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Was it finally time for Charles and Liza to move on with their lives?

That was revealed on Younger Season 5 Episode 2 as the firm continued to get to grips with what happened with their prized writer.

Going to the Party - Younger Season 5 Episode 2

Meanwhile, Liza and Kelsey got to work to find someone millenial could enter business with, but they quickly realized it was no easy task.

Did someone step in to help them through the tough time?

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Younger Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Liza: I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye after the wedding.
Josh: It's fine... I DM'd you, though.
Liza: You what?
Lauren: Yeah, Josh is always sliding into those DMs.
Kelsey: Um... Instagram has a direct message feature. It's kind of like a text message.
Liza: Oh, I didn't know that.
Lauren: How could you not know that?
Liza: I read three novels a week. That's like a thousand Instagram stories.
Lauren: Ahh.

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Liza: (gasp) Reese just slipped into my DMs.
Kelsey: What?
Diana: Speak English. What does that mean?
Liza: It means Reese Witherspoon sent a private direct message to me.
Diana: What's the slipping part?
Kelsey: It's slide. You slide into someone's DMs.
Liza: I meant slide. All my friends say slide. I would never slip into someone's DMs. Only slide. I slide into... Kelsey's DMs all the time. Maybe I should slide into Zane's.