Suits Season 8 Episode 7 Review: Sour Grapes

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If you've followed Suits since the beginning, then you know one thing is certain: Nothing for Louis ever goes the right way. 

On Suits Season 8 Episode 7, Louis was happy to learn that he and Sheila were expecting a child, and while the lawyer got a bit ahead of himself, it was typical of Louis to act the way he did. 

Having Louis and Sheila together again was surprising in the first place, especially when you consider that it's one step forward, and two back with Louis. 

An Unpleasant Agreement - Suits

There was no emotional weight behind the pregnancy reveal so early into "Sour Grapes." It seemed like the type of news Sheila would want to share with her man over a nice dinner. 

Then again, the pair has been battling the odds to conceive a child. I can get on board with her being so excited that she absolutely had to call him at work to let him know. 

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It was predictable for Sheila to have her period, rendering the pregnancy null because this is Suits and Louis can never have something good for very long. 

Sheila: Louis, we hit the jackpot.
Louis: You mean publisher's clearing house?
Sheila: I mean we don't need the sex phone anymore.
Louis: Oh, my god.
Sheila: You hit the bullseye.

The faux pregnancy served a bigger purpose: To help this couple chat about their myriad differences before they definitively have a bun in the oven.

Louis Is Mad - Suits Season 8 Episode 7

Coming from different religious backgrounds was likely going to present some issues when it came to parenting. Anyone who wants a kid has dreams about how they're going to raise them. 

That goes without saying, but it's bizarre that Louis initially failed to take Sheila's feelings into consideration about whether their child would be raised as Jewish or Catholic. 

Louis going ahead and assuming that he would be taking the wheel rubbed me the wrong way because Sheila was so on board with raising their child without religion. 

That was a sacrifice Sheila made to keep unity in their marriage, and because she felt that was the fairest way to do things. 

It is not something over which you just flip a coin and choose heads or tails. Turning to Esther was shocking because I had no idea Amy Acker was stopping by for an encore. 

I'm Sorry! - Suits Season 8 Episode 2

If you watch Suits online, you know that Louis has battled to live a fulfilled life ever since the show kicked off. He's always worried that he's not worthy of happiness. 

Upon learning that Sheila was expecting, he wanted to shout it from the rooftops and was likely counting down the moments until he could come clean to his parents. 

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He wanted to be like, "Look, I can do things, you guys," and get their seal of approval. The religion debate put a dampener on that because if they're as serious as Esther seems to think they are, then they could cut Louis off for life. 

While Louis realized the error of his ways before the episode was over, it was clear this served to help the couple iron out more differences, and that was a good idea. 

Harvey: Let me guess, Samantha told you what I'm about to do.
Donna: Yeah, she did.
Harvey: Oh, so she keeps shit from me, but shares it with you.
Donna: Oh, don't make this about her, she does what she wants, just like you do.
Harvey: You're taking her side?
Donna: I'm taking my side because you may be done with this case, but she's going to keep working on it, because unlike you, she cares about my reputation.
Harvey: You think I don't care about you? You're in your position because I put you there.
Donna: No, Harvey, I'm in my position because I fucking earned it. Now, if you want to talk about things you did, you authorized me to negotiate this deal, and if you don't honor it, Fox is going to tell the world, and how is that gonna go the next time I try to come to an agreement with anyone?
Harvey: It'll go fine because he has no integrity. Nobody will believe him.
Donna: Okay, let me put this in words that you'll understand: I have integrity. You let him go, you're making me look a liar.
Harvey: You want to talk about a liar? He lied to my face.
Donna: And so have a thousand other clients. You were just waiting for an opportunity to let him go.
Harvey: Because we never should have taken him on in the first place.
Donna: Well, we did and like I said, you drop him, you're making me a liar, and I don't care if the rest of the world knows it or not: You'll know it, and I'll know it. You go ahead and do what you want, you always do anyway.

It was ridiculous that the pair kept a sex phone. That came out of the left field and felt like something thrown in there as a forced way to make viewers laugh. 

Esther Returns! - Suits Season 8 Episode 7

Suits is at its best when the humor comes naturally, and it's been getting more and more convoluted of late.

The writers need to stop trying so hard and have faith that these characters are the same as they were a few years ago when the show was still fun. 

Did anyone else find it dumb that Donna never told Harvey about how she managed to resolve the war with David Fox? 

All that little fabrication did was drive a short-term wedge between the two, and again, it felt forced. Her reasons behind it didn't sit well with me. 

She wanted to smile when Harvey realized the truth? What the heck is that supposed to mean? It would make a casual viewer of the series think they're against each other. 

These two would never double-cross each other, so let's just cut the B.S and get back to what makes this show good. 

Calling In a Favor - Suits Season 8 Episode 5

The only positive from this storyline was Donna's outburst about how she earned her COO position. On paper, she does not have the experience for that role. 

However, when you think about everything she's done for the benefit of the firm, it makes sense. I shudder to think what would have happened if she wasn't there to right the ship when it needed it. 

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It was about time Harvey, and Samantha put their petty little feud aside. Samantha has now proven multiple times that she's there for the benefit of the firm and that she would not do anything to hurt it. 

These shouting matches between coworkers are unprofessional, unrealistic and plain boring. 

Working Together! - Suits Season 8 Episode 7

"Sour Grapes" was a weak hour of this legal drama. Just when things start getting interesting, the soapy elements come out to play, and it all gets too much to take seriously. 

What are your thoughts on the hour? 

Are you tired of all the back and forth, or are you still living for the next case?

Hit the comments below. 

Suits continues Wednesdays on USA Network. 

Sour Grapes Review

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Suits Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Sheila, I know we're trying to conceive, but I can't have sex with you right now. I just ate an onion bagel.


Sheila: Louis, we hit the jackpot.
Louis: You mean publisher's clearing house?
Sheila: I mean we don't need the sex phone anymore.
Louis: Oh, my god.
Sheila: You hit the bullseye.