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Fillmore Graves is executing a human smuggler unless Renegade turns herself in. Ravi and Levon tell Liv not to turn herself over. 

Hobbs stops by Major's house to tell him that Chase's behavior was out of line and that they are losing the allies they had left in Washington. He tells him that they need new leadership and he wants Major to take over. Major declines. He goes upstairs to tend to a recovering Jordan and she tells him that she should do it because he'd have the backing of all the other soldiers. 

Liv and Levon talk about their past and have sex. When Levon is sleeping, she sneaks out of bed because she's going to turn herself in. Major is outside the door ready to knock. He tells her that she was right about everything and that he wants to say goodbye to her while he has the chance. When they hug, he injects her with something to knock her out and carries her away. 

Levon calls Ravi in search of Liv but Major has taken Liv to a cabin somewhere in Oregon. 

Jordan tells Ravi that Major kidnapped Liv. 

Ravi tells Clive that Liv is Renegade and that Major kidnapped her.

Ravi agrees to help Clive investigate a murder because it's his zombie time of the month. 

Blaine tells Angus that FG is cutting off shipments and that he needs to send his flock outside of Seattle to infect the rest of America. Angus believes he has to wait for a sign. 

Major took Liv to a FG safehouse. The both of them are behaving like a married couple in the 1950s because Major brought the brains of a happily married couple instead of brain mash.

Ravi is on the brain of a party girl who likes to show off her body. Ravi has a vision. 

Their suspect talks to them about BrotherLove and shows them a video of Brother Love preaching about zombies being better than humans. Since the victim was killed with a hammer, they suspect Angus may have something to do with it because it's his weapon of choice.

Liv and Major are blissfully happy and talking about never going back and things going back to the way they used to be when they were together. They go the basement to get more alcohol when they see the zombies of the couple who lived there. They are trapped behind a gate. There is a note on it saying that FG stopped sending brain tubes, so they locked themselves up so they wouldn't go Romero on anyone. The man said he planned on killing his wife and then himself, but he couldn't bear living without her for a moment. 

They bring Angus in for questioning. The French inspector sits in on the questioning. 

They plan to arrest Angus and investigate his stuff. His flock sits it at the station and order he is released. Trevor confesses and the inspector lets him go.  The inspector takes Trevor in but he releases and frees him.

A Fillmore Graves soldier confronts Don E because he had the married couple brains with his fiance, but in addition to the happily married couple part, he didn't know about the woman killing her husband in a car accident because she was sick of him. 

Since they're on the same brain as Major and Olivia, she sends him to the basement for hot sauce and then locks him in. She heads back to Seattle before Curtis is executed. 

Chase lets Curtis have his last meal before execution. Right before execution, someone tells Chase that Renegade has arrived. 

Levon turns himself over as Renegade. 

Russ shows up at the house and wants the brain tubes that Major has. He threatens him. Liv returns to kill him and steals his keys.

Ravi comes down off of the brain. He works on a vaccination using Isobel's brain and the brain of their victim. Clive wants to be posted and tells Ravi that he's meeting Michelle for dinner. 

Cavanaugh tells Clive to stop rubbing Michelle in Dale's face and he tells him the truth about what Dale did for him. 

Liv comes back and sees that Curtis is free. They figure out that Levon turned himself over to Chase. 

Blaine arranges for Angus to see a sign by having it snow brains to convince him to unleash his horde on everyone in America. 

Clive proposes to Dale and she accepts. 

Liv turns herself into Chase. She convinces him that she's Renegade. Levon tries to have them kill him instead. He takes Chase hostage, but he fails. Chase rules that Liv and Levon will be executed. 

Ravi wakes up to see that the rat he tested on is completely cured thanks to the antigens in Isobel's brain. 

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iZombie Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

With this violence, this unrest we're losing the few allies we have in Washington. Our allies need a sign that we're righting the ship. We need new leadership.


Ravi: Repeat after me, I will not turn myself in to Fillmore Graves.
Liv: I won't turn myself in.