Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Low Man

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The ish is about to hit the fan.

Smurf finally smelled freedom on Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 7, but she's about to go all kind of crazy when she finds out what her boys are up to.

Everyone will be in a whole boatload of trouble, and number one on the list will be J.

Smurf is Back in the Game - Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 7

J finally gathered up his balls and pushed back at Smurf. He was pretty fed up with everything and the situation with Nicky finally pushed him over the edge. His alliance with Mia is going to spell his doom.

It was a bit disappointing that he was so quick to fall back into Mia's arms after what happened with Nicky. Maybe he really didn't care about Nicky anymore. Maybe he really was tired of her stupidity.

Whatever the reason, Nicky is a distant memory in J's mind. Mia is more his speed anyway. She's talented in the ways of crime, and she's got an extra special oomph that Nicky never had.

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Still, it's hard to believe that Nicky is completely out of the picture. She's a loose end, and although she's protecting J and the Codys right now, that doesn't mean she's going to keep doing it if J never shows up at the hospital.

Nicky is a ticking time bomb, and if her dad has anything to say about it, the cops will know more than they ever dreamed, and Pearce will have to be restrained from the ecstasy he'll be feeling.

Smurf: When I tell you to do something, I'm not asking.
J: I'm the only reason that black eye isn't an everyday occurrence.
Smurf: Watch yourself.
J: I'm the only one that visits you. The only one that gives a shit you're in here. If I stop coming, you're going to die in here.

It could be that Nicky will meet her maker before she even has a chance to sing. Mia's got something up her sleeve. She's not checking in on Nicky because she cares. There's another reason, and there's no doubt it has to do with making sure that Mia's interests aren't a topic of conversation.

But with Smurf back in the picture, it's anyone's guess as to how things will go down.

I'm not completely convinced that Smurf didn't make a deal with Pearce. Smurf is a good actress, and she could've been faking surprise when she was released. The fact that Pearce was there to pick her up and not her lawyers was telling.

J is Playing Games - Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 7

She wanted out of prison so bad, she was willing to do anything, including giving up her boys. She had no problems offering them up if it was a way for her to get what she wanted.

She's going to set them up. I bet that's part of the deal. She's going to arrange something so that they can all get caught red-handed.

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But before she even gets to that point, she's going to blow a huge gasket when she finds out the boys did a job with Billy and Frankie. She's going to have a cow about Nicky. And the idea that Mia is staying at her house will probably give her a coronary.

Smurf may be free, but she's walking into a firestorm. She's been gone too long, and it's going to take some time to reel everything and everyone back in -- if she can.

A Deadly Trio - Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 7

The boys are operating quite well without her, and the reappearance of their mother (grandmother) is sure to put a damper on all the fun.

She won't have an ally with Deran. Billy's already gotten deep into his head, and with her fractured relationship with Deran, any attempt at reeling him in will fail big time.

J has already turned on her. Whatever secret stuff he has going on with Mia won't bode well for Smurf. Mia is inside J's head as much as Billy is inside Deran's. 

Billy may be Deran's way out of the Cody family. Mia is J's.

Pope: Why we taking a junkie on the job?
Deran: What do you want me to do? Leave him at the house?

Pope won't be much help either because he has little bird Lucy singing in his ear about Smurf being the one behind Baz's murder. Even though he didn't want to believe what he was hearing, he knows deep down that it's true.

A Perfect Partnership

It won't be a happy family reunion when the boys get home. There are going to be battle lines drawn, and only the strongest will survive. The guys have to realize that something is up if Smurf is free and none of them knew anything about it.

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And that might be her way in to break up their camaraderie. She might claim J knew all about her release. Smurf is a sly dog, and she's going to tear down the mountain that she built piece by piece.

Hopefully, one of them can outsmart her and stop the damage before it all falls to hell.

Over to you.

Did Smurf make a deal with Pearce? What will the boys think when they find out Smurf is free?

Is Nicky finally out of the picture? What's up with Mia and J?

Does Pope believe Lucy? Will the job be a success?

And what the hell is Craig doing?!

Hit the comments and share your thoughts. 

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Low Man Review

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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

You piece of shit.

Nicky's Dad

Craig: We're moving pretty fast for something this complicated. Deran's smart and all, but he isn't fast.
Pope: We'll be fine as long as he doesn't let Billy get into his head.
Craig: He's a dope fiend. He's not exactly Osama bin Laden.