? There were definitely some flaws with their intel there.

Of course, Lucy refused to be intimidated by Rittenhouse. Now that her sister Amy has been erased from time, and her mother has chosen to stick with Rittenhouse, she really has nothing to lose.

Unfortunately, there wasn't as much Rufus and Jiya this time. They did have an interesting debate on fate and a higher power. After John got assassinated a year earlier, maybe Rufus will believe now.

This was a great episode for Flynn haters, as he appeared in only one scene. He made an impact, emerging with a torn suit and proclaiming that he had killed three Rittenhouse agents.

To follow Wyatt and Jessica's relationship, watch Timeless online.

How did you like young JFK? Have you come around on Jessica, or do you want her gone? Is Carol having second thoughts? Comment below.

The Kennedy Curse Review

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Timeless Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Jiya: Flynn's pinch-hitting. I'm sure he and Wyatt have everything under control.
Lucy: Sure. What could go wrong?

Lem: Quite a ruckus in the dorm last night.
JFK: I'm not sure what you're talking about, Lem.
Lem: The fire alarm? C'mon. Five bucks says that was you sneaking out with a girl from Miss Porter's.
JFK: If it was, and I'm saying it's a vicious lie, there's not a soul that can prove it.