Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 Review: The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now

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John Dorie lives to fight another day!

After a short break, Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 returned without missing a beat and threw us right back into Alicia's confrontation with the Vultures.

As what seems to have become the norm this season, "The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now" provided another stellar episode of twists, lies, and betrayal.

To Save A Life

Did anyone else find it a bit odd that at the beginning of this episode everyone was suddenly scattered during the gunfight, yet at the end of Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 episode 6, everyone was within a few feet of each other when Alicia shot John?

Maybe that issue wasn't as obvious for some, but if you watch Fear the Walking Dead online and re-watch the closing minutes of the previous episode and directly lead into the beginning of this episode, it felt completely off.

Rough transitions aside, it was strange seeing Mel on the defensive during the firefight. For someone who has been painted as being one step ahead of everyone else through the first handful of episodes this season, it was a nice change.

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Did anyone else find it unintentionally humorous when Charlie asked to see if Mel was okay after the ambulance he was driving blew up?

Now, I'm not sure about you, but I still find myself at times struggling to adjust to the dual timelines. Mainly due to the deaths of Ennis, Nick and now Mel, during this episode, yet we still see them alive and well in the past timeline.

It's an odd dynamic in knowing that these characters are worm food, yet we still see them playing integral parts during the season.

Alycia: We took you in.
Naomi: No, I wasn't ... it's not what you think.
Alycia: We gave you a home, and you took it!

One thing that I have to express my disappointment with is how the show supposedly flipped Mel from being the seemingly devious and calculating leader of the Vultures to being somewhat of an ally in warning Madison's group to leave because Ennis had gone rogue.

Who knows? Maybe Mel and Charlie are putting another one over on Madison. We shouldn't be surprised should that be the case as we're fully aware of the Vultures' capabilities.

Mel: You're trying to be the type of people that are extinct!
Madison: No one's gone til' their gone.

At the conclusion of the episode, we were still left in the dark as to whether Mel and Charlie gaining Madison's trust and help was just a ruse.  Everything these people do and say needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

Madison and the group were right to be vigilant with Mel and Charlie. There's no reason either of them should be trusted, especially after their antics on Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2.

Another Day, Another Story - Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7

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If one positive came from the group's confrontation with Mel, it's that we learned Naomi wasn't working with the Vultures from the outset. At least that's what we're being lead to believe. But I still don't trust Naomi far as I can throw her. Hopefully, that will change with time, but only if she stops pulling shady crap as she has been.

If Fear the Walking Dead has proven one thing this season, it's that as soon as you think you have everything figured out, you realize that you don't know jack squat.

That is why I was surprised that the trucks full of walkers were led to the stadium as the group assumed. It seemed almost too obvious that it would play out as they anticipated, but sure enough, that's what happened.

Consequences - Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7

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It was interesting that Naomi had Althea head to the stadium. I don't know why Naomi would think the infirmary would still be standing, but if anyone is capable of saving John's life, it's Naomi.

One thing that I noticed after Althea crashed through the blockade and into the stadium, was how there was still some smoke around and a bunch of freshly charred walkers. That leads me to believe that the two timelines aren't nearly as far apart as initially presented.

At the start of the season, I was fairly convinced that Madison was killed at some point during the conflict with the Vultures or by other means, but following this episode, I've been leaning ever so slightly towards the possibility of Madison being alive after all.

Could she be holed up in the infirmary that Naomi threw together -- if it's even still standing?

War On The Vultures - Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7

Although, Madison has never been one to sit tight and do nothing, especially when her family is missing and in danger.

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Given the present timeline and Ennis' plan of unleashing hundreds of walkers upon the stadium, I'd say we have a pretty good idea of how it all ends.

Or do we?

The upcoming midseason finale will pit Madison and the group up against the latest threat introduced by the Vultures. Madison has put so much work into trying to make the stadium sustainable for her children, and we know Madison will not go down without putting up one helluva fight.

It's time to hear from you, TV Fanatics!

What did you think of "The Wrong Side of Where You Are"? Are you surprised to learn of the Vultures plan to use the captive walkers to flood the stadium? Is the infirmary that Naomi set up still standing, and will she be able to save John's life?

Hit the comments below and let me know!

Fear the Walking Dead returns with its midseason finale on Sunday, June 8th on AMC at 9/8c.

The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now Review

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Mel: You're trying to be the type of people that are extinct!
Madison: No one's gone til' their gone.

Morgan: Al, I think I know who you are. I think I've seen it.
Althea: You definitely don't know who I am. Cause I am a chick with layers.