Colony Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Hospitium

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Most of Colony Season 3 Episode 4 toggled between happenings at the camp and Broussard. We got to know MacGregor a little better, and everyone in the camp disappeared!

Not so surprising, MacGregor ran a conspiracy website before the invasion called Enemy Above. Most people thought he was a wackadoodle until his theories started to come true.

McGregor's Background - Colony Season 3 Episode 4

Even if you don't like who MacGregor is now, you've got to feel for the guy. He was set up and had his family taken away. I can only assume they're dead, and he wasn't there to protect them because of the trumped up FBI charges.

It stands to reason he wants to be in control of everything and trust no one. After all, he's gotten a whole community of people this far without getting caught, so there is some method to his madness.

If you put yourself in his shoes, you might do the same thing.

The truth is, this Click is trying to exploit us. It knows that humans are weak, most humans are, but not the ones in this camp.


Because he's gotten everyone this far and saved all these people, he's paranoid. I don't blame him, it's just a fact.

That might be a good thing in this world, but it's not good news for Will and Katie. They don't like to take orders from anyone and, like MacGregor, this power couple is cautious about whom to trust.

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But they do trust. That's the difference.

I was glad to find out Katie kept some information to herself and didn't write every single thing down in her little journal for MacGregor.

I didn't think she was that dumb, and I was glad to be right. When MacGregor found out she held out, he was never going to trust her or Will. Their time in the camp was done.

Will and Katie Bowman Talk - Colony Season 3 Episode 4

At that point, they should've left and worried about talking to a RAP later.

It's beneficial to talk to the RAP, yes, but knowing Will and Katie, this won't be the last time they come face to face with a RAP.

I hate to repeat myself, but we need to leave. Now!


There's no evidence to show it's lying. MacGregor just can't accept when he's not in complete control. I'm going to say since these alien beings are machines, they're some type of artificial intelligence.

Can AI even lie? I wouldn't think so. 

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Anyway, if you're going to pair up with a shyster like Snyder, you might want to listen to him. Since he rides the line between sides, and always looks out for himself, he knows when something stinks.

He has those instincts. Katie and Will have kids! They should've listened to Snyder and left.

Snyder Escapes - Colony Season 3 Episode 4

Snyder thought he had it in the bag, walking right out the gate like he did. Too bad he doesn't have woodsy survival instincts. If he did, he might not have gotten caught.

I know Snyder's a guy with his own agenda, and you never know what side he's going to fall on, but I can't help rooting for him.

When he was digging around looking for the emergency button buried in the leaf litter on the way into the camp, I was yelling, "Forget it! Run! You're taking too much time!"

He's got no physical finesse whatsoever, and it was no surprise he was dragged back to camp.

Good for him, though, he probably got thrown in the brig with Katie and Will, but we don't know that for sure. 

Bram: Who are we fighting?
Katie: Same enemy we've always been fighting. The real war isn't against the RAPs or whatever was in that capsule. It's against ourselves.

When Broussard and Amy arrive at the camp, it looked like a lot of time had gone by and everyone was gone.

You could tell when they ran across Snyder's shoe in the woods time had passed. How much? We don't know, but I wonder if Katie, Will, and Snyder are still in jail somewhere in the camp.

Maybe Broussard will find them.

If they are still in the camp where are Will and Katie's children?

MacGregor may have taken everyone on a road trip to Seattle to blow up the city. Once they get there, MacGregor is going to have a big surprise because it looks like Bram stole the fuses.

Go, Bram!

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About Broussard, I know he apologized to Amy for not trusting her (lots of trust issues in this world), but I still don't think he should trust her.

Like MacGregor, Broussard is paranoid for good reason. He doesn't let it cloud his judgment though. I hope he keeps an eye on Amy.

A Risky Plan - Colony

The Occupation showed up way too fast when Broussard and Amy met with her contact, but the leak could've happened at any point. It could've been the Occupation was watching this guy, waiting for Broussard to show up. We don't know.

Broussard: Shouldn't have accused you of walking me into a trap. I'm sorry.
Amy: Didn't realize you knew that word.

Even if it wasn't Amy who betrayed them, she's still sketchy in my book. I hope Broussard doesn't let his guard all the way down.

Over to you, Colony fans! Do you think Will, Katie, and Snyder are still in the camp? Where do you think everybody went? How are you feeling about MacGregor? Also, do you think AI can lie?

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Hospitium Review

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Colony Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

The truth is, this Click is trying to exploit us. It knows that humans are weak, most humans are, but not the ones in this camp.


I hate to repeat myself, but we need to leave. Now!