Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 1 Review: Fake News

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On Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 1, Murphy's retired, and that's just not her. She has to be in action and she doesn't know what to do with herself.

The world is falling apart, and Murph is just a spectator.

When you first heard Murphy Brown was returning and read the title of the first episode -- Fake News -- you might have been worried it was going to be way too political in an already volatile political environment.

Frank, Murphy, and Corky Reporting - Murphy Brown

With everything going on in the world and politics today, how could the storyline not be cringy and turn off a ton of people?

When the opening scene showed the Presidential election, I have to say, I was worried. The show could've easily gone too far into election hell, but I'm happy it didn't.

Although Murphy is anti-Trump and they let you know that right from the beginning, it doesn't overshadow the show.

Two years on The View nearly killed me. Those women. The gossip. Every day was like an episode of Game of Thrones.


The one-liners were spot on and laugh-out-loud funny, and it was great to see the old team again.

Having Murphy's show on a CNN equivalent and Avery's show on the Fox equivalent was a fun way to show both sides of the political coin. 

Murphy and Avery Talking at Home - Murphy Brown Season 1 Episode 1

I'm not saying the writers added that to make the show more politically correct, but the storyline was amusing for everyone no matter your views. 

The reason the level of political humor worked so well was that the things Murphy Brown touched on everybody could relate. Democrats and Republicans alike.

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We all know Trump is inappropriate on Twitter. We all know he's got hair issues. We all know Hillary can poke fun at herself. 

Oh, and by the way, if I had your hair, I'd be against wind too.


Nothing that the show highlighted was in question, and that's the very thing that made it work.

Not to mention Candace Bergen can deliver a line like nobody's business, and that didn't hurt.

Murphy Chatting with Phyllis - Murphy Brown Season 1 Episode 1

The way Twitter was woven into the story made a perfect segue to the fight between Murphy and Trump. The thing is, with Trump's use of Twitter you could see that fight happening live on a morning show. It isn't beyond the realm of possibility.


Bringing Hilary in was a nice touch, and she had some humorous one-liners herself. Her email address? Who wouldn't laugh at that?

And we have to laugh, don't we? Because the political world is way too serious, and if Murphy can interject some humor, I don't care what side she's on.

I like being famous.


In the future, the show can't rely on all the political fun jabs because that will get old. For this particular episode, though, it was perfect.

They hit all the wickets -- #MeToo, mass shootings, global warming, Trump, Hillary, Twitter, and the election. 

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So, now what? Murphy Brown is still going to hit the stories going on in the world of course because she's a reporter and she is Murph, but the funny is going to have to pull from more places than that.

Murphy and Frank Having Coffee - Murphy Brown

The dynamic between Frank, Miles, Corky, and Murphy was natural and fun just like it used to be; we'll get enjoyment there.

Also, the mother/son relationship between Murphy and Avery was sweet. They had their jabs at each other all in good fun, and I can see their banter being light going forward.

Their competing shows will add an interesting twist here and there and seems like it will be an undercurrent in future episodes.

They've got one. It's orange, lives in the Oval Office, and is Facebook friends with Putin.


Murphy, like a lot of people from her generation, wasn't tech savvy. She wasn't on social media and didn't get all the hype.

That is until she tweeted for the first time.

That's so relatable. Who doesn't have someone in real life -- parents, grandparents -- unfamiliar with internet life?

Watching Murphy excited about her new phone and tweeting about her date with Trump brought back memories of the first time I was on Twitter. The excitement of sending out that first tweet. Having someone retweet your tweet for the first time.

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We're all laughing because we've all been there.

The bottom line is Murphy is relatable. If we can't see Murphy in ourselves, we have a Murphy in our lives to compare her to, right? Unless the show sticks with only political jabs, Murphy Brown might be a success.

What do you think, Murphy Brown fanatics? Did you think the political humor was too much? How do you like Avery? Were you happy to see the old gang?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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Fake News Review

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Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 1 Quotes

They've got one. It's orange, lives in the Oval Office, and is Facebook friends with Putin.


I like being famous.