Power Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Second Chances

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There are so many moving parts right now it's becoming hard to navigate. 

Every season thus far has been a juggernaut, and this one is no exception, but Power Season 5 Episode 4 really put into perspective the scope of everything going on. It feels like every character has a central goal in front of them, yet is completely unaware of the enemies looking to bring them down. 

And some of these enemies are literally staring them dead in the eyes every single day. 

On Task - Power

Let's take Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan for instance. The partnership between these three was forged by them all having the same goal; kill Dre. Yet, Tommy and Ghost are oblivious to the fact that Kanan could have other motives for wanting to work with the men who tried to kill him. 

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Listen, Kanan is charming, smart and extremely calculating. It's only taken him a few weeks to get in both Ghost and Tommy's heads. Getting to Tommy is easy, as he's shown time and time again that he's easily influenced.

But it's taken a tragedy of epic proportions to get Ghost to a place where he honestly doesn't see what's going on around him. 

He's been your fucking family for fifteen minutes. I've been your family your whole goddamn life.

Ghost [to Tommy]

In the first of many blindsides this hour, Ghost finds out Teresi is free from Kanan, not Tommy and takes the opportunity to berate Tommy, instead of contemplating why he was suddenly the low man on the totem pole in their threesome. 

Things are going to come to a head with these three eventually, and it's going to leave both Ghost and Tommy looking rather stupid if they don't start heeding Tasha's advice and getting away from the destructive force that is Kanan. 

A Meeting of the Minds - Power Season 5 Episode 4

For Ghost, Raina's death has just shattered him in a way so profoundly that he has no idea how to react. Ghost is emotionally stunted, and he's not built to withstand this level of heartbreak. 

Ghost has a lengthy kill list, but he seemed to bury those emotions so deeply that he doesn't even know where they are now. But those people weren't his flesh and blood. And although he didn't pull the trigger this time, he knows he plays a part in her death. He's nowhere close to admitting that, but a part of him must feel that guilt. 

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It's why he's lashing out at Tasha at every turn, as he's unable to face himself. 

I want out. Out of this penthouse. Out of this marriage. I need some space.

Tasha [to Ghost]

Tasha standing up for herself and leaving the toxicity of that penthouse was long overdue, but I fear this change still isn't going to bring Tasha the happiness she is seeking. At least not right away. 

Tense Exchange - Power Season 5 Episode 4

But it's a fresh start for her in a sense. And Ghost should do the same.

The problem with all the central characters here is that their pasts are directly connected to their present and thus will always be a part of their futures. The only solution is to leave the past behind and move forward. And I'm not sure Ghost, Tommy, Kanan, Tasha nor Angela for that matter will ever be able to do that. 

Speaking of Angela, things went 0 to 100 real quick for her. And then they fell apart in particularly devastating fashion. 

I knew Steve was not be trusted, but it does appear that he's more than just a guy who used Angela for information. But just who is he working for and how does he have the authority to spring the heads of a major drug cartel free with just the snap of his fingers?

Catching a Flight - Power Season 5 Episode 4

Steve is as boring as they come, but it's looking like he may play a more significant role in Angela's world and probably distract her from all the threats she's facing. 

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She's got Mak and Saxe steadily coming after her and Blanca Rodriquez has erected a secret suspect board in her office, with the sole purpose of trying to expose Angela's connection to the Ray Ray case. 

She's oblivious to both, and now she's got Ghost back in her life. 

You two know what you want?

Waitress [to Ghost and Angela]

Has Power ever been more on the nose than the waitress spouting this line to a sullen looking Ghost and Angela, alone in a diner late at night? 

There was no way these two were going to spend the entire season apart but just what does their relationship look like now? These two have no idea how much they could help the other with their professional goals, but is there enough trust for them to even open up to one another? 

Teresi is Back -  - Power Season 5 Episode 4

And this is to say nothing of their romantic relationship, which will always be something they will have to navigate as long as they are in contact. 

Say what you will about them as a couple, but their pairing is an important piece of the show, and it should make for an exciting back half of the season.

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Rashad needs to go. He's been using Ghost's tragedy for his own personal gain, and that's despicable enough, but now that he's made Dre the face of the Queen's Child Project, Ghost needs to take him down. 
  • I feel for Proctor and his plight, but he also made his bed, and he has to lie in it. It will eventually come down to him turning against Ghost and Tommy to save his career, and his decision will not be an easy one. 
  • Alicia knows that her brother is a liability and she was willing to let the government have him, as long as she could go free. She is cold-blooded. 
  • Thanks to Kanan, Vincent knows Tommy and Sammy lied to him, and you have to imagine he will be looking for revenge.
  • Connie still doesn't know that Tommy is Teresi's son, correct? Teresi may eventually regret letting her know the real reason he got out of jail.

Things are moving very briskly this season, and we've barely gotten started. What did you think about "Second Chances"? Are you glad Tasha finally left Ghost? Will anyone catch onto the games Kanan is playing? 

Drop me a line down below and make sure you watch Power online right now, so you don't miss any of the action. 

Second Chances Review

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Power Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

I'll find the Jimenez my goddamn self.


He's been your fucking family for fifteen minutes. I've been your family your whole goddamn life.

Ghost [to Tommy]