Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 1 Review: With a Wonder and a Wild Desire

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Grey's was not kidding around when they said it would be the season of "feels."

Every conceivable emotion a person could experience emerged while watching Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 1 and Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 2

It was a fantastic premiere and proof that, somehow, some way, 15 years in, this series still has it. They improved upon and tweaked a lot of the problem areas they had last season. They at least deserve credit for that.

Remaining Focused - Grey's Anatomy

If you're still sticking with the series after the loss of April and Arizona, then I ask, being as objective as possible, did you enjoy the premiere?

It's difficult losing fan-favorites, but if you're still here for the ride, shouldn't you take into consideration where the series is now?

Objectively, I can say that April's absence was felt more than Arizona during this premiere. She was at least mentioned, and multiple times at that, but Jackson still carries her with him. April left him with a newfound faith that he's trying to navigate.

Japril were no longer together, but the way in which Jackson brought her up and talked about her speaks to the friendship that the two of them always had. Before Japril was a couple, they were close friends.

Up to No Good - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 15

April was influential in Jackson's life, and she remains so. Jackson is happy for her, but he's also still trying to figure out how to navigate parts of his life without her. That's a beautiful way of still honoring the character despite her absence. It'll probably never be enough for some people, but it it is what it is.

Jackson spent the premiere trying to make sense of his new lease on life, and he's overdoing it a bit with trying to find some deeper meaning in all of life's minutiae. He's a fledgling Believer, so perhaps it goes with the territory.

It was funny when he pointed out to Maggie that she's more like how he used to be, and he's somehow channeling the essence of his former love. Maggie handles him well here because she rightfully pointed out that he was trying too hard to mirror April's path instead of trying to figure out his own.

Jackson: You sound like me. I don't sound like me. It's embarrassing. I'm embarrassed.
Maggie: Jackson, it's okay to change. Actually, you should. You're alive. It's okay to evolve. It's okay to search for a deeper meaning.
Jackson: I believe in something. I have no idea what, but it's pulsing through me. I want to take that leap. I do. I want to trust my gut and feel like something is going to catch me if I screw it up. I want to do what April and Matthew did. I want to trust it.
Maggie: April and Matthew got married.
Jackson: Yeah, and I'm saying I want to trust it.
Maggie: We're, we're out of milk.

That led to a heck of a misunderstanding when he semi-proposed, but not really, to Maggie who, if you don't recall, is a recovering commitmentphobe. They're not ready for that. That's too much.

This new Jackson who looks at life differently is one that requires some adjustment. That's not a bad thing; it's a different thing. Nevertheless, Jesse Williams was fantastic in Grey's Anatomy Season 14, and if that heartwrenching performance in the Moon Chamber is any indication, he's ready to give us his all again this season, too.

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Fortunately, Jackson and Maggie worked through their issues, and they exchanged their love professions. Yay for the Jaggie lovers. Boo for the Jaggie haters. Grey's is back!

Jackson: We were pulled out of the way of a car and she wasn't, why?
Maggie: Jackson, I think you have a little PTSD.
Jackson: It's not about the van, Maggie.
Maggie: It's not just the van. Your whole world changed. And April --
Jackson: I'm happy for April.
Maggie: I know that. I know that. Your family empire crumbled. Jackson that's a lot. You've been through a lot.
Jackson: Maybe. I found love though. I mean if you're like making a list of big things. I love you, Maggie.
Maggie: I love you too.

Now, the Jaggie is out of the way, and we can move on to the rest. See? That was relatively harmless.

Maggie (with her glorious mane that invokes envy) had to contend with more than Jackson. She had to deal with Teddy too. Wow, pregnant Teddy is a biotch. Teddy's scenes with Maggie, Casey, and her nosy roommate were some of the funniest of the hours, and there were plenty of funny moments.

Nosy roommate is my kindred spirit because she had all the perfect reactions to everything taking place. Honestly, excluding injuries and death, hanging out at GSM has to be a blast. There is so much juicy intel to overhear all of the time!

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It was a bit surprising that Maggie and Teddy never met. It was even more so when Teddy didn't realize that Maggie was the head of Cardio, or that she was Meredith's sister, or that she knew Amelia by proxy.

Teddy Queen of Awkward - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 1

Teddy was rude and condescending as hell about Maggie being the head of the department. The thing with Amelia, however, was stupid. One, obviously if she's Meredith's sister, she would know Amelia too. Also, if Maggie and Amelia are technically sisters-in-law, why the hell can't Maggie refer to her as her sister?

Maybe it's because the twisted sisterhood is one of the best parts about the series and it's easy to get protective over that bond and the fact that all of those women went through hell, but Teddy could have stayed in her lane with that one. Who is she to question what family is or simplify it to just blood?

It's disappointing that Teddy allowed her unexpected visit to the Shepherd-Hunt House of Misfits to discourage her from taking on the position as interim chief. Betty info-bombing Teddy unknowingly threw Teddy off of her game.

Maggie: Dr. Altman.
Teddy: You're Dr. Pierce? Head of Cardio? What are you 19?
Maggie: No, I was 19 when I graduated medical school. I was 27 when they made me Head of Cardio. Are we both sharing our ages, or is it just me?

So if she isn't going to be interim chief, and she's a series regular now, what will she be doing for the remainder of the season? You know, other than being the jagged edge point of a complicated love triangle that no one wants.

Ugh, the Omelia of it all is a headache already. Owen wondered if he was proving Teddy right by going back to Amelia, and no matter how you slice it, he is proving her right.

He is incapable of being alone, so here he is embarking in another relationship with Amelia a couple of months after returning home from Germany with his tail between his legs.

The Omelia reunion isn't exciting because neither of them has learned anything. Owen is jumping back into another relationship instead of pumping the brakes for a bit. Amelia is using Owen as her second-chance because her conversation with Tom was enlightening.

Koracik is Back - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 1

If Tom hadn't have given her that lightbulb moment with his surprisingly effective armchair therapy session, would she have felt the same way? All this time later and she still didn't realize that she was awful to Owen when they were married?

There is no telling how long Tom will be hanging around, but he's always a delight to have. Tom would have made an excellent therapist or life-coach. It was so satisfying when he called Amelia out on trying to paint herself as a victim. She was never a victim in her marriage with Owen.

He also had the appropriate response to Amelia thinking she would be a good choice for interim chief. No shade, Amelia, but no. Amelia shines best working on her project and mentoring Betty.

Tom was also directing his attention to Meredith. No wonder he popped up in her many sex dreams making funny, judgmental quips about her desires.

Tom: This display is pathetic; this alternate reality where you were some kind of victim in your marriage. You were a lot of things, Amelia Shepherd, but a victim is not one of them. An ass? Yes.
Amelia: Excuse me?
Tom: You were a giant ass to your husband. You treated him terribly. When I came to cut into your brain, I didn't realize you were married. That's how little you seemed to care.
Amelia: I had a tumor!
Tom: You and I had sex the day after you separated. It was dirty, filthy, hot sex. It was excellent, but it was not tumor sex. The tumor was gone.
Amelia: It was gratitude sex. It was thanks so much for not killing me sex.
Tom: It was thank God I'm not married to that Ginger anymore sex, and you know it.

As everyone suspected, Meredith and DeLuca were not hooking. Meredith was dreaming about DeLuca, and Jackson, and Link too. There is no shortage of eye candy at that damn hospital, so you can't blame a girl for having a handful of erotic dreams. Girl, same.

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It was funny how she couldn't bring herself to face DeLuca at first, but she had no problem looking at Jackson and threatening to kill him if he cheated on her sister. Between Meredith's dreams, and her conversations with her sweet matchmaking patient, Cece, it's apparent that Meredith is finally ready to start dating again.

She couldn't bear the thought that she would be considered married to her job. She is though, at least at the moment. Cece has a high success rate, so maybe she can help Meredith out in that department.

Break it to Me Gently - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 1

Cece was such a lovable character, and the real love story that emerged from the premiere was the love between Cece and Nisha. And like all the best love stories, it ended in tragedy. Wasn't their case reminiscent of the one where the young blond woman and the older gentleman had the pole through them?

Sweet Nisha died far too young, and she never got to experience true love. Damn you, Grey's Anatomy! If there is some solace, however small and shallow, she got to lust after the "angels" of GSM.

That included Link, who also inadvertently led to Meredith opening herself up to possibilities. Link is the new Ortho God, and he's already a breath of fresh air.

Aside from his full name being Atticus Lincoln, he's a very chill guy. His easygoing demeanor will serve him well in the dramatic world of GSM. He's very zen, and he's already likable.

Ortho gods - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 1

Welcome to GSM, Link; we cannot wait to see more of you!

Link had more presence than Nico, who didn't even get an introduction. However, he is already getting folks hot and bothered, or at least that's the case with Levi.

I don't know if this is Levi's bisexual awakening or he has always been into guys too and we never knew it because for whatever reason having him fumble through any task was more pressing, but I am here for it. While Levi's shtick got old, he is an entertaining character, and the interns add some flavor and fun to the series.

I feel like I'm drowning in testosterone


Helm still has a major crush on Meredith, for example, which is hilarious. Casey putting up with neurotic Maggie like a trooper was amusing. Poor Dahlia was third in her class but got bogged down with a puppy, but as far as consolation prizes go, that's a good one.

Hell, even Roy was likable this go round. The interns got some screentime, and it didn't detract from other stuff happening. Win!

Also a win? DeLuca. That lovable guy was on a hell of a winning streak until it ended in tragedy when he lost his patient.

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It's sad that a combination of homophobia, warped sense of masculinity, and fear of telling his wife what his sexual desires all contributed to the patient dying.

If he were open and honest about his sexual needs, then he wouldn't have shoved a can of hairspray up his bum. Carina is still at GSM (!), and she gave a nice speech about the male G-spot.

Brace Yourself - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 1

Carina is at her best when she's spouting off her knowledge and scoffing at all things American. Maybe if she's sticking around, she'll be utilized better.

DeLuca is already making improvements.

Does DeLuca have an apartment, or does he migrate from couch to couch? I'm not complaining. There is something oddly sweet and amusing about Maggie adopting her ex-boyfriend like a stray cat.

Have you noticed, she's the one who brings him along wherever she's staying, and she dotes and fusses over him?

Maggie: It's like you and Owen playing house. Like insta-family. You get a cup of soup, add some water, and bam, family. At least until...
Amelia: Until what?
Maggie: We need toilet paper.

It's unusual that no matter where she is, whether she's at Meredith's or at Jackson's she makes room for DeLuca, almost like she takes responsibility for him. It's hard to believe they were ever a couple at some point, and Jackson is unfazed by it which is oddly hilarious.

The powers that be must have heard our (ok, my) DeLuca complaints because he is headed in the right direction. He has some renewed passion for work, and he was on a roll with all of his saves between Jackson, Maggie, and Roy.

DeLuca is winning!

So is Alex.

Miranda Relaxes - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 1

First off, it's exciting that Jo has found a new passion and is on the cusp of making a huge medical breakthrough. It was so adorable how she spent their entire vacation working on her innovative new method that could change the face of medicine.

I'm happy for her, and I'm thrilled that Bailey made room for her. Although, I'm a bit bummed that we'll miss out on Jo and Meredith working together because they were such a highlight last season. In that sense, it sucks that Bailey stole Jo away.

On the plus, thanks to that new arrangement, we now have a new interim chief. How shocking was that reveal? I don't think anyone ever envisioned Alex as chief!

Meredith: You're a chief?!
Alex: I have no idea why.
Meredith: You're chief.
Alex: Interim chief.

He has come such a long way as a character, and maybe this storyline will finally give him that "more" that we've been begging for over the past few years.

It sucks that we never saw the conversation between Bailey and Alex because they have such a special relationship, and Alex and Meredith are like Bailey's babies.

All hail the new chief!

That means the hospital is down two pediatricians and a neo-natal doctor with Alex's promotion and Arizona's absence.

Did you love the premiere? What do you think about Alex as chief? How long before Teddy reveals that she's pregnant? Do you love the new docs? Hit the comments!

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With a Wonder and a Wild Desire Review

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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 1 Quotes

Meredith: Your name is Atticus Lincoln, and you call yourself Link?
Link: Yup.
Meredith: Hm. Wait, so your parents named you after two of the greatest figures of our time both literary and historical, and you call yourself Link? OK.
Link: It's shorter!

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