Younger Season 5 Episode 11 Review: Fraudlein

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Hallo Deutschland! 

I'm starting a petition that will require every single season to take our New Yorkers outside of the country.

It's the only time where they can all let go of their problems, get drunk, learn about male camel-toes (Elchknöchel), and then have their long-held secrets dramatically exposed as they did on Younger Season 5 Episode 11.

Elchknöchel - Younger Season 5 Episode 11

Frankfurt may not be the most romantic city in Europe, but it served its purpose for Liza and Charles to rekindle their affair, which was much hotter overseas might I add. 

It also created tons of conflict which eventually forced Liza to make a major decision about her future at Empirical. 

Liza's secrets have been building on each other and weighing heavily on her and the team. Well, the ones that know the truth, at least. 

Although, I have no idea how Diana hasn't figured it out yet. Liza almost slipped up while talking about her European honeymoon twenty-years-ago. And though she quickly retracted, as a boss, I would be a little thrown off by the situation. 

If it's this problematic for Liza to keep track of her lies, it's only a matter of time before everything would come to light. In that regard, Cheryl Sussman was right. 

Don't get too excited. They found the most charmless city to host it. It's like Buffalo with dumplings. Lovely language, German. Like a thousand cats coughing.


If her lies were exposed, it would implicate all of Empirical. How could Liza not take the anchor when it was being thrown to save her?

However, there's another problem when it comes to Liza jumping ship when the company is sinking -- she's technically letting them all down because she's been privy to some secret intel thanks to her relationship with Charles. 

This is precisely why HR doesn't allow bosses to have a romantic relationship with their employees. 

Also, did anyone else find it unfair that Charles was releasing Liza from her contract because he wanted something out of it in return? I would think that allowing your competitors to steal a top-notch player from the team because it benefits you personally goes against some kind of company policy.

Nothing in the Way - Younger Season 5 Episode 11

I mean, the struggles are public knowledge at this point, but it does seem like she's just switching because she doesn't want to be a part of a company that isn't doing well. 

I wouldn't want that to be reputation Liza gets in the end. 

From the very beginning, Kelsey told Liza that Sussman is not to be trusted. We know it, Kelsey knows it, everyone knows it -- remember when Sussman tried to blackmail her?

There is no instance where Liza should have lowered her guard around Cheryl, even after she offered her the job. 

Cheryl may have been genuine in her offer, but it wasn't a selfless one -- she knows what everyone at Empirical has figured out; Liza is good at her job. 

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However, things changed when she figured out that other little lie of Liza's -- her dalliance with Charles.  

You would hope that being intoxicated would cause Cheryl to forget what she'd stumbled upon, but there's no way she'll forget seeing a shirtless Charles open the same door out of which Liza just slipped.

Cheryl has been portrayed as a crude, no-holds-barred, feisty woman, but I think her planting one on Charles was done solely to ignite this weird dynamic between Liza and Cheryl. 

Liza's professional future, or lack of one, lies in Cheryl's hands. 

And Cheryl now knows two secrets that could sink Empirical despite any investors Charles seemingly pulled in during the trip. 

Honeysuckle - Younger Season 5 Episode 11

Would she do it? Again, we can't forget that she plays dirty.

Did you see how she convinced Diana to recreate their cabaret show? Not that it wasn't the best thing to ever grace our TV screens but still, Diana is no longer the party girl she once used to be.

Though, I pleasantly surprised at how fine-tuned the performance was. I can get aboard Diana letting loose from time to time if it means more scenes like this. 

There's no way Cheryl's job offer at Plaza will stand now that she knows the full truth. Even if Liza comes to her company, she will still be emotionally attached to Empirical because she's dating the boss. Her loyalty will always remain at the competition.

How do you think this is going to play out? Will she force Liza's hand? Will Pauline come back into play?

It had to happen, Kels. We've come to the end of this road.


Despite everything that has transpired, Liza is an integral part of the company on both a personal and professional level as we saw during her "break-up" with Kelsey. 

Liza is trying to do right by Kelsey by preserving their relationship and not jeopardizing the career she's worked so hard for, but really, without Liza, Kelsey wouldn't be where she is today. 

I'd hate for the emotionally raw moment to go to waste when it turns out Liza isn't leaving. 

And why isn't anyone trying to leverage Liza's truth? Why is the best course of action to have her leave the company?

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Own what you did and capitalize on it -- I'm sure there's a market for women who feel like they are being snuffed out because of their age or losing opportunities to younger women. 

How are they not realizing they have Empirical and Millennial's next big hit on their hands? They are allowing other people to dictate their futures, decisions, and happy endings! 

The way Younger handles age has always been tactful, however, the impromptu panel where the reporter kept grilling Liza about her "real age" and beauty regimen could have been more impactful.

What Wrinkle Cream Do You Use? - Younger

It's terrific that they are acknowledging what many viewers have been saying for years -- Liza doesn't look 27 --  but they could have shut the ill-mannered reporter down in so many ways.

Yes, Europeans tend to be more outspoken, blunt and critical, but this seemed like it was pushing the "what's your real age" agenda too hard for the sake of creating drama and forcing Liza to realize it's time to come clean. 

Liza could have used this to make a bold and inspiring statement about judging people based on their looks and how beauty isn't everything. 

She could have also continued to promote the age-queer platform and told the world to eff off and stop basing women's success solely on their age.

Kesley: Okay, but you just tucked me in, right?
Zane: Yep, ucked with a "T", not an "F." I slept on the couch.

It could have been such a teachable, empowering moment and instead, it was a feeble attempt at comedic relief. 

Kelsey and Zane are slowly heating up as he continues to prove he's more of a gentleman than any of us thought. We all underestimated him!

I love how he took care of Kelsey when she was pounding them back, but of course, his feelings are what cost him professionally yet again. 

Will this be the final straw between these two?

The minute he punched a guy that was "too handsy" with Kelsey, it was evident that it would be Gayheart Schmidt was meeting with the next morning. 

Much like with Liza and Charles, Kelsey and Zane can't seem to have their cake and eat it too. 

Do you think that deal went completely sideways? 

Get Me a Pen - Younger Season 5 Episode 11

And if it did, it's probably for the best because Empirical doesn't want to be aligned with someone who can't take "no" for what it is.

Also, Charles realized Kesley and Zane were involved in some capacity -- how is he going to handle that going forward?

Will he use it against her like she did when she found out he was with Liza?

The Jake problem has been backburnered for a few episodes, but given that his work is a best-seller already, I'm sure it will come up again in the finale.

Then, there's the whole situation with Josh, Maggie, Lauren, and Malkie. 

For some reason, everyone thought that Josh making another rash decision and donating his sperm to Malkie so she could have a baby was a sound idea. 

I'm not for or against it, but I think Josh needs to think about it a little longer than he did about his wedding to Claire. 

Just have a C-section, you don't want to stretch out your good sweater.


I'm going to be irritated if Malkie and Maggie got back together only to have their views on children rip them apart. 

The message that "she's not getting younger" really nails what the show is about, but can they have any drama-free "meat, wine, and weed" dinners?

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Given Nico Tortorella's gender-fluid nature, seeing him as the only voice of the "straight" people was amusing.  

In the end, I think it will lead to Claire telling Josh that she's pregnant. The Claire story hasn't come full-circle yet! 

End of the Road - Younger Season 5 Episode 11

He seemed so ready to donate his sperm; maybe he'll also be ready to be a father.

It would be an interesting storyline to explore, especially since he was okay with not having children if it meant he could be with Liza. 

How do you think the season will end with these changes at Empirical on the forefront?

How will Diana react when she realizes Cheryl took her assistant from her?

Every season finale only gets juicer -- I'm beyond hooked and can't wait to see what happens! 

Comment below you predictions for Younger Season 5 Episode 12! 

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Younger Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Kesley: Okay, but you just tucked me in, right?
Zane: Yep, ucked with a "T", not an "F." I slept on the couch.

Don't get too excited. They found the most charmless city to host it. It's like Buffalo with dumplings. Lovely language, German. Like a thousand cats coughing.