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As usual, you can't trust anyone, not even when the world is falling to hell, and all that's left is trust of your fellow man.

On Colony Season 3 Episode 3 Will and Katie tried to acclimate to the Resistance camp, which, as Snyder pointed out, felt a lot like all the other camps.

Katie wanted to think what she brought to the table meant something, but in the end, it didn't. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

All the Comforts of Home - Colony Season 3 Episode 3

At the very least, the Bowman family is all together.

Miraculously, there was a vacancy in Resistance Camp and one of the local real estate agents much have rented the new arrivals all they needed to move in straight away. There was a living area and apparently sleeping accommodations, as well. 

The spacious interior was well-kept, fully furnished (as are all vacant Resistance rentals off the grid in the middle of the woods) and the kids thought their new school was cool. 

But all is not well in the camp. At least not yet.

Camp Safety - Colony

Camp Leader Andrew is the reason Vincent referred to everything being "political" in camp. Talking in circles was ridiculous.

It's the end of the damned world. Is talking in circles necessary at that point? Katie wanted her seat at the table, and she wanted it because of what she'd already done to prove herself, not what she would do once at the camp.

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Apparently, dragging the gauntlet with a family of five and a strange uncle across colonies and in and out of Rap zones wasn't good enough for these folks who have lived off the grid since hell broke loose.

Andrew wanted Katie to give everything she knew away before she was granted anything.

Katie Wants her Seat at the Table - Colony Season 3 Episode 3

Andrew even pulled the "would Broussard have done it any differently" garbage. And while she said he wouldn't have, if I recall, he did. Katie proved herself quickly because Will was working for the Occupation.

There are always things someone can do to go to the head of the class. 

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Of course, once again Will and Katie proved they're the smartest kids in the room when Andrew used the gauntlet alone, going against the promise he had made to Katie only hours earlier. 

It did get them some information, though, and nobody was slamming the door in their face when they barged in without a care for stupid camp rules. Everyone else in camp was too programmed to stay outside the doors.

Will: Why did you come here?
Rap: War.
Will: War. With us?
Rap: Enemy.
Andrew: You're goddamn right you're the enemy.
Will: You had an enemy before you came here.
Rap: Yes.
Will: Not humans. You mean another species from somewhere else.
Rap: Escape. Flee. Pursuit.
Will: You're on the run from them.
Rap: Yes.
Vincent: Why do you need us?
Rap: Resource.
Vincent: You wanted our resources?
Will: We are the resource.
Rap: Labor.
Katie: What are you building?
Rap: Defense.
Andrew: Defense? You slaughtered hundreds of millions of human beings.
Rap: Human. Ally.
Katie: You think you're our ally?
Rap: Enemy pursuit.
Will: Your enemy is coming here to earth.
Rap: Yes.
Will: What will they do when they get here?
Rap: Zero.
Vincent: They'll do nothing?
Will: I don't think that's what it meant.
Rap: Total annihilation. Human = ally = partner. That's why our enemy is your enemy. We are your defense.

We got that information in pieces during Colony Season 3 Episode 2. The hosts had promised they would build a grid that would protect humanity. Using humanity, of course. Colonizing might be a way to herd humanity into small enough blocks to preserve what will remain. 

What is the likelihood they would be able to protect the whole planet? Very slim.

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That doesn't mean the raps aren't enemies of earth, but that they perhaps didn't come here in the first place with malicious intent. As the more fit race to survive an intergalactic fight, humans lost, and the Raps offered to save what they could once they realized the irreparable damage done to the planet.

It's just a theory. The Rap didn't seem malicious. There is something else going on about which we do not know, and maybe we'll know it soon. What are your theories?

A Mission - Colony Season 3 Episode 3

We learned a bit more about Dispatch aka Amy, and she's not bad to have around. She's kind and helpful and keeps Broussard from being the hardened soul he can become when left to his own devices.

He's a good match for him as Katie once was. 

Unfortunately, they hitched their cart to the wrong group of people because they were shot silly by the Raps and the rest of the camp who was left behind went dark after the rest of their people died.

Don't Talk to Strangers - Colony Season 3 Episode 3

Whether that has anything to do with the alien installation Broussard and Amy stumbled upon (literally) or something else we may never know, but who isn't curious about that place? 

Maybe that's one of the places that's built as protection against the other aliens, and that's why there were so many drones keeping people away.

While we got our first conversation with a Rap/Click and a look at an unknown installation, I miss the intensity of living inside the block.

The deep philosophical discussions are missing here with this more in the wild survivalist thing we have going on with Colony Season 3. It's not as mentally stimulating as what came before.

Obviously, I don't know what's ahead, but I was drawn in by the day to day life of humanity falling asunder and how to align with neighbors and friends for or against the Resistance and Occupation.

The world is so much smaller now, and so are the psychological challenges.

What are you feeling so far about the season? I know I've lost a lot of readers from last season here at the column. If you need more evidence, you can watch Colony online. Otherwise, hit the comments with your thoughts!

Sierra Maestra Review

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Colony Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Katie: I want to see it, the Click.
Andrew: Well, of course, once you've proven yourselves.
Katie: I think we proved ourselves when we brought you the gauntlet.

Katie: Your defector, can you communicate with it.
Andrew: It's not a defector. It's a prisoner of war.