Dietland Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Bedwomb

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If you thought everything would be tied up with a nice little bow, you would be terribly mistaken. 

It shouldn't come as a surprise how Dietland Season 1 Episode 10 ended -- with more questions asked and even more lives in limbo. 

We knew Plum was going to be welcomed into the group. There were only two ways it could to go for her. Plum would be let in, or she would be killed. She's our hero, so chances were good she would survive. 

Truth Or Dare? - Dietland Season 1 Episode 10

Who else wanted to hear the stories from the other women in Jennifer? It was heartbreaking hearing Sophia's greatest memory of Jennifer. It's clear she has been through more than most people and her anger is warranted. 

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Sophia enduring repeated rapes, but also making excuses for the man, reminded me of Plum is so many ways. Plum tried to make excuses for why Jack did what he did to her and made it sound like it was her fault. 

It was wonderful hearing Soledad's story, too. What really got me was when Plum shared that she had heard the tragic story of the young girl on the train tracks, but hadn't given it a lot of attention at the time. It's something many of us do on a daily basis when it comes to tragic news. 

Time To Run - Dietland Season 1 Episode 10

It's so easy to gloss over sad stories, but we also have to remember the victims of these heinous crimes. Sofia's and Soledad's stories made me realize how important a group such as Jennifer is to them. 

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Both of these women needed to funnel their anger into something important. Do I think it's wrong to murder people?  I do, but Soledad's story about her daughter gave the impression she's doing the right thing by going after these terrible people. 

This also brings up the point I've been making about Plum this whole season -- she made a rash decision in joining Jennifer. Plum deserves to get revenge on Jack because of what he did to her, but she also needed to get some mental help as well. 

Jennifer - Dietland Season 1 Episode 10

Instead of turning to a group of women who want to cause harm to men who have wronged them, I wish Plum would have turned to a real psychiatrist to talk about the various issues she has suffered. 

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Plum's mental health has taken a beating for an extremely long time, but she continues to ignore it. Case in point, Soledad brought up the men she had worked with in the army and about how there are good men out there in the world, too. 

Plum immediately started to get defensive by what Soledad was saying without listening to what she was trying to get Plum to understand. There are some great men and women out there, but there are also terrible people out in the world, too. 

Sophia's Story - Dietland Season 1 Episode 10

Plum's hate of all men has to be discussed. She only wants to focus on the evil side of things instead of looking at the good. Plum wants to place all of her hate and rage on every single man. We can even make a case for Dominic in all of this. 

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Dominic made the wrong decision in joining Kitty at the top, but it was understandable. Dominic was at the end of his rope and had lost everything. Money talks, especially when you desperately need it because you've lost everything you cared about. 

While I agree he should have never lied to Plum, he didn't do anything horrible to her. He tried to apologize to Plum countless times. Plum could have easily let Dominic say his peace and decided on some type of forgiveness. 

Dominic And Kitty - Dietland Season 1 Episode 10

Dominic could have easily turned in Leeta, but he instead brought her to Plum's apartment because he knew Plum cared about her. He was trying to make amends with her the only way he knew how. Was it flawed? Yes, but at least he was trying. 

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Speaking of Leeta, I want to know what happened to her to make her lose all touch with reality. They brought up the Stella Cross murder, and you have to wonder why it affected Leeta so much. 

You also couldn't blame Eladio for abandoning Leeta. As terrible as it was, Eladio never wanted anything to do with Jennifer. Had he stayed with Leeta, he could have easily been arrested for harboring a fugitive. 

Julia's Caught - Dietland Season 1 Episode 10

Was anyone even surprised by Verena going straight to the FBI? The moment Sana spoke up about the way Verena ran things at Calliope House it was clear Verena was going to turn them all in. 

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Verena also made sure to protect herself in all of this by ensuring she would stay anonymous. It was insane to see how calm and collected Verena was about turning in people she felt wronged her. The theme of revenge was prevalent during the finale. 

I couldn't have been the only one who felt terrible for Julia's sisters, right? They were trying to distance themselves from this entire mess, but they still ended up going down with the sinking ship. 

No Regrets - Dietland Season 1 Episode 10

You have to wonder which one is going to turn first. Will Julia protect her sisters by taking all the blame or will her sisters implicate Julia in all the crimes committed by Jennifer?

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Of course, you also have a massive manhunt for Soledad who is the true face of Jennifer. This is, again, why Plum has gotten in over her head. She is now a part of a violent group and could easily spend years in prison for her involvement. 

I was hoping Plum wouldn't run after the car but would instead have claimed to be a hostage so she could write the stories of Jennifer. She could have easily stayed in the group but also provided their message to the masses. 

Group Meeting - Dietland Season 1 Episode 10

Even Kitty knew the only way she was going to stay on top is if Jennifer lives. It's no wonder why she's trying to find someone on the inside. Once she can get ahold of one of the women she is protected. 

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The most frustrating thing about this finale is the number of questions remaining. There are many loose ends dangling in the wind, and we still don't know if the show is going to get renewed. But it's also true to life. 

These characters are always going to fight for justice and/or power. Plum will continue to run from the police being part of Jennifer, Kitty will continue to fight to stay on top, and Dominic will continue to try to get Plum's forgiveness. 

Kitty Is Unsure - Dietland Season 1 Episode 10

In the end, it didn't matter if they had all been arrested because the group's message will live. This group gave women the voice they needed, and the power from Jennifer's message will never go away. 

Jennifer still lives. 

Now it's your turn to tell me what you thought. 

Did you think this was a satisfying finale? Do you hope for a second season? Do you believe Plum made the right decision?

Let me know in the comments below. 

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Bedwomb Review

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