Going to the Party - Younger Season 5 Episode 2
Liza confidently attends the Marriage Vacation launch party since she approached Reese Witherspoon's people with a brilliant idea for a content incubator.

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Younger Season 5 Episode 2: "A Titanic Problem"
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Younger Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Liza: I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye after the wedding.
Josh: It's fine... I DM'd you, though.
Liza: You what?
Lauren: Yeah, Josh is always sliding into those DMs.
Kelsey: Um... Instagram has a direct message feature. It's kind of like a text message.
Liza: Oh, I didn't know that.
Lauren: How could you not know that?
Liza: I read three novels a week. That's like a thousand Instagram stories.
Lauren: Ahh.

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Liza: (gasp) Reese just slipped into my DMs.
Kelsey: What?
Diana: Speak English. What does that mean?
Liza: It means Reese Witherspoon sent a private direct message to me.
Diana: What's the slipping part?
Kelsey: It's slide. You slide into someone's DMs.
Liza: I meant slide. All my friends say slide. I would never slip into someone's DMs. Only slide. I slide into... Kelsey's DMs all the time. Maybe I should slide into Zane's.