iZombie Round Table: We're OVER the Brother Love and Blaine Chronicles!

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Major whisked Liv away in an effort to save her from Chase's wrath on iZombie Season 4 Episode 12, but he wasn't successful. 

Liv and Levon are literally on the chopping block, and New Seattle is about to descend into chaos as the reckoning is upon them. 

Join TV Fanatics Lizzy Buczak, Stacy Glanzman, and Yana Grebenyuk as they discuss a jam-packed hour!

Izombie Round Table

Ravi used Isobel's brain to create a zombie cure! What do you think this means going forward?

Lizzy: Does the cure work? Or will that rat be dead within a few hours? And is the cure only limited to her brain, or are they able to produce more of it?

If it does work, Ravi may have just found the solution for Chase Graves' brain shortage.

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Stacy: As Lizzy said, it's a little premature to be celebrating. More testing will need to be done on actual zombies before it can actually be deemed a cure. There wouldn't be much of a show without zombies, but being that next season is the last, it's possible it'll all end with everyone being cured.

Yana: I agree that it seems like this is too good to be true, especially with the show having another season left. All of them getting cured now seems impossible.

What are your thoughts on Major whisking Liv away to protect her and dose her with married couple brain?

Lizzy: I have a problem with it because it was done without her consent. Kidnapping is bad, but in this case, he was trying to save her life.

But why did he have to drug her with a brain that made her cheat on Levon? Karma was quick acting because little did he know, the wife actually wanted to kill the husband!

Stacy: I was annoyed with it. I get that he thought he was protecting her, but it was her decision to make, not his. I was also a little annoyed that she fell for his ruse in the first place, but she got back at him with her own.

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Yana: I am never here for plans where one person doesn't actually know what is fully going on. This was one of those times, and it definitely was a decision Liv should have been allowed to make herself.

Happy Couple - iZombie Season 4 Episode 12

Should Major become the new leader of Fillmore Graves?

Lizzy: Nope! Major needs to get away from Fillmore Graves! I don't think Hobbs was serious about Major taking over either. I think he was trying to set Major up so that Chase would turn on him.

Stacy: No, I just want Fillmore Graves to go away. That was pretty crappy of Hobbs to pull that on Major (though I wouldn't be surprised if Chase had put him up to it). Putting Major in charge would be better than Chase, but I'd rather just see FG be dismantled altogether.

Yana: I was really into Chase leading, and now I am on the same page about it not being interesting enough to care about who is running it.

Blaine manipulated Angus into starting a zombie reckoning. React.

Lizzy: Can we just get rid of Brother Love for good? He's really starting to get on my nerves. I'm not too keen on Blaine's plan either because clearly, there aren't enough brains to feed the zombies in Seattle, let alone the whole world!

Stacy: I honestly find myself tuning out whenever Blaine and Angus are on the screen. I'm just not interested in either character. I'm with Lizzy on getting rid of Brother Love.

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Yana: Once again, we are all on the same page. Angus was the worst part of the season because it always felt so out of place with essentially every other arc.

The character and his relationship with Blaine are overplayed by now, and Blaine is an interesting character without including his dad in things. It doesn't raise any stakes; it just makes me tune out completely.

How do you feel about Clive and Dale's engagement? Will Clive become a zombie?

Lizzy: The engagement is rushed. They were just broken up. They haven't even worked through any of the problems, so should they really be diving into a forever commitment?

He also did Michelle so wrong. She didn't need to get messed up in all of this drama just so Clive could satisfy his needs. How unfair!

Although, I wouldn't mind seeing Clive as a zombie and more specifically, Clive on brains. It would definitely show us a more rounded Clive.

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Stacy: Yeah, I feel like I'm getting whiplash from this relationship. Clive sounded like he wanted kids more than anything in the world, but now he's flipping the switch and deciding he wants Dale more. He hasn't thought this through at all, and if I were Dale, I'd be concerned he would regret that decision someday.

Yana: I have so many issues with Clive and Dale, maybe because I had such hopes for them. Their relationship could have been a great example of a couple making it work without focusing on sex, and yet they diminished these two to only caring about it.

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So now it feels like they don't know what to do with a couple that many people liked, and they are just yanking us around from one place to the next. I liked it better when they didn't focus on these two as much.

I absolutely do not want to see Clive as a zombie. We can't have everybody be a zombie. I'd rather Ravi use Dale as an experiment for his cure so they could both be human instead.

What was your favorite scene and/ or quote from the episode?

Lizzy: Definitely Ravi on White Girl brain at The Scratching Post! That was hilarious, and Rahul Kohli was a natural ... maybe a little too comfortable even.

Stacy: I second that. Ravi was cracking me up, and I loved Clive's discomfort and constantly asking him to button his shirt. He was definitely missing Liv this week.

Yana: Rahul Kohli is a gift to this show and to the Twitter world, which is why I can't imagine choosing anything else as my favorite part of the episode. I love that they shook things up a bit and allowed Ravi into this fun territory.

Clavi on the Case - iZombie Season 4 Episode 12

What do you expect to see in the finale?

Lizzy: I imagine we'll see the zombie reckoning, Levon getting beheaded, and Chase Graves taking mercy on Liv. I also wouldn't be surprised if Washington sent over a few nukes since there's been talk about it happening.

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Stacy: Lizzy, I hope you're wrong about Levon. We've already seen too many of Liv's love interests killed tragically (RIP Lowell and Drake). I'm guessing they'll be saved at the last minute, maybe by Major. I also assume we'll see Ravi experimenting more with the cure.

Yana: As much as I don't have an opinion on Levon, him getting killed off would fuel a pattern that has to be too predictable by now. I don't think that Liv will be beheaded though, and that is all I can guess about the finale.

Do you agree with our panelists, iZombie Fanatics? Hit the comments below and let us know! 

The season finale airs Monday at 9/8c on The CW. If you need to catch up, you can watch iZombie online here via TV Fanatic!

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iZombie Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

With this violence, this unrest we're losing the few allies we have in Washington. Our allies need a sign that we're righting the ship. We need new leadership.


Ravi: Repeat after me, I will not turn myself in to Fillmore Graves.
Liv: I won't turn myself in.